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# of Players: 1
Map Type: Custom
Map Size: Large
AI Difficulty: Hard
Game Type: Conquest
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
I need some advice/criticism on my FH attempt
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jumpertje4life okay ill check it so say what can go better. (if u need my advice of course)
jumpertje4life dude, the recorded game is only 48 seconds long. wtf.
ok but one thing: never stop building vilagers untill u have enough for a very good econmy.
i send my first made villager to gold.and second too. i try to get flood of the ASAP.always. in like 3.5 minutes, i got it. then just do some to food like 6 or 7. and go some on wood. (i mostly do 2.)
oh and dont forget to build houses. or u get popped. when i go classical i have like 10 villagers on food, 5 on gold and 2 on wood. when i hit classical, i make an armory with my wood- villagers. just keep making villagers in classical age too. if u have enough hunt, keep hunting with the 10 villagers or more with pharao. when u hit classical, you will have enough food to go herioc. or almost enough food. when the armory is done, i go herioc. most of the times i switch some of my food men to gold for a while, and use prosperity, but thats just me. hope these litte tings could help you

[Edited on 02/29/08 @ 05:59 AM]

Nirwanda This rec is obviously a joke?
File Author
sorry to all you guys for causing you to waste your time...i just picked a wrong one( don't know how that happened)..sorry again( please don't curse me :D )
Rating: 2

(Insert Rating analysis here)

The FH itself was decent (8:40 isn't amazing for a full FH on high hunt), but the things you did while you got there were questionable.

- You started hunting your "safe hunt", sometimes when I face a possible rush civ I tend to get the hunt towards the middle first. Yes, it takes a few more seconds to get there, but the saved stockpile of food behind my base might prove invaluble. Garrisoning the TC would have saved you a few precious seconds early on aswell, instead you walked around it.

- You hardly put up any obelisks at all. If you intend to research HD (which you should), then after you've sent 4 to food including your starting vills you should send atleast one to gold, that way you can spam obelisks with your priest while still getting 0 idle TC seconds. Yeah, the map was revealed, but don't forget how many pigs you might miss out on, which will hurt your farm transision bad.

- You did not raid/scout with your Sphinx.

- There were a few decent relics out there, you took none of them.

- When you cast prosperity you didn't even have your Pharao empover the gold, you lost alot of resources by ignoring that detail. You should always aim at having as many vills as possible working on gold during the time, you only had 9 something. Usually a good time to do this is while you advance to heroic.

- You had too many villagers on wood early on, when there was no need for it as shown on your resources. Instead you should switch some over when you advance to heroic if you intend to use CA (which usually is a good idea).
Having 2-3 villagers on wood before you up is more than enough to get the econ ups + some spare.

- Your miggy placement was questionable. I would have protected my foward gold with it.

- You reached Heroic at 8:40, yet you didn't even get your first miggy unit out until 10:40. There were a couple of reasons behind this.

1: You got housed, panicked and just built some houses randomly near your woodies. They should have been built to protect your towers earlier.

2: You only used 3 (!) villagers and no Pharao to build your migdol, which is wayyy to little.

Additional Comments:

Most of what I wrote are minor stuff and doesn't matter if you play the AI, and perhaps you just didn't bother. But if you want to be competetive you should keep some of it in mind.

Good luck!

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