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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Zelios and Epto! V1

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Zelios and Epto! V1

Author File Description
File Details
Style: Other
# of Scenarios: 5
Version: AoM: The Titans
PharaohZ of proudly presents…

A cinematic campaign about a boy, a minotaur and war in Greece…

Take a trip into the life of a boy who lived more than 3000 years ago, how he lived, how he fought for his home in a AoMTT Campaign with stunning eyecandy! Vocals preformed by PharaohZ! And much more! You can just sit back and watch as Zelios goes from be a simple boy to one of the greatest Admirals the world has ever seen. Watch as he fights against his arch enemy Epto and defeats the minotaur using his own spear. So grab some popcorn and have fun watching!

  • Vocals!
  • 5 Cinematics
  • Eyecandy!
  • Campaign File
  • An Auto Installer

    Story Lines

    1. Zelios
    We begin our journey in a small Greek town. Here lives our hero... Zelios.

    2. Epto Invades
    Greece was peaceful until the dreaded day when the evil minotaur Epto invaded, destroyed everything and seized control of Greece.

    3. A Destroyed Home
    In Epto's invasion Zelios' village is completely destroyed. Did Zelios survive...?

    4. The Rebellion
    After agreeing to join the Rebellion Zelios is lead their base. Years pass by but the Rebellion are not winning any battle...

    5. The End of Epto
    Epto will soon know the wrath of the Gods and Zelios as he meets his doom.

    Enjoy! :D

    ==A Modsmith Studios Production==
  • AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 4
    While I cna't mark you for playability, the watchability of the story wasn't too bad. It wasn't too long or too short and splitting the story into chapters is helpful as it meant I didn't have to watch the whole story again when I was interrupted half way through

    Balance: 4
    Balance isn't realy markable for a cinematic so I've given 4 which is the average of my other marks.

    Creativity: 4
    While I didn't find the story that imaginative I think you deserve credit for putting vocals in. The overlapped buildings and effects were nicely done and The echoing voices were a nice touch.

    Map Design: 5
    The maps where brilliant, particularly the secret base and the town. The overlapped buildings were mostly pretty unnoticeable (this is actually a good thing as it means the building looks like one whole building not some strange jigsaw).You also used varied ground tiles which looked seamless.

    Story/Instructions: 3
    As I've said I didn't find the story that great.I thought that too many things happened for no apparent reason. This may be in your favour however as it meant the story was short but snappy. The vocals made it flow nicely as well.

    Additional Comments:
    While the vocals were fantasticly timed I think that next time you make a campaign you should get some other people to do the vocals, while the narrating wasn't too bad I wasn't convinced by each characters voice, having a different person voiceacting each character would improve things no end. however this is only personal taste really so I havn't marked you down for it.

    [Edited on 04/25/08 @ 12:55 PM]

    Khan And Steak
    Map Design4.0
    Watchability: 4
    The cinematic campaign was compelling and exciting. It had a good, although plain story that took place in the Golden Era of Greece centered around two characters: Zelios and Epto. The cinematic was somewhat unique however it did use one scene almost entirely from the campaign which, unfortunately was a bit anti-climactic. However that said, the total time spent watching was rather short for a cinematic campaign and the author captured my attention for the duration of the campaign, let alone each scenario. I would watch it again a couple of times with a friend or two.

    Balance: 4
    The camera/cinematic skill conveyed throughout the campaign was rather good. I didn't really notice anything - which is what you would hope for in a cinematic. I noticed no lag, nor did I notice any jumps within the camera tracks. Zoom and pitch levels where used, however maybe not to their full potential. I was not confused about why you used certain angles at any given time, however I believe that some difference in the tracks could have improved your score here a little.

    Creativity: 3
    Unfortunately there was nothing that really caught my eye or made me think "wow, that was awesome.". It just seemed to be lacking either a good storyline, good effects or something to really interest me. There was nothing that was bad or below par however - the eye candy was nice, the camera tracks did their part but it just seems like more could have been embellished somewhere along the way.

    Map Design: 3.5 (rounds up)
    The map design was basic - not simple or under-embellished however not exactly something that makes one want to use the scenarios as a basis for their eye-candy either. What was provided is satisfactory although little more. There where some parts that stood out a bit more than others, like the ending scene - the buildings there were nice, with the flowers etc. and I also liked when Zelios was showcasing his new spear against the building. However the general eye-candy and fog-of-war was pretty average and this score may not correctly reflect that.

    Story/Instructions: 2
    This story was basic - and I mean BASIC. There really wasn't much to it. The background story of Zelios was very vague and it did not exactly give the most detailed view of his life. The twist was a bit anti-climactic, why did Zeus choose Zelios and not one of the other admirals? what made Zelios so special? and why didn't Hades help Epto?
    And then the ending scene was pretty much a replay from the campaign. It really needed some more meat to it - at the end I needed more. I wonder what their skirmishes with Epto's army were like - you could have shown a couple of them. Either with or without Zelios - you could have shown one of the other admirals loosing a battle and then Zelios coming with an attack group from the side and then beating Epto's army back. With dialogue like "Zelios proved to be the greatest tactician of all of the Admirals" which would then explain why Zeus chose him to carry the spear. Obviously I am just throwing out ideas here but as you can see there are many ways you could have answered these questions - it just seems you either didn't want to or didn't think about them.

    Additional Comments:
    Overall a little bit above average which I count as a good cinematic campaign. A 3.4 is above the standard - you've done well in that respect :) ~ Steak

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    Map Design4.5
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    Size:8.80 MB
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