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Wheel of Time RPG

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Version: AoM: The Titans
This scenario follows the first book in the Wheel of Time series, The Eye of the World.

Guess I'll say this one more time... This is my first scenario.

There are a few notes:
I DID NOT MAKE THIS TO BE HARD. I made this to follow the book as accurately as possible while still being fun. The 5 main characters are not invincible, but will come back if they die. So no comments like, "Too overpowered". =P
There are occasional glitches, but I have spent so much time testing this I think I've worked everything out. Let me know if you find anything major.
I did not hard test it. It is only loosely held together, and assumes you follow the path most of the way. There are a few places where you can fudge it, but it will screw you over later, most notably in the Shadar Logoth area, if you do not keep your party together.
This was mainly a test for triggers, since I was just getting to know them when I started making this. There are so many triggers in this that my head is going to explode.

Please be fairly reasonable, comment on things like my first-time trigger usage and map design. And if you have read the book, hopefully you'll see how it follows the story!
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Map Design4.0
Please note that this is my first review I have ever made. You can totally disagree with my review, but this is my opinion of the map.

Playability: 4
I always hate lagg when I play multiplayer RPG games. That's why I like singleplayer RPGs so much: it's lagg-free.
Secondly, there were hardly any trigger bugs, but I have noticed 3 very little bugs. The first one is at the start of the RPG. Some of the minotaurs and cylops don't move to the gate. You already knew the existence of this bug, because a message warned you that some units could be stuck. Why didn't you try to fix this?
The second trigger bug I have noticed was at the ruins part. The boulder which fell down, prevented me from getting further. It blocked my path. Luckily I had saved the game a little while ago. Before I restarted the game, I looked at your triggers. I found out that my units had to move behind the boulder before it falls down. But my units didn't move at all O.o. But that's not your fault I guess...
The third trigger bug I have noticed was at the end of the RPG (You already informed us about that). You have to resign to end the game. Do the following to solve this:

Trigger 1:
Always [X] Loop [ ] Run Immediately [ ]
Condition: (Your choice)
Effect: Set Player Won (Player 1)
Effect: End Game

Balance: 3
Yes, this RPG was pretty easy. But there were some things which made the game very unbalanced.
The heroes had too much health. I know that you said that you have made this RPG easy to beat (that prevented me to give you a "2"). Also, the lampadas can kill every unit in just 1 blow (except the shades and the 2 bosses at the end).

Creativity: 3.5 (Rounds up to a 4)
Very creative for your first scenario! But I haven't seen anything unique, like trigger tricks, thrilling map design, etc. (No offence; it's your first map.) e.g. You could make the boss a bit more challenging by adding some triggers which make the boss a little bit stronger for a little while, or by adding some triggers which invoke godpowers like Eclipse or serpents.

Map Design: 4
Pretty nice map design. But I still can't figure out something. At the start of the RPG, why is there MarshF terrain? What should it interpret? Water?

Story/Instructions: 4
There were enough instructions, but at some parts, I didn't know what to do. Like after the ruins part, oddyseus got sepperated with arkantos and kastor. I thought this was a bug, so I restarted the whole game.
Some of my questions haven't been answered in the scenario like: "How did the evil come into being?" "What happens after arkantos, kastor, oddyseus, the horseman and lampadas enter the portal?"

Additional Comments:
*thumbs up* I really liked the RPG. There were only some minor bugs.
Are you goin to make a sequel? I hope so ^^
I will definitely download it then.
Keep up the good work!
(I hope you have understood this review and that it will help you with your possible next project. I'm very sorry for my bad english.)


[Edited on 04/12/09 @ 12:15 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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