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Northern Lands RPG

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# of Players: 6 humans 3 computers
Version: AoM: The Titans
Okay, this is my first ever uploaded map ever.This will give you the map "Northern Lands by MtN_Spartan"

Northern Lands:

This was my very first RPG that I ever made, so don't hate it because of the poor storyline! Anyway, this RPG takes place in the Northernmost parts of Europe. The evil forces of yours truely (MtN_Spartan) are raiding the North for world conquest starting there. The heros will fight off hundreds of Norse warriors to stop their final target (MtN_Spartan).

This map includes:

-There is a selection of six heros to choose from. They are James (Ajax), John (Lancer), Linda (reginleif), Jason (duh...), Brandon (Priest), and the mysterious Gagnarokean Warrior (Hero of Ragnarok), so choose your character wisely.

-There are a total of sixteen levels (not areas) , so as you massacre those bloody enemies keep an eye out on your food amount which is your current level!

-You can upgrade your character at the Upgrade Shop at the main village (half way through the game) for a fair amount of gold!

-This map includes and area where your character must go into a longboat given to each character at the main village and pass through a river, but watch out for enemy longboats, and the Kraken boss at the end of it.

-There are also quiet a few (very few) areas with eyecandy in them, so keep an eye out for them.

Well, I hope you guys like my FIRST EVER RPG and upload ^.^ Happy Gaming!


-Fixed a bug that made it so Jason doesn't get any more attack points after leveling up.

-Made it so that when a character dies, the person with that character loses.
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MtN_Death Hey Spartan. You probably dont remember me but I was in MtN at one time. You also made Minas Tirith or something like that.

Great map dude! Good for a first timer.
File Author
thanks death! oh and btw...if you guys find any bugs PLEASe post it here and ill try to fix it ASAP.

I'm also thinking of making a map pack of some of the games I have made, and when i am finished with my current RPG i will make a pack where u can download the RPG, and its trailer.

[Edited on 03/29/08 @ 12:42 AM]

SfO_john117 Um one thing is that the leveling isnt very effective because the first level for John only makes the attack go up by two but otherwise it is good. It is good but maybe you could add more vision revelers once you reach certian points.
File Author
sup john, each person should get +2 attack,and +50 hp.


There is a bug that makes is so all players get wood, even though wood is only used by the Gagnarokean Warrior to build houses that turn into Ulfsarks, I have not yet founds a way to prevent this bug, so im open to suggestions on how to stop it. (I do not know how to make it so that if the player with Gagnarokean Warrior is the only person to get wood and remember the characters are choosible.)

[Edited on 03/29/08 @ 12:32 AM]

SfO_john117 Um srry to be harsh but i have a few more comments. I id check the thing with John and his attack goes up by two and his armor 0. I also noticed that is died and i didnt lose. the movie is kind of choppy but i dont no if u can fix that. It is really hard to play 1 player and you need to have to be able to get onto the Aom internet to play it effectivly. And for the wood thing you could make it so that once you choice the warrior then it fires an event that starts the wood. hope that helps =D
File Author
ok, ill get to the lvling thing, and you dont lose because there are ummm...achilles or villagers (not sure) that keep you alive, and i guess i forgot to make it so that when your person dies the villager or achilles dies too, so i will get to that later.

I will also try to see if the bug solution u suggested will work when I am not working on my current RPG.

[Edited on 03/28/08 @ 09:35 PM]

SfO_john117 all you have to do is do an (is Dead)trigger on the cinimetic block that turns into the main character
File Author
yes, i no how to do that trigger already, since i hav used it many times before.
File Author
Ok Guys, I just fixed two bugs in this map, so unless you want jason not to get attack when he lvls up or the players losing when their main dies...you want to redownload this ^_^


[Edited on 03/30/08 @ 05:17 PM]

File Author
Come on guys, 43 dl and only 2 different ppl have posted...don't b afriad to post. Please guys who dl(ed) this...after u play it...please give me a rating :(

[Edited on 04/14/08 @ 10:29 PM]

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