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Elemental Apocalyspe BETA

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# of Players: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans
This is my first scenario. I will ignore anything except comments, compliments and constructive critisizim. Sorry about being so harsh, but I hate when ppl say ' Your scenario sucks i hate it etc.' and dont explain why. Anyway, this is a -->BETA<-- OF MY MAP, there is no triggers, and the island area where red starts doesnt have proper leveling so u cant use ur ships everywhere.

There are 8 areas, which are ( in order) Marsh (p1), Islands (p2), Snow (p3), Savanah )(p4), Hades Realm (p5), Desert(p6), Forest ( no1 starts there), and olympus ( no1 starts there) Btw, I know olympus sucks, it will be fixed.

Also, there are 8 pigs, one in each area. I plan to give a prize when one is attacked ( not converted!) and, as a bonus, if you manage to convert all pigs and hold them for 15 minutes, you automticly win the game, so it's not boring. Obviously, you can win also by killing the enemy. There is also a day/night cycle, lasting a few minutes, and wolves, monsters, etc come out at night. Each area has it's own natrul disaster, ex: Snow; frost, Desert; Tornado, etc.

Each area has slightly more of one resorce then the other, so if you are missing one, you must move to the next place. I seperated the path from marsh to olympus, making it hard to travel to all the pigs, no matter where u are. There will be a endless lvling system for ur main hero, and he gains a level after a certain amount of kills, which increases with each lv. Each player has a character specified for their starting place and they all have the same starting stats.

Keep in mind that, while some pigs are very hard to find but barely guarded, some are heavyily guarded, but right in the open. There are also bandit camps in each area, so their is a possibility u might run into one, but the army isnt huge and you should be able to take care of them with ur main hero. I tried my best to make everything realistic, as in not putting a cow in the snow world ( although i put a few things out of place as a joke ) but since most places are so different, please understand that the areas do not blend from one to another, as in there is no gradual change from savanah to Hades.

I will repeat one more time, THIS IS MY FIRST SCENARIO! Please be nice in your comments, or at least try, and if you really need to insult me because it's that horrible, I understand, because I'll try my best to fix it next time.


OSIRIS WILL be taken out of desert, replaced by amanara.

THE ARGO will be taken out of islands, replaced by a hero, which hero is not yet confirmed.

OLYMPUS will possibly be changed, depending on how much ppl hate/dislike it.

THERE IS A LOT of hostile units in each area. Please understand that I did this to prevent rushing, I hope you understand. I also positioned most hostile units away from starting aera.

!!!KEEP AWARE!!! that this is a BETA VERSION! Many things will be changed and almost everything mentioned above before notices WILL happen but AREN'T in the game yet. My friend is working on all that stuff as we speak. As soon as real version is finished, I will update. I may have forgot something because my text is so damn long, anyway i hope u enjoy the beta.

ALSO! I SUGGEST you do not play this with anyone, you can if u want to, but there is a osiris wit 2000k attack in desert and no triggers, but its still very fun. ENJOY!

NeverPlayedHalo3, TeH PwnZ0rZ!
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Baseballkid14 Um... Question.

If there are no triggers, then how can you when when you get the pigs or kill them?
File Author
you know, sometimes it pays to actualy read what i write. i SAID that there WILL be those triggers so u WILIL BE ABLE TO not kill pigs. My friend is working on triggers at the moment. Like i said before this does not have triggers but everythign mentioned above WILL be in it and IS NOT IN IT YET, and i also said that almost everything i said before DOES NOT WORK NOW so playing this scenario and expecting those things to happen means u obviously didnt read the text,BaseBallKid14 Please do no post pointless comments. Also, please try to correct ur grammer before u post a comment, as i barely understood ( and i still dont think i do :/) ur question. Sorry for being so mean, but i hate when ppl dont pay attention. =)

NeverPlayedHalo3, TeH PwnZ0rZ!

[Edited on 03/22/08 @ 12:28 PM]

GriLlEd_ChEeSe guys im trying to upload my multiplayer scenario to this site but when i browse i cannot find me, can someone tell me where it might be besides in scenario? thank you!
File Author
Well, i wished for comments and i got them, but not how i really wanted :/. Anyway, grilledcheese, i had dat same problem. What i did was i named the scenario something different, and it appeared in scenarios folder. If that doesnt work i have no idea sorry. Try asking question in da forums or something.

NeverPlayedHalo3, TeH PwnZ0rZ!

[Edited on 03/22/08 @ 02:36 PM]

Khan And Steak So this a conquest type map, with an added bonus if you collect certain things - it looks pretty much like a River Civ map. Only small differences like:
More random, useless units on map.
A variety of terrain usage to divide the map into segments.
Different pros and cons for each segment.
And lastly, an added side-bonus if you do a task.

Not much eyecandy (although there is some) - just random useless objects placed on each other. Also I would recommend that you always show building erosion on Townceters and try not to move them into places where half of them are covered by elevation. Final note, try not to use the roughen tool too much because it looks really bad. If you do use the tool make sure to smoothen it out at least a bit to make it look nicer.

Overall - a good first submitted map, its good to see that you are experimenting with the editor b flipping things upside down and on there side and stuff. Doing stuff like this will eventually expand your knowledge of the game.
Just make sure you strive to make your maps better and better and then everyone will see better and better map from you in the future - I'll most likely review them too ;)

You might want to download some other maps to give you some ideas to use in your own maps, it helps trust me ~ Khan
File Author
Hmm, thanks khan ( if khan wrote it...) I was waiting for a real comment. Anyway I made this map for the heck of i, cause i was bored. Considering i made it in 2 days and i never made a map before, I think i didnt do horribly. Anyway, like i said i made this map for the heck of it, I was simply experimenting, in hopes of making a decent map so i probably wont make another one, cause my attention span is smaller then a split atom ( ill let u ponder on how small that is), so im glad i did "good" as u have said. Thanks.

NeverPlayedHalo3, TeHPwnZ0rZ!

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