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# of Players: 2
Version: AoM: The Titans
You have found atlantis. now fight over who owns it.
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File Author
please tell me what you think and how to improve.
Map Design1.0
Playability: 1
After about 5 minutes you realise that it is impossible to even play this.

Balance: 2
I like the way the wall converts to a player. Only fish a bit of wood and a gold mine per person 1 ppl. There is no point in giving each player a guardian a titan maybe but why a guardian its just riduculus.

Creativity: 2
How is this creative at all? it is map with shallow water on it. In my opion how is this even relavent to Atlantis? The wall in the middle and the converting some units and the wall thats the only reason why you got a two.

Map Design: 1
Just used one terrrain and then put shallo water there over the WHOLE map. no rises no different things.

Story/Instructions: 3
Being it a sumpremacy i cant rate this one so i willl put it in the middle

Additional Comments:
One of the Worst maps i have ever seen. This looks like you have just slapped it together in under 20 minuets. If you want to improve i would consider practise and read the scen design guides
That_Guy_U_Know Sorry to tell you, but this is absolutely the worst map I have ever seen.
No creativity, and the game seems like something you would randomly make for fun in under 10 minutes.

Overall, this kind of a waste of space in my computer.
Map Design1.0
For a start it looks like you have just been experimenting in the editor, while there is nothing wrong with that (Practise makes perfect), you need to consider what experienced designers will think. From this map it looks like you have bought AOM less than a month ago, are very young and have just been experimenting.

Playability: 1
Impossible. The gaia units you have randomly placed ensured that nobody could even reach the town centre. Everyone died within a few minutes. You really need to fix that. The limit of one gold mine is also a major flaw, Ill talk about that later.

Balance: 1
As above, nobody can even get started building because of the gaia units. There is only one gold mine per player, so you cannot get an empire going. Even if we could reach the town centre the limit of 6000 gold would hinder any unit development chances we had.

Creativity: 2
The only good thing you have done here is raised the water. Well done, it looks good at the start but gets annoying after 10 seconds. Supremacy? Again? This was the most basic and careless idea you could put in, if this was an rpg or something you would score a lot higher. And Atlantis? Extremely over used.

Map Design: 1
It looks like you have just been experimenting in the editor. The terrain is just one type and absolutely flat. The only good thing is the trojan wall that hardly deserves recognition. I have seen zelda maps with better map design than this. Try mixing terrains or adding elevation.

It looks like you have put absolutely no care into this map. Me writing this review probably took longer.

Story/Instructions: 1
Just a short overlay text of prepare to die. Well we did because of the awful balance...

As said above, this is just supremacy and really needs a good story, there should be more mystery in Atlantis. Its just been done so many times before.

Additional Comments:

As said above, this review is constructive criticism. If I have offended you by my comments in any way I apologise because that was not my intention. I want you to take these comments on board and improve. Good luck :).
vinnymb Yesterday, I looked at the title and discription. I said to myself, "Wow! This looks fun!" So today, i go on it to download, only two find a few uber bad comments. Because of what the others have said, I wish I never bothered comeing on this page.
EDIT: i tried downloading it for the sake of it, and it is better than what the comments say. good try ;)
sorry if i afended you:)

[Edited on 12/28/07 @ 09:27 AM]

File Author
im sorry i guess im not good at making normal maps. i have made other kinds like escapes and mythodia and everyone loved them.

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Map Design1.0
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