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New Custom Triggers

Author File Description
Baseballkid14 I completed a trigger pack about a half a month ago and I am going to release it now. Some triggers have been tested and some haven't so if you find any trigger that doens't work, give me the problem and I'll update. NOTE: Some of these I made when I wans't experienced so they could be wrong and I overlooked fixing them. This pack includes action conditions such as "Is Fighting" and "Is Moving" etc. It also has by culture effects that you will probably have no use for so just delete them out of your xml. There is a load of random triggers in it as well and tons of mischelanios(spelling?)triggers as well. I hope you enjoy and dont be too too hard because I am aware that most will not help you but there will be a lot in there that will probably be used. I know I use them.

Triggers Included in This Pack


Shop Condition (Doesn't Work)
Unit is NOT Working
Unit is NOT Moving
Unit is NOT Fighting(Ranged)
Unit is NOT Fighting(Melee)
Unit is NOT Decaying
Unit is NOT Attacking
Not Distance to Unit
Units NOT in Area
NOT Distance to Point
NOT Visible to Player(Should be OoS online)
Units NOT in LOS
Tech NOT Available
Tech NOT Researching
All Units NOT Dead
All Buildings NOT Dead
All Units and Buildings NOT Dead
Player is NOT Building
Player NOT Defeated(Player Active)
Player NOT Active(Player Defeated)
Player NOT At Pop Cap
Unit NOT Selected
Unit Type NOT Selected
Units NOT Owned
Army NOT Distance to Unit
Army NOT Distance to Point
Army NOT Visible to Player(Should cause OoS online(when true))
Army NOT Owned
Unit NOT On Lush
Unit Is NOT Garrisoned In
Chat DOESN'T Contain
God Power NOT Active
God Power NOT Used
Game NOT Ended
Player Resource Count Compare
Stat Value Compare
Player Unit Count Compare
Population Count Compare
Quest Var Check (Range)
Relic Garrisoned in Temple
QV Check Multi
Dipomacy Both Ways Change
Game Ended
Tech Complete(Not sure if it works)
Chat Contains from Any Player
Any Player at Pop Cap
Any Player is Building
Units in LOS of ANY Human Player
Player Unit Count2
Player Building Count2
Player Unit and Building Count2
Army Garrisoned In
Unit is Fighting(Ranged)
Unit is Fighting(Melee)
Unit is Decaying
Unit is Hunting
Unit is Idle
Unit is Moving
Unit is Repairing
Unit is Researching
Unit is Training
Unit is Working
Unit is Attacking
Unit is Frozen
unit is Moving(Attack)
Unit is Being Thrown
Unit is Attacking(Jump Attack)
Unit is Regenerating
Unit is Empowering
Unit is Throwing
Unit is Attacking(Whirlwind)
Unit is Attacking(Freeze)
Army is Fighting(Ranged)
Army is Fighting(Melee)
Army is Decaying
Army is Hunting
Army is Idle
Army is Moving
Army is Repairing
Army is Researching
Army is Training
Army is Working
Army is Attacking
Army is Frozen
Army is Moving(Attack)
Army is Being Thrown
Army is Attacking(Jump Attack)
Army is Regenerating
Army is Empowering
Army is Throwing
Army is Attacking(Whirlwind)
Army is Attacking(Freeze)
Quest Var Number of Players
Quest Var Number Human Players
Enemy Units and Buildings Killed
QV Enemy Units and Bulidings Killed
QV Stat Value (2)


Send Colored Chat
Send Spoofed Colored Chat
Send Spoofed Colored Chat to Player
Send Custom Colored Chat
Send Spoofed Custom Colored Chat
Send Custrom Colored Chat to Player
Send Spoofed Custom Colored Chat to Player
Move to Random Unit
Swap Tech Tree Enable God Powers
Boot By Culture
Boot By Civilization
Grant Resources by Culture
Steal Resources by Culture
Grant God Power by Culture
Kill ALL God Powers by Culture
Set Player Won by Culture
Set Player Defeated by Culture
Send Chat to Culture
Send Spoofed Chat to Culture
Send Colored Chat to Culture
Send Spoofed Colored Chat to Culture
Culture Send Chat
Reset Blackmap by Culture
NOTE:All these are have a civilization counterpart
Random Unit Move to Unit
Random Unit Move to Point
Random Camera Cut
Random Camera Track
Unit Build Random Building
Random Unit Build Building
Unit Build Building in Random Location
Fade to Color by Name
QV Set to Random Value
Unit Rarrison in Random Unit
Unit Immediate Garrison in Random Unit
Random Unit Garrison
Random Unit Immediate Garrisson
Remove Random Units
Convert to Random Player
Convert Random Unit
Kill Random Units
Destroy Random Units
Random Objective
Random Message
Random AI Func
AI Func For Random Player
Highlight Random Units
Change to Random Unit Type
Change Random Unit
Random Diplomacy Both Ways
Incoke Random God Power
Random Couner:Add Timer
Counter Stop Random
Flash Random UI
Flash Random UI Tech
Flash Random UI Train
Flash Random Ui Catagory
Flash Random Units
Random Rate Construction
Random Rate Training
Random Rate Research
Random Rate ALL
Flare Minimap for ALL Players
Random Flare Minimap for ALL Plyaers
Change Name Random
Change to Random Name
Damage Unit Random
Damage Random Unit
Damage Unit Random %
Damage Random Unit %
Grant Random Resources
Forbid and Disable Random Unit
Forbid and Disable Unit Multi
Unforbid and Disable Random Unit(lol, oops)
Unforbid and Disable Unit Multi(lol, oops)
Unforbid Unit for ALL Players
Unforbid Random Unit For ALL Players
Set Random Civilization Name
Grant Resources by Resources
Campaign Advance
Grant Resources to ALL Players
Grant Resources to ALL Human Players
Rate All
Set ALL Techs
Buy Shop Unit
Buy Shop God Power
Buy Shop Upgrade
Buy Shop Tech
Boot Player From Game
Remove Units
Set All Human Players Won
Set All Human Players Defeated
Kill ALL God Powers
Fire Evnt Multi
Disable Trigger Mutli
Enable Trigger Multi
Disable Random Trigger
QV Counter:Add QV Timer
Move to Random Point
Fire Random Event
Easy Cinimatic
QV Modify Per Kill
QV Modify Protounit
QV as Set Pop Cap(lol,oops)
QV as Set Player Age(lol,oops)
QV Set Multi
QV Modify Stat Value
QV Modify Pop Count
QV Modify Pop Cap
QV Modify Player Age
QV Modify Player Resource Count
Boot ALL Computer Players
Steal Resources
Train Unit(If Affordable)
Research Tech(If Affordabele)
Send Chat to Owner of Units
Send Spoofed Chat to Owner of Units
Convert to Owner of Unit
Set Player Defeated by Owner of Unit
Unit Create for Owner of Unit
Send Colored Chat to Owner of Unit
Send Spoofed Colored Chat to Owner of Unit
Grant Resources to Owner of Unit
Change Units in Area to Owner of Unit
Boo by Owner of Unit
Kill ProtoUnit
Send Chat to ALL of Diplomacy Type
Send Spoofed Chat to ALL of Diplomacy Type
Send Chat to ALL of Diplomacy Type
Grant Resources to ALL of Diplomacy Type
Send Spoofefd Chat to ALL of Diplomacy Type
Send Chat to ALL of Diplomacy Type
Set Players Won of Diplomacy Type
Set Players Defeated of Diplomacy Type
Tribute to ALL of Diplomacy Type
Grant God Power to ALL of Diplomacy Type
Flare Minimap for ALL of Diplomacy Type
Reset Blackmap for ALL of Diplomacy Type
Unforbid Unit for ALL of Diplomacy Type
Forbid Unit for ALL of Diplomacy Type
Set Cvilization name to ALL of Diplomacy Type
Modify ProtoUnit for ALL of Diplomacy Type
Send Colored Chat to ALL of Diplomacy Type
Send Spoofed Colored Chat to ALL of Diplomacy Type
Diplomacy(9 Player RPG)
Boot by Name
Flare Multi
Counter:Add Message
Tribute by Cost of Unit
Fire Ranged Events
Objective Combo
QV Set Number Humans
QV Set Number Active Humans

My hand hurts lol. Well, that's all of em'! I know, I know, most of them are useless but don't let that prevent you from downloading. Just Delete the ones you don't need/want. I was really bored when I wrote some of them like "________ALL of Diplomacy Type" and "_______Owner of Units".

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Khan And Steak miscellaneous is how it is spelt. Also care to give us a list of all the conditions and effects? ~ Khan
Sounds good!
will these triggers work if somebody else does not have it?
Khan And Steak Yes, triggers are locked into the scenario and AoM loads them with the scenario. Every computer can use every trigger whether they have the trigger or not ~ Steak
Alyssea Which is a really neat feature.

File Author
Yes, they are cool and I spent a lot of time on them.... most are useless so just delete them :)
File Author
W00t 19 downloads

[Edited on 04/14/08 @ 06:04 AM]

File Author
Any bug reports? Reviews? Comments? Anyting!!!??
Khan And Steak These effects and conditions are awesome! I will write a review soonish (gotta test them all first) ~ Steak
File Author
Thanks for the comment!! Ive tested most of the random ones but not many of the others. (Shop condition dont work :()


[Edited on 04/24/08 @ 09:16 PM]

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