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/~Arctic Evil~\ (SP Scenario)

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Version: AoM: The Titans
(°¸.·`«Slickman G»`·.¸°)


(°¸.·`«Arctic Evil»`·.¸°)


In the Depths of the Arctic, there lay a Tomb, this Tomb was that of Cerius; a mythical
warrior who was born to a colossus father, and a human mother, and unto that Tomb, was
lain the gift of Immortality, any man who reached it would be ranted this Gift. However,
some of the Gods did not want a mortal to recive suh a prestiguos greatness, it would
undermine their power, so they cursed the Island, with great beasts, and evil traps.
During the next 5000 years many tried to siege the island, with great armies, and huge
fleets, but the sea devoured them all. A young Dwarf named Salcatar realised that only
a small army should be used, as to pass unnoticed, so he sailled with a small force,
some of the greatest soldiers of their time to search for this gift. But he too was
naive, for the island was cursed by the gods, and does not suffer the mortal to pass,
and he did not realise, until he docked his ship in a small cove, how Evil the Island
really was......



~Gripping Storyline
~Some tasty Eycandy
~Original missions

What more do you want? :D


Thanks to the playtesters:



Install Directions:

Simply copy the Arctic Evil.scx file into the correct directory:
C:/Program files/Microsoft games/age of mythology/scenario
Then Copy the contents of the 'data' folder into:
C:/Program files/Microsoft games/age of mythology/data

It may be different for some computers.

Note: I did NOT create the cusom lighting in this pack, I can't find the creator, so If you made these, let me know, and I'll
give the credit :)

EDIT: Credit goes to Nottud for the lighting!


Reviews or simply comments much appreciated!

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Urgwaine This looks amazing slick, I'm going to play it right now.
TBK145 Hey, I didn't know there also were custom lightnings :P
Haven't noticed them anyway.

Also, I thought these lightnings are made by Nottud, because they're in his Ultimate Editor Superpack.

And again: it really is a wonderfull scenario.

EDIT: 3th dl... w00t

[Edited on 01/05/08 @ 09:28 AM]

nottud Well - since you don't know how to create them let me tell you how so then you can even have your own lighting files as well!

Simply copy and paste an existing lighting file, edit the file name. e.g. from a01 to death. Finally open the file in a simple text editor like notpad and change the lighting name (What appears on your lighting dropdown menu) and the number values.

suncolor = colour of sun
sunspecular = reflection colour of sun off water (Not everyone sees this for some reason)
ambientcolor = Colour of objects and ground without sunlight affecting it
terrainambientcolor = changes the ambient reclectivity of the ground. (Putting it to 0 0 0 means that the ground does not reflect any light produced by the ambient lighting meaning you cannot see it without sunlight)

First number = red
Second number = green
Third number = blue

Colours go from 0 to 255

You can also change the sun roation. Simply change the angle to what you wan it to be. (out of 360 degrees)

The sun inclination can also be changed and that is the angle of the sun according to the world. This goes from -90 to 90. 0 means the sun is directly above the ground while large negetive/positive numbers shifts the sun towards sunrise and sunset as i might say.

Simply save the file and you are done!

[Edited on 01/05/08 @ 03:17 PM]

File Author
Thanks nottud! Il definately create some for my future projects.
DWIEEB *downloads long awaited scenario*

Congrats on the finish, Slick :)


Excellent job, slickman. Really enjoyed it.

The maze part was my favorite, very creative! I loved the fortress, and had fun solving the puzzles. Great idea having an island of secrets and puzzles to figure out :) The lighting was cool how it changed like that at the end.

Overall it was awesome, congrats! Hope to see more..a sequel! :D

[Edited on 01/07/08 @ 11:02 PM]

File Author
Glad you like it! the wait was long enough ;)

I think I'll whisper the words... 'Sequel Campaign'.

I have started, but im never setting ANY release date!
Map Design5.0
Playability/Watchability: 4
Arctic Evil was an extremely fun scenario. The gameplay and micromanagement was quite innovative. And some of the side objects like the weapons and armor to strengthen Salcatar were fun. Just a few minor problems here. When the minotaur (sorry, I'm horrible with names) escaped from the tartarian gate, I rushed over and killed him. A couple seconds later, there was a message saying he had escaped. So maybe give him more life in that part or escape sooner. And after the lampades maze, Brokk is simply named Brokk, not Salcatar. And then it would look better if you didn't finish the scenario with a bunch of random revealers on the mini-map so I would suggest destroying a revealer after you're past that part of the map. Similar story with the vortex keys, after they're unlocked, I think it would be nice if the vortex sfx disappeared but that may just be personal preference.

The cinematography was nice. More animations would be fitting. For example, you could've used a cinematic animation for the trireme for the intro cine.

Balance: 4
For the most part, the scenario was nicely balanced. As long as you conserved your army and took it nice and easy, it wasn't too hard and the practice lessons were enjoyable. Not sure if this should go under balance or gameplay, but you left the diplomacy unlocked. Not to big of a deal, but I look for everything in my reviews. ;) So just lock diplomacy through triggers so nobody accidentally allies him or herself with an enemy. And then, there maybe have been a few too many lampades units in the maze. Well, I got through it just fine but too many of them followed me out. Perhaps block some of them from chasing after you? I heard Salcatar being killed by them during the cinematic that played after the maze - so another choice would be to convert them after the cinematic starts.

Fighting in the first fortress was a little bit difficult as it was so narrow and you could barely move without making your army attack some part of the structure (which reminds me - set diplomacy to neutral with mother nature and any other structural objects). I dunno, maybe this added to the strategy but I just got frustrated and ended up facing all the enemies in the ground below the fortress with only Salcatar ascending up the levels.

Creativity: 5
Definitely one of the more creative scenarios. The invisible maze was well thought out and very fun. The tutorial lessons were nice and helpful for the later battles.

Map Design: 5
Great map design! No complaints here. The placement of the mist and snow was genius and really added to the mood. The fortresses were just as nicely designed. Awesome use of walls, tartarian gates, automaton bases, etc.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was excellent. :) It was very well written and exiting. It's really making me look forward to the sequel. As for the instructions, all your objectives were thorough. A few spelling and grammar mistakes, but nothing serious.

Additional Comments:

Good luck with the sequel. :-)

I had my whole playtesting report on a word document but long story short, that document went unsaved so I'm sure there's a few things I missed but I will tell you if I remember them or play it again.
File Author
Thanks alot for the review Pepsi! Quite indepth, and comments upon both good and bad points, although I wont be updating this Scn, the improvements will definately be learned from and implemented in daresay, any future projects!


[Edited on 01/13/08 @ 03:25 PM]

Aliblabla1942 Wow, I probably haven't posted here in over 3 months. I'm surprised this account hasn't been deleted.

Anyway, this map looks interesting. I'll try it out.

[Edited on 03/15/08 @ 08:17 AM]

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