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Baske's Great Adventures - Part Uno

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Ok, I got you so far to become interested in the film, now let me convince you to click the Download button (if you're not yet completely convinced):

Content of the file you're about to download:

- The film
- An easy to install soundtrack that will allow you to play the film at its full potential.


I'm afraid I can't reveal too much about the content, as it would ruin the film. You'll have to find out yourself. If you're not into foul language, don't even bother downloading.


- The great, divine Baske
- And Elrich

A production of:

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Other Baske Productions works: The Great Questions of Life, Aztec Bravery and Vegetative State

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I Love Bananas
Map Design5.0
Review might contain spoilers. I hope this is not particularly much of a problem.

Watchability: 4
This was a quite good cinematic. The camera tracks ran smoothly, I had no problems following the current events on-screen, and it was definitely pleasing on the eyes. However, what brings your score down, would be the camera tracks themselves. Not all of them were that great, and although they were connected perfectly, they sometimes removed focus from what was happening. I mean, I could easily follow everything, but it was still distractive with all those movements in every direction. Try making the camera rest more, and also use camera cuts instead of camera tracks a little more often. Though, the camera movement could have been greatly improved if the focus had been mantained - yours weren't at times.
Still, you had some parts that were great. The opening tracks created tension and built up nicely towards the rest of the movie. It was great fun, too. Mantain that level of quality, and you have a winner cinematic :)

And, this is just a simple suggestion with no effect on the score: I would advise you to use Arkantos' lying down animation (Used in scenario 30 of the Fall of the Trident campaign) instead of using the death animation. It looks better. ;)

Balance/Other Aspects: 4
No lagging at all. As said earlier, the movie ran smoothly, and without any technical problems whatsoever (with the possible exception that Baske died when the bird came - was this intended?). What counts you down here, however, is the same things that counted down on Playability - improper camera movement at times. In addition to that, there's the music. It's not much of a countdown, but I think I should mention it - the music did give a nice effect to the story, but I still think the story could have been used beyond just simple parody. As an effect, the music had its downsides. It doesn't really fit in much in Age of Mythology, and I think other pieces of music might have fit in just as well - the rapping got slightly repetitive in the end. Since you're saying that the next installment of the series will be completely different, I'm looking forward to what you might bring out of this game. :)

Creativity: 3
The creativity was... average. I mean, you used some ideas that were quite funny, and new as far as I could see, but still... it could be improved in many areas. First of all, the idea of mixing modern hip hop culture into the wrong context is fun, but it is overused. Overused into the extremes. ;) Hip hop has been parodied far too many times to be really funny anymore. Your way of parodying it wasn't the best execution of it, either.
Second, the part with the bearded man on the mountain wasn't very good. It suddenly appeared, without any forewarning, and it ended suddenly and with a joke that I didn't think to be too good. The design and view were both good, but you could improve the rest a lot.
But there were some positive aspects, too: For instance, the way the cow was showed off as any car - I really laughed when you went through the styling and the extra features. And that guy in the water (inside the building with Elrich) - was he swimming? If so, that's a great idea. It genuinely made me laugh, for some reason. What needs to be improved, though, is the way you use your ideas. Having too many ideas can ruin a lot, if you don't know how to connect them together. And often, it's better to have some parts that aren't too fun if it helps to bring the whole cinematic together. ;)

Map Design: 5
This is the best part of the cinematic. Your buildings are great and impressive, you display great control of natural design, and it's always pleasing to see the way you've used different objects everywhere. You are good at terrain mixing, building overlapping, natural object placement, abd employment of units. The villagers standing around everywhere, and areas like the Ox Cart parking, helped bring life to the whole cinematic. The details you had added here and there were also great additions. I don't have much to say for you to improve on here, except for that sometimes, there were too many units just standing there. Make a few of them move around, without it creating too much of a distraction, and it would have been absolutely perfect.

Story: 3
First, I'd like to say that the story has potential. You could have taken some parts of it, and furthered them into epic tales of... Arkantos/Baske and his cow, with awesome results. But still, there are a few things that bring your score down. First; the coherence of the story is lacking. First, Agamemnon is racing through the town in an Ox Cart, before walking into a large palace. Second, Baske walks through to Elrich. Furthered, you walk into some kind of an underground, before continuing onto the top of a mountain. I'm still having problems with linking the different parts of the story together. Also, the credits took almost the same amount of time as the rest of the movie. It was somehow out of context, if you see what I mean. You could have reduced the time used for credits, and prolonged the rest of the cinematic. I think that would've been a better solution.
One more thing: The title doesn't fit much with the story. ;) There wasn't much (great) adventure included. Maybe it will evolve into an adventure, but keep in mind that the title needs to have something to do with the story itself. This doesn't affect your score, I'm just saying that you should keep it in mind.

Additional Comments:
Don't be discouraged by a 3.8 score. :) I can clearly see that you have a lot of potential, and you're able to make great cinematics from the little I've seen through this small one here. All you need to do is to make some improvements. Remember, your score is high above the average (3.0), and the positive aspects are numerous. I hope for an even better next installment to this story.

Regards, ILB

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