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Geni Quest Demo

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Version: AoM: The Titans

- This is the first time I've ever submitted anything so I don't really care what you say

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Play as Boris and do quests on the island of Pearl Harvest! Includes wonderfull soundtrack and loads of trigger work!

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Look out for Geni Quest - The Fall of Peral Harvest and other Geni Quest Updates
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Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
I am giving a two because of a few problems I had with completing the objectives. The first objective involved taking a boat. At the time I accepted the objective, the boat(bus) was on the other side of the island and I didn't see it at first, so I tried to walk to it but the road was blocked (which was on purpose), then I had to wait for the boat to return to the original shore which was a bit annoying. Also, I see no point in having to enter YES to accept an objective, there is nothing else to do anyway.
I suggest that the boat sits at the starting shore and when someone one (YOU) is garrison inside (using the garrison condition), that it then moves to its other point on the island and when it reaches that point, it automatically ungarrisons you at the shore and waits to repeat this process. For the second objective, the instructions did not say you had to enter 'YES' again like the first objective did (which, again I think is pointless). Also, I had a hard time accomplishing the second objective because I didn't know I had to put the llama in the very back of Death's space for it to complete. You might want to increase the range from 2 or move the Point closer to the front since death and a wandering citizen get in the way. You could also change the size of his space and put an object on the ground like a rug, that can be walked on that marks the special place to bring the llama.

Balance: 3
I don't believe this relates in this type of scenario. Especially considering this is only a demo with two non-combat quests. 3 is a 'neutral/center' score.

Creativity: 3
I enjoyed the music in this scenario very much. I'm sorry I don't know which song is which - Erik's or Raptor's but both were good background music and since you wrote one of them I added to your creativity score. There wasn't much of a general storyline, again, since this was a demo, but the ideas of changing lighting and music for quests were good.

Map Design: 3
I really liked the map. It is light on eyecandy, but it is very crisp - meaning that roads and places were clearly defined and most everything had a name. The blocked spaces were defined clearly with a sign that offered extra information when clicked and guards to demonstrate visually that it is not to be passed at the time. The lighting set off a nice tone to the map. The part of the map that was used was almost entirely flat, which could be appropriate for an island, but different heights offer much more interest and can make important places stand out from the rest.

Story/Instructions: 2
I mentioned most of the instructions complaints before, so I will just suggest to be consistent with instructions and don't put anything vital that will disappear off the screen that isn't also in the objectives. Make sure to set your quest complete triggers to higher priority so the player has good feedback that they did the right thing right away instead of being in the right place, then a few seconds later it says 'objective complete'.
There were a few grammar mistakes here and there (like the common misuse of too and to), but I didn't find it too annoying (and I'm pretty picky). Again, this is a demo, so the story is incomplete. A quick mention was made about an evil genie in the beginning and that was it. The 2 is due to the inconsistency of the instructions.

Additional Comments:
This is very good for a first time scenario. The wandering citizens added a lively feel to the marketplace, but try to keep them out of the way of important places and slow them down. People are not constantly moving, they stop for a little bit then move on.
Take a little more time perfecting what IS there because even though it's not finished, it still gives the impression of how well you make a scenario. When you get deeper into the project, offer it to playtesters to see if your ideas are good before you go too far. The scores might not be too high, but it is based on the fact that this is not in the class of a full scenario. It is a bit rough around the edges, but it has a nice feel with the lighting, the map and the music. Keep going on this project and I hope to see more soon.

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Map Design3.0
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