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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » IAmJudge (Oranos) vs SaTuRNNN (Isis)

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IAmJudge (Oranos) vs SaTuRNNN (Isis)

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Anatolia
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Total Game Time: 35:16
Player 1's Name: IAmJudge
Player 2's Name: SaTuRNNN
A perfect example on how to lame titan against eggy if you can't win roflmao. He midgol spammed, slinger spammed (which worked suprisingly well) and was a smurf. No 1608 can manage what he did. I was beaten down to 1602 on the previous games lol (how embarrasing :() but i still managed to come out top.

I won sea somehow and had significant food and held middle long enough to do some damage and to get titan. Thoth's god power didn't work as well as he wanted it to lol. Flanked priests, micro, TC take-downs, although i did bad, i made numerous mistakes but GG anyway
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File Author
(Posted by my brother [IamJudge] unwillingly - darned login systems.)...
empireofages Well the game of the week competition died due lack of attention, i do not think there would be much attention if i revived it...
Still, i will watch this game and review it.
empireofages ok i watched it.
You want a review?
IAmJudge Yeah, please :)
Rating: 2
(Insert Rating analysis here)

The comments for Saturnnn:

Your archaic build order was quite powerful, one of the better build ups i have seen lately.

4 points for that.

You totally outplayed Judge on the sea in classical age, and you won there. Good job.

4 points for that.

Despite having not all economical upgrades, you had enough of them to spam your militairy units.

3 points for that.

A very good usage of ancestors combined with your militairy forces to capture the middle of the map where most goldmines where. It looked quite professional.

5 points for that.

The idea of going Anubis was excellent, he is the most viable choice vs aggressive civs, his serpents will help fending off raids, and you can easily afford 2-3 anubites on top of your free one without delaying your FH.

4 points.

You had a lot of idle villagers. Remember that a villager not gathering or building is wasted population space. Try to learn the hotkey for idle villagers, and smash it a few times at least every minute. I believe the default hotkey for this is the "."

2 points.

You stayed way to long in classical age, giving a judge a big advantage with his superior Atlantean troops. He did not attacks or raid that aggressively, a few slings+ free MU would have sufficed fending him off while getting to heroic age ASAP.

1 point.

You did not raid at all, giving Judge the opportunity to let his economy flourish.
Raiding is the key to victory!

1 point.

I did see some armory upgrades, but until late game. Try to have all copper upgrades around 13:00, bronze around 18:00, and Iron ASAP without interrupting militairy and villager production.

1 point.

Micro problems. It really is a must to let each unit target his counter. That way you could have won this game.. A shame.

1 point.

You had Judge crippled on the sea, why did you not drove him off while he was no match for you there? A wasted advantage.


In the end he just had a titan, you knew he was going to build it, so why did you not shift all your villagers to gold and spammed priests? You even had the Nepthys upgrade!
This was your biggest mistake and was the main reason for your loss.

1 point.

Final judgement on Saturnnn: 2.25

The comments for Judge:

You had a quite unusual archaic build up, probably one you made up yourself, but it worked out ok, i must give you credit for that.

3 points.

Excellent timing of shockwave on the fleet of Saturnnn, very professional, also well placed, in the middle of the fleet so all ships where hit.

5 points.

Gj on getting the sea back at the end. Saturnnn did not pay big attention to it and you took advantage. It did not last for long, but gj for trying.

4 points.

Nice work by getting ripped to pieces but winning the game with a titan, it shows that a titan is a force to be reckoned with.

5 points.


You where popped for a long time, try to lay down at least 2 manors in early classical age, and build more ASAP. This did hurt you bad, because you did not have the strength to finish Saturnn in classical age because of it.
Because of that you where close to no raids.
Saturnnn stayed long in classical age ( until 17:00 ) and Attie classical army> all other classical armies. Because of your population problem you could not kill him. unforgivable.

1 point.

On the left water side, you used 6 fishing ships to scout, and left them idle for the rest of the game!!!! That means you wasted 6 population! Same tip for you, learn the default hotkey for idle villagers and smash it a few times at least every minute. I believe the default hotkey for this is the "." .

1 point.

No armory ups at all.
Numbers > few well upgraded units, but this is really not good, when you have an entire army fighting without any armory ups whatsoever.
For you the same tip as i gave Saturnnn:
Try to have all copper upgrades around 13:00, bronze around 18:00, and Iron ASAP without interrupting militairy and villager production.

1 point.

Your economical upgrades where close to none.
Remember that without a flourishing economy , you have no army. When you must chooce between a militairy and an economical upgrade always go for the economical upgrade unless you are totally whooping somebodys ass.

A few tips that might help you out on that:

Hunting Dogs: Always ASAP on high hunt in archaic.

Husbandry: Worth taking on low hunt maps as Oasis in archaic, if not, leave it until heroic age.

Pickaxe: Get it ASAP in classical.

First woodcutting upgrade: Mid classical, or early classical if you go heavy turma/bireme spam.

After that, take all upgrades when you can afford, try to get the entire second line around 16:00.

Also, treat farming like a bad seed. Hunting is faster in all cases, even when farming has 2 upgrades! So keep hunting until you are out of hunt, and then start farming.

1 point.

Same in your case, micro problems.
I did see more micro at your side then at Saturnnns, but it still is not enough. I know that you cannot change over night, but start with little things like this:

Let your heroes target myth units.
Retreat when you see you are going to lose in the end.
Avoid fighting under towerfire.
Keep those in mind and you will see a great improvement in your games.

2 points.

Final judgement on Judge: 2.56.

END RATING: 2.56+2.25 / 2 = 2.4 = 2.0

Additional Comments:
Both of you can do better, I saw signs in the playstyles of both of you, that you can become great players. Just try to use my tips, and keep posting your games here and ask me to review them. I hope i can help, and i also hope that this review was helpful.

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