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2 Eyecandy Screenshots

Author File Description
Shad0w_Hawk These are 2 of my eycandy screenshots, one uses the farm mod tho that some guy made....forget the guy..anyway plz dl and review!
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Khan And Steak
Additional Comments:
How can you forget? the mod is the 3D farm mod by Modsmith studios - one of the best mods made!

Anyway the screenshots are good but since you have been making them for a long time now, I think that I will mark a little harder.

Screen Shot One Rating: 3.0
The Grasslands screen shot was appeasing to the eye at a quick glance but the more you looked at it the more you felt something was missing and something was wrong in someway. First off I think this shot was meant to be representing a 'farmlandish' open area, but yet you see ruins and no farmers or farm houses. If it wasn't meant to represent a farm land then you might want to reconsider the way you go about implying things (means if your trying to make it look like a wild grassland area then don't put the more domesticated animals like cows in and maybe use a different plant than corn). Either way I look at it I am puzzled. Also why the cinematic trees? they're 2D...

2D! why use 2D objects in a picture that's meant to add depth and a story to the viewer? At medium range into the shot they look alright but up close and far away they look horrible. The wolves were a nice addition but the amount of things that seem out of place sort of made the wolves seem a bit weird in the context. Also I would keep the wolf howling away from the sky as I think that the sky cuts off part of the full depth on the wolf. I noticed that all the cows in the foreground are facing one way and all of the cows in the background are facing the opposite way, try to mix it up a bit. This is more or personal thing, but I think I'll share it with you anyway - I think that mountains (high ones) colliding with the skyblue looks best that or trees, something high anyway.

Screen Shot Two Rating: 4.5
Okay, your most likely not going to like the hard marking on this one, but like I stated earlier if you want really good screen shot then your going to need perfection. There is only three things that needed small tweaking to make this screen shot very good. The first is the most obvious health bar on the pyramid, they look ugly, health bars are for game-play, not aesthetics. Just make sure you've not selected anything and not scrolling over anything when you take the shot. The second and third kind of go together, sort of. The second thing that I believe could have been better was the yellow greeks - I would let them go a little further in before taking the shot so that the guardians hands and swords are not in the way - although this could be argued over. The third was that the Son of Osiris was a little too far back and you can't see a quarter of what you could see, however it isn't too fat back that you can't tell what's happening so it isn't too bad.

Overall Rating: 3.75 (rounds to 4.00)
Pretty good all up, although I thought that you could have done a lot better on the first one (it's kind of as if I expected better of you - I keep forgetting that you've not been here for a long time). Anyway, be happy with what you have achieved.

Congratulations ~ Khan

[Edited on 04/11/08 @ 08:41 AM]

Screenshot 1: Good screenshot but i have to agree with khan in that their were no farmers or farm houses and stuff which leaves it kind of out of place as it is neither a domestic screenshot nor a wilderness screenshot(due to domestic animals). I liked the way you added a stream and the way the birds were positioned. i also liked the way the rocks and wolves were positioned particularly the howling wolf(very effective).
I give screenshot 1 a 4.0

Screenshot 2:
This screenshot is also very good but the health bar does need to go. However i think the way that you have positioned all the units is good. I think that if you moved the greeks and son of osiris closer together you would lose some of the effect of the screenshot as this emphasizes the foreigness of the greeks. I don't like the way the obelisks merge with the rolling towers at an angle. I think it would be better if you removed these obelisks. Overall great screenshot. Reminds me of 10000bc(great movie).
I give screenshot 2 a 4.75
This averages out to 4.375 which rounds up to 4.5
well done
Screenshot 1: Good screenshot, I think it was very good, but yeah i aggree with Khan that the cows should have been better, like mixed up. Also what gave you the idea of the cinematic trees?! I think any other green tree would've been way better. Question: Also how were you able to make the corn? Rating: 1.5 Because of the cows and cinematic trees and the lack of farmers

Additional Comments: Hmm not much comments but it wouldve been more realalistic with farmers and the cows mixed up, i also like the idea of making the cow drink out of the water excelent!

Screenshot 2:I think it was a very good screenshot! But there were lots of lifebars and i aggree that it would be alot better without them, the guardians were blocking the greeks too but i liked the use of pyramids and wonders. And you would have a greater effect with having the Son of osiris closer. But this was very good. Question: None. Rating: 2.5 Better than the first but still not perfect because of lifebars and guardians blocking other stuff.

Additional comments: I think this was very good but try to take off all the lifebars and make the son of osiris ( if you have one ) closer to the picture.

Overall rating: 4 ( Not added up, just my overrall ).


[Edited on 04/12/08 @ 04:07 PM]

Dope I loved them. I don't know why's everyone saying you shouldn't have used cinematic trees. They look muct better than 3D trees from this point of wiev. 3D trees only look good from birds perspective. Anyway great work, thou thee shoul be an old man or someone else near the cows.
WRP_Gunnered Damn! These are really good

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