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Mephiles' Birthday Bash

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Mephiles' Birthday Bash

I made this a few days ago to celebrate the Birthday of Mephiles, but I think you will all find this a high quality cinematic with some good laughs in it.

To install:
Place the scenario file in:

My Documents\Microsoft Games\Age Of Mythology\Scenario

Place the 'rock song' file (*) in:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\Sound

(*) I changed the name as to not give the surprise way.

This scenario contains 5 scenes. One is a concert with some good laughs, and another is people giving actual, authentic quotes on Mephiles.


Enjoy! I will not be able to reply to your comments for the next week, though.
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Raptors downloading
nottud Cool - you have released it now. :)

Very nice!

One suggestion I should have made to you before about the lamapdes disco lights is to prevent the lamapdes moving the lights during the bored animation transform relics to lamapdes ingame with triggers. The lamapdes will have a frozon animation which should solve the problem.

You could do it by using transform in editor and changing the lamapdes into relics but it will crash. To prevent the crash do it while the game is paused, save the scenario and then reload and unpause and save it again.

That is only if you don't want the lights to move and it is only a suggestion - it does not have to be done!

[Edited on 04/12/08 @ 04:08 AM]

The Vandhaal Happy Birthday Titan !
I hope you have a fun day..as a matter of fact i hope you have many fun years to come !

Nice job on this present Yeeb !
I like these personal things very much ! well done

Best regards,
The Vandhaal

[Edited on 04/12/08 @ 10:41 AM]

eyecandy of doom Playability:

Well, Thare isn't really anything to say about that, Sience it is a full cine scenario. So I gave you a five for a good score

Again, Nothing to say here. But I took off one point because I think the concert was a little bit too long.

Really nice and creative idea you had Yeebaagoon. The entire cinematic was very funny and humorus and I really enjoyed viewing it. Way to go Yeebaagooon

Map design:
Sorry. But although it was a very funny map, I have to say the design and eyecandy are quite bad. The houses looked like they were made up in two seconds for the sake of dumping them thare. Also, Parts of the cinematic cuts were a little dull. So I had to take off alot of points here.

Good, Fun, Humorous story which gave me a few minutes of great fun. I really enjoyed the entire cinematic and I recommed everybody to download it for the giggles and laughs.
I took off one point due to the fact I got board in the Concert. But other than that, Awesome cinematic!

Additional notes:
Good job Yeebaagooon. After you Finish Beat the boss with Mephiles, We can perhaps do a project together...



[Edited on 08/23/08 @ 02:58 PM]

Oranos_4_Me I just watched it, And it's good those noobs got what was coming to them.
baboonchild123 Yeebaagooon.
You are an absolute genius.
This is better (no offence) than the Fall fo the Trident campaign. In funniness, though. Greta Forkbeard is like my favourite AoM unit. NOT. Nah, loved Arakntos singing and all those dudes running across the screen. I give it 10 stars out 5. GOOD JOB! DO ANOTHER ONE!
RiderOfEternity Creativity: 5
I just expected some unit announcing "Happy Birthday", but there was a lot more to it! It was funny too.

Map Design: 4
Incredible use of the effects! The map design is adequate and appropriate to the context :)

Story/Instructions: 5
It went on for longer than I thought it would, and it had a lot of things that I didn't expect.

Additional Comments:
Very well done! Beyond what I'd have thought of.

[Edited on 08/24/08 @ 10:09 AM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
I like it but i can't really say anything here other then its a whole cinematic scenario but anyway, it's good :)

Balance: 5
Everything has a fair amount of time, about 2.16 minutes for the concert another 2.14 for quote shappy days etc. and about 30 seconds for the random stuff, yeebagoon to talk etc.

Creativity: 4
Has creativeness in it, first birthday scenario i have seen, the way everything is placed... brilliant only i lowered this a point for the reson that some objects dint stay in place... the lampades actign as the stage lights kept on moving to attack, reccomend changing there speed down so they cant move.

Map Design: 3
Good creation, placing objects stage effects not much eyecandy or other catchy stuff, although it looks quite cool boosting the points a little, the houses and a few other things... well they looked random placed but with the cool creations of what we see, i'd give it a 3 :)

Story/Instructions: 5
Not much the instructions are simple although the path you said to put the scenario should be my documents\my games\age of mythology\Scenarios but still the instructions are simple and so is the story... place the files in the correct location and then just watch, simple right? :P

Additional Comments:

Is great work, i wish i could be much more then just a dumb old website and graphic designer its all i can do! i hate ahving programs like AOM editor do what you tell them to do i like to create graphics code html and the other codes etc. tell the browser what to do not vice-versa and not halfway.

I can review well, i wish i could design just as well and as far as comments go i say this is an absoloutely brilliant map and happy birthday Mephiles, hope you had a good one!
File Author
Thankyou all :D. Just saying that balance turns into camera work for cinematic scenarios.

You all know I suck at eyecandy ;p. Now to get back in the editor (where I belong).

The Greta Forkbeard Makeup Company was an old joke of mine, ask Khan ;p.


Could I also ask everyone to try and lengthen their reviews to 3 line sper category and change playability to watchability and balance to camera useage.

[Edited on 04/20/08 @ 06:36 AM]

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Map Design3.0
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