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ROME 78 B.C (Demo)

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Version: AoM: The Titans
ROME 78 B.C (Demo)


It's the year 78 B.C and Sulla, one of the most dangerous and powerful men Rome has ever seen, has died in his country manor. For some,
Sulla's reign brought wealth and prosperity to their lives, to many more it brought death, humiliation and exile. One such exile, by the name of Gaius Julius Caesar, had been living in a lifestyle not equal to his birth but now, with Sulla dead and his faction divided, Caesar can return to home and build his political career. The time has come for a new Rome to emerge, and Caesar is determined to be the one who makes it happen.

You take control of Julius Caesar in his quest to establish a name for himself in political Rome. You must use whatever resources are available to you in order to climb the senatorial ladder and become dictator for life, whether that be by subtle coercion or brute force is up to you. Form alliances with other factions, hire assassins to kill off your opposition, launch electoral campaigns and much more as you progress through 20 years of toil to reach your goal.


This scenario is not yet completed so any features included in this demo may not be included in the final version.If you have any comments regarding the scenario or you wish to find out more, please visit:

ROME 78 B.C Showcase Thread

Critical Reactions:

Quoted from Banoffee:

"...One of the most creative scenarios I've played in a long time. Your eyecandy is amazing... really put me in awe. Everyone should download and play it, it is worth every second."

Quoted from angryzor:

"Wow! Two seconds in the game and I felt that I had to turn off the light and fully enjoy this... I've always wanted to play a scenario like this."

Quoted from Old Bachus:

"This looks like the The Sims meets Julius Caeser , it should rule!..."




  • Copy the 'ROME 78 BC (Demo).scx' into the 'C:\My Documents\My Games\Age of Mythology\Scenario' folder in your AOM Directory.

  • Copy the 'Sound' folder into the 'C:\program files\microsoft games\age of mythology\' folder.

  • Copy the 'Textures' folder into the 'C:\program files\microsoft games\age of mythology\' folder.

  • Install the modifications 'Senators' and 'The Terracotta Wall' included in this download. Seperate install instructions are contained within their .zip files.

    N.B: The Terracotta Wall mod is optional.


  • See the seperate uninstall instructions contained within the modification .zip files.


    Question: How do I view the message given to me by the Governor?

    Answer: Type the code 'r001' into the chat box.

    Question: How do I assign a task to a slave?

    Answer: Click on the slave you wish to assign a task to, then type either 'CLEANER', 'PROTECTOR', 'MESSENGER', 'CHEF', 'SHOPPER', or 'IDLE' in the chat box. (Note only 'CLEANER' and 'IDLE' are available in this Demo)

    Question: Why do Gaia Creep Flowers keep appearing on the ground?

    Answer: The Gaia Creep Flowers represent dirt on the ground. A slave assigned as a cleaner will remove these.

    Question: Why is The Terracotta Wall Mod optional?

    Answer: The Terracotta Wall only replaces the existing Atlanean Wall texture. It is there purely for aesthetics.


    ROME 78 BC

  • Copyright © AnnoDominius, all rights reserved.
  • Created using Age of Mythology - Gold Edition.
  • Special Thanks to the AOMh community for improvement suggestions.


  • Copyright © AnnoDominius, all rights reserved.
  • Created using Adobe Photoshop 7.0.
  • Special Thanks to The Purple People Eater for improvement suggestions.


  • Idea Copyright © AnnoDominius, all rights reserved.
  • Modification Copyright © Dan_Swordsman, all rights reserved.



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    AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Cerberus_001 2nd DL :)
    File Author
    enjoy, let me know what you think :)
    PrplPplEater Nobody showcases like Dominius. He's got it down. =D
    File Author
    lol thanks PPE, I endeavour not to disappoint.
    newb27 Very, very nice. I don't download maps very much, but I just couldn't resist this one. You're welcome to use my Assassin if you wish, or is it to unRomany? :D Definitely one to be downloaded.
    Lunar_God 21st dl.

    [Edited on 01/14/08 @ 12:59 AM]

    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 5
    Even though this is only the demo, the playability is soo enjoyable! The way you can task your slaves is really cool and the house is easy to navigate through. And your characters is easily defined from the rest.

    Balance: 5
    Although there was no fighting in the DEMO, thing such as cinematics and gameplay, were very well balanced. You didn't alwats use cinematics for tutorials and the like, but when you did use cinematics, they were very well done with smooth camera tracks.

    Creativity: 5
    One of the most creative scenarios I've played in a long time. The background music fitted perfecty with the scenario and how you could task your slaves to clean was so cool. I loved how you followed the governer around the house, when you're on the tour. I can see this scenario is going to be incredible.

    Map Design: 5
    This, is what really put me in awe. Your eyecandy is amazing! The house is so well constructed, and I love your little miscellaneous details like the torches in ruined column, making it look like a differant knid of torch and the food on the table, the beds, the pool, the prison, I could go on and on.

    Story/Instructions: 5
    The story is well thought out and keeps you in suspense for more. From the demo, you can tell the story wil be very interesting, hinting future heirs and political disagreements.

    Additional Comments:
    This demo, is amazing, everyone should download and play it (or wait for the full version) it is worth every second of the time that it takes to install all the mods. Well done Anno, its really good.

    [Edited on 01/14/08 @ 07:22 PM]

    File Author
    @ newb27: I'll have a look at your assassin mod and make a decision. Thanks for the offer :)

    @ Banoffee: Thank's so much for the review, i've never received a perfect 5 before. Was there really nothing to improve on?
    Banoffee, that review is a little on the short side. Please lengthen the comments if you wish to keep it.
    Banoffee Is that better?
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