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Version: AoM: The Titans
This is a scenerio i made a while ago after watching a show about Vlad Dracula, the man that inspired Bram Stokers dracula. This scenerio is for the most part losely based on the historical character, but some of the vampire legend is mixed in with it. Please give me feedback so i can improve future efforts.
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ManintheMirror I've downloaded it and I'll post a review later. Prepare yourself ;)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 2
Have you even played this yourself? You should have noticed that there just isn't a way you can defeat any of the guard armies who guard any city. The player has a too small and almost not improved army which makes it difficult to keep winning against larger enemies plus with better units.

Balance: 3
I give you a three because first of the reason above. And second because I found the map quite balanced.

Creativity: 3
This scenario ain't that creative. I have played games like this a lot before. You just have to get allies to conquer a vicious enemy. Only special thing is the Vampire Territory, but that isn't that necessary in the game. ( for how far I got though )

Map Design: 5
One excellent point is the map design. I love the way you create eyecandy. Tell me how did you put thos villagers on a stake? That looked good. I also liked the way you designed the cliff path, with rocks scattered around. You really have the talent for map designing. Now focus on the other elements. :)
Story/Instructions: 2
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
I like the idea and the map design. But you should equal the players army and the enemy armies more so the player actually can play this scenario to the end.

[Edited on 12/14/07 @ 07:03 PM]

Geniet I have downloaded it and written a review I soon will post.

ManintheMirror: Have you even read the Review Guidelines?

"One thing to be careful for is not to knock points off of creativity if the designer uses a trick you've seen used in another scenario."
"Make your review long enough to thoroughly explain why you gave the rating you did."
Geniet *messed up the whole review*

[Edited on 12/14/07 @ 09:49 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I think this part worked quite well through the whole scenario. Your mixture of the different events made it fun to play and to explore new areas. First you had to recruit soldiers in the nearby to build up a stronger army, and then you could continue to more difficult areas. Even though I don’t like too many battles in a scenario, I think you managed very well to entertain me almost all the time. Some parts were a bit monotonous though, like the mist forest, where always the same happened over and over again. Otherwise it was good. Maybe some task could be anything more than just battles.

I could fairly find any bugs in the game, but there was some at the swamp (which by the way looked very nice). After you completed the little extra mission, you got three transport ships of which one of them was stuck since it was too close to land. And the “walkable” surface was quite narrow in the swamp. I couldn’t even get of the boat to kill the enemies on a very small island. You could remove some trees etc.

Balance: 5
I think the balance was very good, although I didn’t manage the last wave (with Kemsyt heroes) against the Turks. On the other hand, the scenario would be a bit too easy if I had won… Now I needed to change my strategy a bit which creates the perfect balance. Not to hard, and not too easy. I looked in your triggers and I didn’t notice any difficulty level triggers. Maybe you could reduce the last armies for the “Easy” level. But I will not demand such triggers.

Creativity: 4
Even though this kind of scenario has been used before, it doesn’t affect the creativity rate. In that case every scenario had to be unique, which is quite impossible. I really like the kind of mission thing, where you had to gather some soldiers to get stronger, and also that little extra mission (yes, I’m talking about the vampire) which created variety in the gameplay. Well done!
However, as I mentioned earlier, you could have used different ways of getting allied with the regions, which would have created a bigger variety through the scenario. I was a bit bored the fifth time I had to fight.

Map design: 5
The landscaping is really great and you mix the terrains very well. A lot of designers tend to use one type of ground cover for each environment, which results in an unnatural look. The grass textures might be the most important things to combine, otherwise it looks really boring. I love the way you created the mountain passage in the green territory. That was inspiring I will tell you. The marsh forest was quite dense though, but that won’t affect the overall design. One can clearly see that you have spend much time on the landscape.
By the way… Of some reason the Lampades (found at the swamp) started to destroy the Tartarian gate on the mountain.

Story/Instructions: 3
This part was kind of the weakest point in the scenario. I didn’t understand anything of the story more than I have an enemy to fight. In the very beginning of the scenario I was a bit confused. I read the objectives a couple of times and then for a while I started to get everything. However, some messages halped me during the game. Sometimes when I approached a territory line a message warned me for entering, and a message also told me where the last battle was. I finally managed to prepare for the last battle.

Additional Comments:
I think this scenario was fun, and I really enjoyed playing it. You have clearly put a lot of time with this and the map design is very good! No doubt, this is one of the better scenarios submitted here at AOM heavens. Hopefully I’ll see more of these. Keep up the good work!
File Author
Thank you, i appreciate all the comments, i'll definetly try to improve the instructions and difficulty issues in future projects.
Oranos_4_Me In my personal view i think that this senerio was good! I would review but im tired of getting those messeges from the staff saying you must read the guide lines on how to review (ive read them 50 million times).

Anyway this senerio was fun too play, you dont deserve a 2, i liked it, gave me about 40 mins of good playing time. One thing was right about maninthmirrors reveiw it didnt have a good story line it just explained how to beat the level. It would be nice to see a cinamatic on who Vlad was and what he does. But over all nice work i would like to play future games you make!

[Edited on 12/24/07 @ 01:30 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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