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Forest Bandits V2

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Version: AoM
With VAAASTLY improved eyecandy and plotline.

This is my first scenario, and so is probably not one of the best on the site, but is quite fun, works, and looks pretty good too. I appreciate any reveiws/feedback/critisism (preferaby constructive)/ sugestions on improving, AND PREQUILS/SEQUILS to this "epic" scenario.

The big idea of the campaign of which this supposed to be the beginning, is that mythological creatures are not the norm (unlike the AOM campaign that came with the game), and that they are beginning to appear. Eventually, the campaign will result in a huge battle between the two and it will be all so very dramatic...

The scenario starts and Arkantos, Ajax, Odysseus and a handful of soldiers find themselves on a road, leading into the FOW. Beside them is a wall, blocking the entrance to a large, dark forest. Upon folowing the road, another blockade is found, this time guarded. The guards tell you that you can either help them, or turn back.

Obviously, turning back would neither be the couragous, nor the AOM way of doing things and so the gaurds tell you that behind a spur of the forest is a bandit camp, and the bandits have been harassing the hunting village behind the blockade via the forest, and that the wall I saw earlier was an attempt at keeping them out. Unfortunatly the forest is teeming with bandits all day so several nights ago, the village built anoher bloackade, at their side of the forest spur.

Your objective is to enter the forest and wipe out any remaining bandits still in the forest. If you can succeed then the village will let you pass.

When the bandits are all dead you return to the village and the gaurds tell you that they are actually in desperate need of destroying the bandits altogether and that their forces are too weak to destroy their camp. Once again, thanks to that trusted "AOM way of doing things" you're heroism overpowers you and you just have to destroy the bandit camp, just for the feeling of doing "the right thing".

Anyway, you rescue an army that the bandits ambushed and captured, destroy the bandit's camp and get that nice warm feeling within...

BTW- this is meant to be only the start of a much longer campaign, which is the reason for it being quite easy, to give beginners to AOM a chance to grasp the cencept.
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Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
This map was quite playable. I enjoyed playing it, and the objectives were nice. Although, you could be a little more specific in the instructions. Also, have you considered adding chat's from the various players?

Balance: 3
This map was fun to play, but not overly difficult. You should try to make it so it's more challenging so even a experienced player would enjoy it.

Creativity: 4
You were nicely creative! The story was nice, and the layout of the map was good to. All i can say, you were good when it came to this :) Keep practicing, and you will become even better!

Map Design: 3
It may sound odd coming from me, but you need to work on eye candy. Also, there was only a few terrains in there, try mixing a few grasses together, maybe even a few dirts. It makes the whole map more interesting to play :)

Story/Instructions: 4
You were really creative with your story, but alas, they weren't in game. If someone downloaded it, and didn't read the description above, they wouldn't know it. Try putting it, and maybe even some install instructions in a readme.

Additional Comments:
It was fun to play, and quite good, but you need to work on eye candy most of all. Don't completely forget the gameplay, but if the player wants to explore the map to see your pretty eye candy, it makes the scenario much more interesting.

Good luck :)

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Map Design3.0
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