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# of Players: 2-6
Version: AoM
Europe Under Fire 2

By Scnpunk (iNtRePiD)


Europe Under Fire 2 features multiple game types in one multiplayer scenario. Players are able to choose from a wide array of game types when they start the map, thus allowing players to play this map time and time again from a fresh perspective.

Gameplay Styles

- Standard: This is standard AoM gameplay.

- Deathmatch: You begin the game with a large amount of resources.

- Lightning: The game has a slightly faster pace to it.

- Warp Speed: This game has a ridiculously fast pace to it.

- High Pop: Begin and continue the game with a much higher pop cap then usual.

- Resourcefulness: You begin the game in the Mythic age with an infinite amount of resources.

Gameplay types

- Standard: This is your basic start off with a Town Centre build up and crush your opponents type of play.

- King of the Hill: At the centre of the map lies a Plenty Vault, whoever can control it for 8 minutes wins the game.

- Nomad: Your civilization specific starting units begin scattered around the map.

- Sudden Death: If your Citadel falls you have only 2 minutes to claim a settlement in order to stay alive.

- Regicide: You must protect Arkantos, if he dies you will die.

- Point Capture: Points will scattered across the map that players can capture to receive bonuses, however the play must station a large number of military units at the point in order to continue receiving benefits.

- The Unstandard Start: You begin the game with two settlements separated by vast tracts of land and water. You must use your roc to try to put this situation to your advantage.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
What can I say about the playability, for one there is an exceptional function in EUF2 that allows one to select the type of game you wish to play from RM to lightning. So regardless of which type of player you are you can easily adapt to playing this scenario.

Balance: 5
If the players were all of equal skill, depending on the game type, you could find yourself playing this scenario in multi-player for a good hour or more.

Although with the British island being the only island on the map, certain advantages of disadvantages could occur, an example of this would be that classic rushing player one would be tougher than normal, however, being stuck on the island until classic age could, in-fact be, a slight disadvantage.

Creativity: 5
The opening cinematic astounded me, but because it would lay to rest the genius invoked in this cinematic to explain it here, I will let you see it for your selves.

The above all most creative aspect of this scenario is definitely how accurate to detail it is of europe.

Map Design: 5
As stated above this map is an almost exact replica of europe's land mass. You can tell countless hours went into the initial layout. That amount of care says a large amount about, not only the rest scenario, but also it shows us that the author out his soul into this particular piece.

Story/Instructions: 4
Although there was no story, the instructions were ample. There was a pop up every-time you wanted or needed one, but not enough to annoy elite gamers.

Additional Comments:

Overall a very well done map, worth the download. Make sure to have your computer player for multi-player.
Celer I don't think this map is very good

[Edited on 07/20/04 @ 05:55 AM]

File Author
Isn’t the fact that you can play a variety of gameplay types on one map somewhat creative, to the best of my knowledge this is the only map that does that. I find it strange that in this entire review you fail to mention that.

The Italian Peninsula is somewhat thicker then it is for gameplay play purposes, a player has to start and build up on the Italian Peninsula if I made it too thin players would be unable to build up properly. If I were to re make the map, or edit this scenario, which I have no intension to do I would probably try to fix the geographical problems around France and Scandinavia, as they seem much more troublesome.

I get the impression from your review that you simply just opened the map up in the editor and took a look at it. I suggest actually playing what you review in the future.
AoMPlayer000 This is the most stupid review I've ever seen (EDIT: It has been removed now).
Requirements for writing a review:

1. Read the Review Guidelines.
2. Read a review from the Bard, which are about 2-3 pages long.
3. 5.0 reviews are almost always from noobs and almost never suitable.

I've seen many stupid persons here, but this is the absolutely most stupid thing I ever read on AoMH. And that means something.
BTW, your "review" will surely be removed within the next week or so (you could remove it yourself, if you don't want to seem absolutely, well, ... ).

[Edited on 04/26/04 @ 01:12 PM]

File Author
All of the various gameplay types work, however they will not work if you have The Titans. I don't own the Titans but I am fairly certain the entire scenario breaks down if you try to play it with the Titans.

The scenario requires that you enter certain settings first. Specific instructions are given multiple times telling you this, if try to enter gameplay types and styles in the incorrect order they will not work.

As for creativity, I think I should be given some credit for the fact that this the only map for AoM that allows you to choose from such settings at the beginning of the game.
auron 2 they worked for me. but not to worry, this review will get erased sooner or later.
File Author
Obviously not
Anubite lord Is it for titans or for vanila I can't tell
File Author
File Author

[Edited on 01/01/05 @ 09:08 AM]

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