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Woodland Defense V2

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File Details
# of Players: 3 Humans and 2 comps on bottom slots.
Version: AoM: The Titans
Features and Update Notes

Please Review, any bugs are all due to lag, so make sure you don't get laggers inside your game.
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TBK145 1st dl :)
Btw, BBcode don't work.
File Author
Thanks for pointing that out TBK, I am unexpirienced with codes, fixed now.

If any bugs are detected by me I will fix them, though I hope all the beta testing took many bugs out.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
The playability is great, but because of the lag, I feel that I cannot give more than a three. I also think that when ur choosing a hero, you could have changed the view, I do not like that view that is level with the ground. Also, I found no glitches when playing.

Balance: 5
Balanced is amazing! I find all units and heroes balanced, and I really like how each player has to manually ally the Mystical Tree, the Elves, and the Satyrs.

Creativity: 3
This is a defence, so don't expect to much creativity points. I would have only given you a one, but after I noticed all the features that were a part of the game, I decided to give you a three. This isn't like any defence I have ever played.

Map Design: 5
This blew me away. When I played this, I felt as if I was actully inside a fort that was in a forest, trying to defend from savages. This was an extremly well attempt at eyecandy.

Story/Instructions: 5
The way how you could roll back to the main menu of choices, and go to other menus was something I never saw before. I know how it could be done, yet I have never seen it before. Also, the instructions were very clean.

Additional Comments:
Basically, this is a good map that should be played, I would recommend it to all players who have decent computers.

[Edited on 02/11/08 @ 11:48 PM]

File Author
Thanks for review, and the lag probably was caused by a player with bad connection, ONce I played it wireless and it lagged a lot, but with no wireless player it seemed to go really smoothly.

Thanks for the great review elvarg :P .
elvarg_Flame I hope you continue making great maps, sneaky. :)

[Edited on 02/14/08 @ 01:45 PM]

Henrz Nice game sneaky

the only problem i've found is when you complete medium deafet the wizard and stuff i always get stuck on the cinematic.
This might be just me but i thought i'd tell you anyway
Keep making :)
File Author
Yep, unfortunately, the only fault to the game.
xEXOLARx Ok well the map was really well done, but you have the worst anti edit system... I havent played your game on multiplayer cus I dont know what r the teams and who are humans etc and I cbf trying to find out.

Back to your anti edit. It took me 5 seconds to find where you put ur mercenary... You didnt even bother to hide it.. The game seemed a bit unfair once I looked at your triggers, there was alot of triggers wich has chat contains in it to help player 1 have an advantage against the other players.
File Author
K one at a time.

The player setup for multiplayer is on the player number slot...it says 3 hunans and 2 comps, humans can also conveniently be replaced by comps if you want fewer than 3 players, also teams don't matter, there is an auto diplomacy trigger.

Second, dude I am not good with anti edit system and the point of looking for it is to find the trigger not the mercenary or unit...

Third, the chat contains are not dumb noob cheats, the game has 3 difficulties, but in order to play moderate per say, you have to put in a secret code given to you at the end of beating the easy difficulty, and sma eis for moderate to hard.

It is 3 humans vs comps, so I don't see hwo it is unfair to other players...anyways there are no cheats for player one...they are just to unlock the difficulties, dude you seriously gotta start reading triggers and not just see effect type...

I'd insult you but I don't wanna be rude, Im just pointing out all your faults,,,you shoudl really read the File Details square located in main post and actually playing the map before you ever say anything, but thanks for not making it a review, I apreciate that so were cool, just pointing out.
xEXOLARx heyy.. i tried you advice about makign chat contains in really low priority but it still oos the game every time.. i did this

[_]run imeadietly
]------------- priority

conditions: Chat contains
Cheap bastard

effect: convert
send spoof chat: Priest:!!!IM NOT A CHEAP BASTARD!!!
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Map Design5.0
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