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# of Players: 8
Version: AoM: The Titans
- Norse Only
- Supremacy (plays like a regular one)
- Random Civilization Picker (QVR) !
- Nation Skills
- Norselands (map)
- Hersir stronger, cost more, can create less
- Myth units stronger
- Regular units cost less population
- 100% Custom Map
- Custom Relics
- War War and more WAR!

- I also got a surprise for you!

- Made by Nick_The_Hun =)
Thx for downloading, enjoy!!

BUG FIX: 23 April 2008: fixed out of sync.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
iluvdagames Looks good *downloads* i might reveiw 2
hell_ruler_666 heyheyhey!
(sorry i just had lotsa sugar in ice cream :p)
didnt u also make Punnic War?
i am kinda bust right now sorry
i will give full review later
-until then all i can say is
hell_ruler_666 peace out
File Author
thx both.

n yes i also made punnic war

Qvr fixed :)

[Edited on 04/07/08 @ 10:27 AM]

Map Design4.0
ok now i will go into a in depth reveiw:
Playability: 5
very playable, since it starts out fast, you pretty much are always fighting, and if you leave ur comp for a couple minutes u actually have a chance at losing. this is veryveryveryveryvery playable, and i enjoyed it a lot :D
Balance: 4
Very fair, balanced map.
-good idea with the hersirs
-good idea with units with less pop
-country skills are fair, but different countries have better for certain things, and it can be tough to go against them :D
Creativity: 5
VERY CREATIVE!! i never would have thought of making a norse war, this kinda came outta the blue for me...so since it is so different (in my head) i think it is extremely creative :)(i used too many of these :D so far lol)another thing: the relics were very creative but i thought there would be more lol. if u get a chance, i think u should add more :)
Map Design: 4
this is ridiculously accurate for landmasses. one thing i got mixed up with: i thought that the UK was Iceland at first. Also, i really like it when ppl use settlements as present day citys instead of just scattering them in a map, but actually name them. XD
Story/Instructions: 2
sorry but this was the killer
-there didnt seem to b a story, and instructions lasted about 5 seconds each....
-about the story: it i tough to add stories to these kinda thingys, but i think u should at least try for one :)
-instructions: at least add an objectives banner..... that wouldda made this a 3 i think...in future maps, try to do this kinda thing
This is the first map i have ever reviewed, so im not really sure if i should b nicer or meaner lol
u did good anyway, and i like ur map
btw i am lookin forward to that...er...*surprise*...(i wont spoil it for ppl hu havent dled yet :))
yours truly,
File Author
Thx, i think there were enough relics but if you say so there weren't k ill add more second time ^^ .
Also i don't know if you know the game "Peloponnesian Wars", they have always story messages in it but it's very annoying :/
And also its just a regular supremacy ;)
And yes u'r right i totally forgot Objectives :O:O !!

Ps that surprise still will take long time because for how big it is now took me 2 months xD it's just tooo big to make it in a few weeks :/

Thanks again :)
Review wasn't that bad so ^^

ps. more reviews are always welcome.

10 april 2008 :: starting bug fixed!

[Edited on 11/18/08 @ 06:14 AM]

Warrior2999 Playability: 5
Really awesome. Every units cost only 1 pop and it allows to build giant armies. I also liked the unique features and the custom relics, it makes the game more interesting :)

Balance: 4.5
All the cities are randomized so its really balanced. But the celtic player will can be very powerful because he has giant rams that destroy every building in 2-3 hits. Fortunately the celtic player is on an island so it doesnt really matter.

Creativity: 5
The special relics and hersirs are very creative and the idea is very original.

Map Design: 5
Very cool map!!! I love this kind of map and i guess you have spent HOURS to make it more realistic.

Story/Instructions: 5
This is like a supremacy, no instructions are needed so i dont understand why it would deserve less than a 5.

Additional Comments:
Cool map.

[Edited on 11/29/08 @ 03:18 AM]

File Author
Thanks, nice review Warrior2999

i agree about the celticplayer, but the celtic in my game have their strength in cavalry. And when playing norse only that is the most pathetic bonus you can ever have in my opinion if you don't count raiding enemy towns or using much jarls.
Anyway thx for the info :)
I'm happy to hear more people like my games!
Warrior2999, could you please lengthen that review to 3 lines per category or you risk losing it?
Warrior2999, your review has been deleted because it does not comply with the review guidelines. Please read them.


File Author
why it always happens to me, that they don't lengthen it so i loose a review -.-'

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