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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » Mokon (Poseidon) vs Zycat (Poseidon)

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Mokon (Poseidon) vs Zycat (Poseidon)

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Watering Hole
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: 1.0
Total Game Time: 30~
Player 1's Name: Mokon
Player 2's Name: Zycat
A good Poseidon vs Poseidon game goes into heroic.

Shows how important TC's are.
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Rating: 2.5
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Additional Comments:
Ok as you requested i am pointing out your mistakes. Take a sit cause this will be long :p. There are many very little mistakes but since i am into this i might as well point them out too.

1. When the battle starts use only 1 villager to build the granary and use the other 2 to hunt/gather resources. This way you can gather a little more resources.
2. Dont cast lure next to the tc. On some maps it will never expire so you wont be able to build a farm there.
3. Use shift+right click to que multiple commands. For example build a house, shift+right click build a stable, shift+right click go back and gather some wood. This way you will never have idle time(not that you had much idle time but every bit helps). Also this works when you reassign villagers. For example you have woodcutters, you select them, right click on lumber camp, shift+right click on new task(either make a building or gather a new resource).
4. Its better to assign 1 villager to make a different building than having 2 villagers building the same building. If you assign more than 1 villager, there is a diminishing effect so you dont build that building 50% but you build it like 30% faster. The more villagers you assign on 1 building, the bigger the diminishing effect.

5. Dont use double storehouses on goldmines when using greeks, especially this early. 50 wood is a lot. You can do that when using egyptians though.
6. Badly located houses. What are they supposed to do there? Wall? Try building them around the towers or 'wall' small choke points.
7. Dont build houses, unless you need them.
8. Dont use the raiders to attack any buildings or other military units. Just hit his economy. If he has towers guarding all his villagers, then attack the tower. If he gets any units to attack you(this includes villagers), fall back. Keep repeating this process till the tower is down and you can raid his economy.If he sends most of his army to counter your raiders, RUN and if possible send a second raiding team to raid his economy somewhere else. If he returns his counter-raiders to the front, go raid him again. Even though you tried to raid him, most of the time you just ended up losing many hippikon for nothing.

9. Dont use all villagers on 1 goldmine cause when that goldmine runs out of gold, you will have a period when you wont be able to mine any gold(during the transaction of the villagers to the next goldmine). Also more villagers on 1 goldmine = more bumping and time wasted on pathing.
10. I dont know how you produce military units. I usually assign all similar military buildings on 1 number, then press the number and make the unit that i need. But even if you do this sometimes units arent qued equally among the military buildings. On your battle there were many times when on 1 stable you had 7 hippikon qued while the other 2 were either idle or had like 1 hippikon qued. So assign military buildings to numbers and after you order for the creation of some units, manually check each building to see what its doing(when you have the time that is).
11. When creating a hero(as first unit of classical) assign the rally point to the nearest relik. This way once the hero is created, he will go pick that relik. Dont forget to reassign the rally point back to a resource and to manually order the hero to return the relik to the temple.

12. Since you had an excess in wood, you should have made couple archery ranges as well. Although this was a poseidon vs poseidon battle so going all hippikon wasnt something bad. Especially against norse/egypt you need to make an archery range pretty early.
13. When you are against greeks, always try to make as many hoplites as possible especially on maps like watering holes(tons of food). Hoplites beat all greek classical units cost/pop effectively, even toxotes. But they cost so much food which makes it impossible to mass them. Next time you are against greek, consider throwing a military academy as well(so that you can pump some hoplites out when you can).
14. Better resource balance. You had like 0 food(on watering holes!!!!) while there was tons of hunting around. Dont farm that early either.
15. If your enemy was a little better, he would have tried to raid your economy. On maps like watering holes, it is advised to wall early if you notice that your enemy tries to raid your economy. On this battle of course, walls werent needed.

16. Poor scouting. You need to assign to your scouter more points and/or pay a little more attention when scouting and correct scouting rally points a little better.
17. Assign forward rally points to keep the pressure up against low rated enemy's. No need to gather your forces next to your base. Gather them a little further from your enemy's base. And dont send couple hippikons at a time to their death and let your enemy kill only a few of them at a time. Either raid or attack.
18. You should have got medium cavalry upgrade a little earlier.
19. Always make as many heroes as you can. They kick ass so once you lose 1 of them, go to your tc and create him again.
20. Hunting is free(no resources are required except for the granary) and its a lot faster than farming. Hunt more.
21. Making a forward base wouldnt be a bad idea considered how much wood you had. Remember that even if your enemy destroys your base, you get nice militia. And this always help you put more pressure on your enemy, raid his economy more efficient and make start a nice gold starvation strategy.

Generally the way that you should play is that you should make your army and keep it on your base, make 4-6 hippikon and go raid your enemy's economy. Once you get high or full population(100+) get your army and attack. While attacking, set your rally points to the front. So when you are trying to rebuild your army, raid his economy and when you have full pouplation attack. Since your enemy was pretty defensive you should have attacked a lot more and build forward earlier. Thats about it. Let me remind you, that you asked for it :p

[Edited on 03/10/03 @ 07:47 PM]

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