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Wheel of Time RPG

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Version: AoM: The Titans
This scenario follows the first book in the Wheel of Time series, The Eye of the World.

Guess I'll say this one more time... This is my first scenario.

There are a few notes:
I DID NOT MAKE THIS TO BE HARD. I made this to follow the book as accurately as possible while still being fun. The 5 main characters are not invincible, but will come back if they die. So no comments like, "Too overpowered". =P
There are occasional glitches, but I have spent so much time testing this I think I've worked everything out. Let me know if you find anything major.
I did not hard test it. It is only loosely held together, and assumes you follow the path most of the way. There are a few places where you can fudge it, but it will screw you over later, most notably in the Shadar Logoth area, if you do not keep your party together.
This was mainly a test for triggers, since I was just getting to know them when I started making this. There are so many triggers in this that my head is going to explode.

Please be fairly reasonable, comment on things like my first-time trigger usage and map design. And if you have read the book, hopefully you'll see how it follows the story!
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Squishfellow Screenies? Also expect a review from me in 12-15 hours.
Shad0w_Hawk Wow, for your 1st scenario this is really good!
This is a great RPG, well not a 5 star rate one but this one is great for your first! congrats!
File Author
Thanks shadow!
Squish, I'll put one up.
Btw, the winning doesn't work well, for some reason I couldn't figure it out. Using You Win brings up the campaign menu, and using victory message, you still have to click resign and quit afterwards.

[Edited on 03/21/08 @ 09:37 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the review, Lewonas. Hopefully I can answer some of your questions:

Some of the minotaurs and cylops don't move to the gate. Why didn't you try to fix this?
-I had that problem, but I took out something from the map and it seemed to fix it. I have not had the problem again. That warning message pops up so people don't just stand around wondering what to do next.

Also, the lampadas can kill every unit in just 1 blow (except the shades and the 2 bosses at the end).
-I made it that way because in the WoT, Aes Sedai like Moiraine are pretty much made for fighting shadowspawn. Therefore, she can kill them easily. (I boosted her ranged vs Myth to around 30.) At the end, the two bosses are not supposed to be like Trollocs, but I had to use MUs, so I lowered that a lot. Hades Shades not being MUs was a bonus, because Myrddraal are very hard to kill.

Very creative for your first scenario!
-Again, I DID NOT MAKE UP THIS STORYLINE. Like in LotR RPGs, when someone takes a known story and makes it into a game, that's what I did.

thrilling map design
-I'm terribly uncreative. Hopefully I'll get better with eye-candy for my next scenario.

At the start of the RPG, why is there MarshF terrain?
-There's a small marshland-ish area outside of Emond's Field called the Waterwood. I'ts supposed to represent that.

Some of my questions haven't been answered in the scenario like: "How did the evil come into being?" "What happens after arkantos, kastor, oddyseus, the horseman and lampadas enter the portal?"
-Again, this is based off a book. I made this originally to be a three-player game with me and my other two friends, as some of the triggers show. However, it didn't work online because the enemy wandered around instead of staying the correct spot. All my friends have read this book, so I wouldn't need to explain it for them.

Are you goin to make a sequel? I hope so ^^
-I may make a The Great Hunt one, but there are a lot less major events in that book. I'm currently working on one for The Iliad, and practicing my cinematic skillz.

[Edited on 03/22/08 @ 04:30 PM]

File Author
Wow, 51 downloads. I didn't expect that.
iluvdagames I liked the idea and effort of this scenario. It seems like you did a lot of work on it and whether it was your storyline or not the whole idea of it is very creative. I like the build up and final boss especially but some things I couldn't get. For instance when I passed the dropping boulder trigger only 2 of the guys were on the other side so I had to go on without one. Some of the other kinks I'm sure you already know of but when I got to the last village after the long boat ride I was stuck I couldn't go anywhere, don know why.
But over all I think you did a pretty good job and I will definitely play the sequel if you come out with 1! :) I'm trying not to be critical cause I myself just finish my first scenario. How do get find it to put it into zip file?

[Edited on 04/06/08 @ 07:08 AM]

ninjapenguin This book is great f you haven't read it I recommend it. Just downloaded this, so I might review this later.
File Author
@ iluvdagames:
The separation of the characters is supposed to happen. Two of them ride the boat, and one of them goes the other way.
You weren't able to do anything at the last village because you needed all three to proceed.
iluvdagames OOOOooooooohhhh srry bout that i didn no the other was supposed to go another way thbx. :)
ShadowClown First off, those books are awesome.
Secondly, I don't have the Titan's expansion...:(
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