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Empire Earth III!

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# of Players: 6 players (Last two are computers, which are alliable tribes.)
Version: AoM: The Titans
Welcome to
Empire Earth III!

Welcome to Empire Earth III by Elvarg_Flame! This map was built off the Random Map Script of Midgard. With massive triggering, this map has become SIMILAR to Empire Earth III. In Empire Earth III, there are three Civilizations, the West, whose units are ultra powerful, but EXPENCIVE (their motto is "Quality over quanity"), the Middle East whose bonus is Cavalry, and fortresses give them population, and the Far East, who beleives in Quanity over quality. Far East units are fast, and they get population though military production facilities.

In the map, the West are the Greeks and the Atlanteans, they build manors or houses for population.To be the Middle East, you must be Egyptian. For population you must build Town Centers or Midgol Strongholds for population. To be the Far East, whose units are faster, but weaker, they get population through Longhouses.

In the map, there are two computers, players 5 and 6. They are alliable tribes, who, if you put your Spy that you start with next to it, you'll start sending tributes of increments of 500. After 10 tributes (in which your ally can help you with) the tribe swears fealty to you. If you get the other tribe as well to swear fealty to you, the two tribes ally each other. A tribe that swears fealty will share common enemies as you, and will constantly raid your enemy. The computers need to be set on Titan hardness.

There are special units in this game called Raiders. The West's raiders are the Hippikon, and the Turma (non-hero). The Middle East's raider is the Chariot Archer. The Far East's raider is the Riding Raider. The Raiders have a super-bonus versus villagers, but start our with zero armor. Through armory they can obtain more armor though.

This map also has seasons, with changing terrian.

NOTE: The reason this map was built off Midgard was because this is a Supremacy game, and I needed a balanced supremacy map ^_^

Please enjoy the map, and please rate!

Version 1.01 is out! Redownload if you downloaded in the past!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
Well, you can honestly play this anywhere on the map! very playable and nicely opend spa ce for big battles.Thing that bugs me is the tribes, if its on hard or titan, pretty much the tribes are the winners.

Balance: 5
Very nicely balanced. All races have their own unique ability. The units however are all different too per race! but some units are stronger than others, like the greek villager is stronger than an ulfsark!But it balnces somehow through out game play.

Creativity: 4
Nicely creative, making all races different, having alliable tribes, unique abilities, and that it is based on a different game! with the effort, it seems you made just like the game!

Map Design: 3
This is what disappoints me, i didnt see many design, changing terrain is cool but it seems to lagg, then continue. I know thats just the trigger. Not much design, since basing it on midgard. The reason you got a 3 was because of the seasons, trees change, land,lighting, and some times effects like snow.If im the only one who noticed, your name is written on it messy.

Story/Instructions: 5
Great instructions. Objectives pretty much tells everything and that its like a supremecy, no instructions for supremecies. So the game is clear and easy to play.Great work Elvarg, your one of the best!

Additional Comments:Extremely great, hope u make new stuff.

P.S. Is that good eneough reveiw?
Khan And Steak
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
Three!! you say, I worked long and hard on this scenario. Well, cheer up chum I didn't find any bugs, glitches, bad triggers or anything like that I just didn't find it all that fun. One thing I would like to mention though is the lag between the changes of terrain; it causes a massive Lagstorm which causes most players to alt+f4 out. It was a bit bland in the map design and there wasn't that much of a difference between the East and Norse or Middle East and Egyptian. I thought that each civ could have had a few more modifications other than the way you support your pop, your raiding unit and the starting buildings. The spy was a nice addition but the tax you have to pay to get the people to featly with you is way high, because you spent most of your time getting gold to get that village to ally with you that by the time you have the village on your side the other players are in the Mythic with armies at your throat and your still in the Heroic. But I spose that that helps you reap the rewards.

Balance: 5
The civilizations where balanced in my opinion, because the games that I played went for ages but normally West fell first after that it was any man's guess. The starting resources were evenly spread as well, save fish, which was a bit of an eyesore (more on that later).

Creativity: 4
The map had different standard starting units but the victory conditions were conquest, so by rights you should get a 3. But your creativity in changing the starting units around sets a completely different strategy needed to win. Using things that the player needs a lot of anyway (i.e. the Longhouses) encourages opposing players to destroy the buildings that would get second choice to a hill fort etc. Another contributing factor is the AI villages, whilst I dislike the way of getting them (as 5k gold is a lot of gold for archaic-Heroic) having them on your side means that the enemy has one more thing to look out for. I also liked the Terrain changing, but that was factored out by the lag that it brings

Map Design: 3
Having just a random map gets you a 3.
Having a random map with an eyecandied center (with the gold being protected by skrealing and what not) gets you a 4.
So you would have got a 4 if it wasn't for the fish... The fish (particularly up the top from player 1's view) were awfully placed, I mean on one side the fish were just placed in a line the rest where clumped in the corners. I was also disappointed by the lack of extra goodies that you get when scouting, for example there was no hidden islands with relics or an abundance of one (or any) resource at all; not even 1 island! Pretty much what you did in the center do on some islands.

Story/Instructions: 4
The was no story, so by rights I am not meant to give you more than 3 but I found that the instructions were straight to the point, not confusing and most of all correct with no spelling issues and only 1 or 2 minor grammar issues (like 'a' instead of 'an'). Also I value the time that you have put into it and the work that put into converting it into EEIII.

Additional Comments:
That should give you a 3.8, 0.2 off a 4.0.
I think that the game type itself is boring, but with the added EE concept makes it just that much better.

Im gunna hope mine good enough :D

Congratulations on your map ~ Khan

[Edited on 12/23/07 @ 02:14 AM]

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Map Design3.0
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