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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » A huge, realistic map of Europe (1500x1500)

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A huge, realistic map of Europe (1500x1500)

Author File Description
Marius Caesar
File Details
# of Players: up to 12
Version: AoM: The Titans
This is a huge map of Europe, with a size of 1500x1500 metres. It strechtes from Norway to the Sahara, and from Spain to the Caspian sea. This map supports up to 12 players, who are historically positioned (most of them xD), like how it was in the year 280 BC. Godpowers and Titans are disabled, and some factions have bonusses (like stronger infantry, or faster cavalry). Because I originally made this map for a couple of friends so we could play it on the LAN, 4 factions are a little bit stronger (in their bonusses) than others.

* 12 factions, like they were in the year 280 BC
* mother nature invokes godpowers, like rain.
* a working vulcano xD
* every civ has it's own bonusses
* In order to have enough gold (gold mines are scarce), you will HAVE TO conquer.
* Some factions have hero's (Gauls, Sarmatians, Egyptians, Carthaginians and Romans) (they are not all historically correct)

Please note that this is my first ever self- designed map, so I fear there are some bugs/ n00bish mistakes in it.

Special thanks to Nottud and Reyk, whose triggers and tools I really liked to use.

I hope you could give me some advice, rather than criticism. Thanks in advance and have fun!
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Just given it a brief look and the geography is near perfect, congratulations on that epic feat :). I have no idea how hard it is to do, so I will not criticise the lack of hills in some places.

And in your triggers, if you want to increase the armour use 0.30 instead of 30. Caesar will have 100% armour and be unstoppable unless you fix that ;p.
Scoutie Looks really cool, I'll download. One thing, do the bonuses work for each civilization or do you have to be greek, eggy, etc.?
Marius Caesar
File Author
I inserted a bonus for every player, so it's not like you got to be Egyptians to get a certain bonus. A little thing is, I made this map originally for a couple of friends on LAN, and the civ's they were using (Romans, Egyptians, Carthaginians and Sarmatians), got stronger bonusses. .. Atop of that, when Carthage is not played by a human player, their villagers do strange things.. So it's recommanded that some1 plays Carthage.
Have fun all!
Lewonas Nice map for supremacy, but there's 1 thing you should fix. You can build on your starting Town Centers another Town Center. In editor, never place a settlement first and place a Town Center on it, because you'll be able to build another Town Center on thát settlement while playing the scenario (so you'll have 2 Town Centers instead of 1). So, remove the settlements which are located inside the starting Town Centers. =)
I tried to explain this as good as possible, and this is a tip for your (possible) next project. Sorry for my bad english :S
Marius Caesar
File Author
Thanks alot Lewonas, I'll try to update this one. Your English is not bad, no problem. Thx Yeebaagooon too, for your comment.. I'll try to update it as soon as possible, and I hope that many people will enjoy this map!

I can't play online ! :(

I can play this game in single player or in the editor, but when I host it on ESO, after all players check the "ready" square, instead of starting the game, it brings me back to the mainmenu but half of the screen in covered by dark fog....

Marius Caesar
File Author
You have to put this file in the mydocuments/mygames/aom/scenario map, not in the mydocument/mygames/aomscenario/sxpc map.. when you put it in just '' mygames/aom/scenario, everything will be fine.
Marius Caesar
File Author
with map I mean folder (map is Dutch .. forgot that for a moment) so just put it in the folder: Mydocuments/mygames/Age Of Mythology/scenario
Nick_The_Hunn omg this geography is so perfect! how you did that :O im working on my own Eu map (4000x4000) but this geo is definitely better!!! i would give it a 5.0 :o

[Edited on 03/29/08 @ 06:37 AM]

Marius Caesar
File Author
Well.. it's not REALLY perfect. I had to start over a couple of times.. Just have a real map of Europe at hand and have some patience ;-). Thx for your commentaries! If anyone has advice.. you're welcome!
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