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Clansong - Part One

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Version: AoM: The Titans

This is the first scenario in a campaign series about Groudor, a wolf Clan leader. In this campaign, Groudor finds himself and his kind targeted by a evil men who are obsessed with wiping out his kind forever.

Homeless, hungry, and with diminished numbers, Groudor will nevertheless push forward; through the cold razing of enemy villages, through dark caverns infested with trolls and other creatures, to battling a mighty dragon with only a few wolves and the brains in his skull.

The biggest challenge of most of this campaign will be limited numbers and limited units. For one, you will usually only have Fenris Wolves under your command. At the same time, you will likely be unable to replenish your forces - or doing so will require completing objectives or destroying enemies in the first place (for example, the second scenario grants you food as you destroy enemy buildings. Once you hit a certain amount of food, another Fenris Wolf appears). As the campaign progresses, there will be plenty of puzzle-ish objectives, secondary objectives, and a general use of brain over brawn.

In fact, this is my FIRST custom scenario, so here we go!

*NOTE: If there is some error with the map, or if the map is, somehow, incomplete, let me know. I'll slap my forehead and fix it.
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I Love Bananas
Map Design3.0
Eh, I'll repost the review instead of updating. OId habit, all that.

Playability: 4
The playability got much better when you uploaded the correct scenario. I finally knew what to do, and the gameplay itself was much more entertaining and enjoyable this time around. And there were no basic mistakes with the triggering, so that's good. However, you could have changed the Send Spoofed Chat effect into a Send Chat effect, so that the name of the one speaking would be displayed. Also, players 6-9 should've been removed (Scenario Data, Player Count), and the 5 active players should've been given fitting gods, like Odin or Thor. :) Otherwise, great gameplay this time.

Your cinematography is still kind of bad, though. It is indeed nice to see that you've tried to make a cinematic, but the camera tracks are just simple and boring. As far as I could see, all you had done was to zoom in/out and move the camera across the map with the exact same zoom/rotation. You ought to vary the camera angle, and employ camera rotation to a much greater extent. This way, your cinematics will look much more professional. The way they are now, they just don't look like you put any work into them. Another thing you should think about, is to use Camera Cuts instead of Camera Tracks at times. These will give a more calm view, and will be excellent for displaying small areas. If you had used these, as well as avoided showing the edge of the map, it would've been great. You might also want to use the Render Fog/Black Map effect to remove fog of war and black map during cinematics, and add it again when the cinematics are done.

Also, be sure to check the guides in AoMH's design library for tips to improve your scenario. :)

Balance: 4
Balance was improved a lot. The captive wolves didn't attack me, but converted instantly to help me raze the rest of the enemy base. There were also enemy Ulfsarks and Throwing Axemen to defend their Houses against me, and that was a welcome add-on. I really got the resistance I wanted in the last of the camps, too, due to the numerous Hersirs and the extra Ulfsarks. The only thing I missed in regards of balance there, would be attacking buildings, like Watch Towers.

The resistance in the first two of their outposts could still be improved a lot, though. The units, though present, weren't much of a challenge for my three, and later 8, wolves. None of my wolves lost more than a 50 hitpoints in battle during these two fights, and for that sake the one where I was told of the three military camps. If you had added more units to the opposing side, the battles could've been more interesting, instead of pure outclassing as it is now. It also makes me wonder how that few enemies could capture 10 wolves, and even kill 5 more. ;)
Though, don't add more units to the last camp. The balance there is great. Just make sure you playtest so that the balance is properly checked.

Creativity: 3
The story is still creative, I think, and much more coherent. I could link it together this time, and the small pieces were more understandable due to the small, though informative chats. That, you ought to be proud of. The creativity score is lowered due to other aspects, though. First of all, there's the instructions (which I will come back to later :) ). Second, the whole scenario itself is a little too ES-like. The instructions, the execution of them, and the setup of the map seems very much inspired by the two ES campaigns. This is nothing to worry too much about, though - this is your first custom map, as you say, and all first scenarios will be this way. It's a good way to learn about basic scenario creation, but it just doesn't cut it for the highest Creativity scores. What you need to do, is to experiment a little, and see what results you might get. ;)

I'd also advise you to rename more of your units. This didn't count down on your score, since most units here were anonymous, but it could've been nice if the Fenris Wolf Brood were renamed to simply "Wolf", or something. But at least all main characters should have individual names.

Map Design: 3
This is the area you could improve most on, still. You did add a lot more trees this time, the terrain was more varied, and the falling snow was a welcome change. The green patch showing where the enemy had walked, was really neatly done, for instance. And, the Western military camp was bettered - the beautfication of the water did a lot. So, as a total, the map design did improve, and there wasn't as much empty space to grieve over. :)

You could still improve it a lot, though. Again, we have the terrain mixing. Use different snowy terrains (Forestfloor Pine Snow, ShorelineAtlanticB, SnowB, IceA/B/C, SnowGrass75 and so on) to make the base terrain look much more interesting. Then, vary the elevation. I can see that you used the map that always appear when the Editor is opened - use the Change Elevation tool to vary it even more, and use the cliff tool to add more interesting variations. Furthermore, on top, add rocks. Rock Granite Sprite/Small/Big, Rock Snow, Rock Limestone Sprite/Small/Big and Rock River Icy, maybe even Rock Sandstone Small, will help the terrain look a lot better. Further, Runestones, Milestones, Rotting Logs, Ice Blocks, and sometimes even Bushes may improve the design a lot. And finally, consider spreading around even more Snowy Pines, dead Pines, Tundra Trees, and possibly some more rivers. Near bases, you could place out more Crates. In the open, add caribous, elks, hawks and regular wolves. This will add to the natural feel of you scenario.
Trigger effects may also be neat. Making some units move around creates awesome effects if done properly.

But still, it doesn't look all that bad. Just reach even higher the next time. ;)
If you want inspiration, you could take a look at the Eyecandy Thread in our Scenario Design forums.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story, as I have already mentioned, is very interesting and creative. I do have my hopes up for the continuance of this story. There were finally instructions, too. They helped me out with good hints, too. My complaint on your instructions, though, would be that they're a little too much mainstream. It's "go there, destroy those", and it's not too inspiring. I know, they're only wolves, but some retrieval quests, some where you have to accomplish something and be rewarded for it, just not the standard kill objectives. That would have given you a 5 in this category.
Also, the story still got a little dodgy at times. You implemented it well, but some tweaking could have bettered it. An opening cinematic would've been better than some chats, for instance. Small things like that (though hard to do thoroughly) will be very positive. ;)

Additional Comments:
Hey, you're getting better already :p I hope the rest of the campaign will get even better than this scenario. Just remember to improve eyecandy, polish triggers and camera tracks, and such. Still, don't hesitate to ask for help if you should need it. :)

Regards, ILB

(Boy, it's hard to review something a second time and give a just as extensive review.)

[Edited on 01/03/08 @ 11:49 AM]

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