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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » How Zeus owns Loki :P

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How Zeus owns Loki :P

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Ghost Lake
Map Size: Unknown
AI Difficulty: Easy
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: 1.0
Total Game Time: 13:59
Player 1's Name: Pipalonias
Player 2's Name: IEA_7
This is just me playing as Zeus(1815) and beating quite a good Loki Rusher(1855). It shows how to use ceasefire effectively and how economy owns military :P
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Rating: 5
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Additional Comments:

i can't believe zeus wins, loki put on an amazing first rush. this is a very well played match.
X2C_SuCk_m3 to begin: the loki guy u played was no 18xx anything by skill. he seperated his amies,waited to long to use his undermine, totally let his eco go, left vills idle, made the wrong units, withheld his resoucres instead of pouring them into his army, when he realized that his rush wasnt going to work he didnt build up towers, he fought battles knowing he was just going to lose units pointlessly. you played like a common 1800 so I dont have much bad to say about you but against any good loki player I have some tips u might want to hear. 1:most importently do not build around your towers anything but walls!! b/c all he has to do is undermine the tower and kill it of to jack up his favor. 2:you need to build all barraks and your temple if not right next to your TC at least within attack range from it (the only exception to this is if u have at least 2 towers in attack range from them.) 3: u dont really need them but i would sugest that against any 1800+ norse player you use walls to defend your towers and vills (ex. your wood and gold vills would remain unaffected if u would put up 1 more tower next to them and a wall covering any entrances he may use) walls are cheap and although way underused I have found them to be usefull in playing better players. if u want some more help with playing against loki then try to find me online and I ll show u what a good loki rush is :D. I go by s4int, and suck_m3 in all my names and hang out in expert chat. gl
X_El_CiD_X Hey, how you guys doing

how can you watch this recorded games on aom?

plz someone help me here
Thereaper_13 Yeah me too. I downloaded the file on recording 4, but it says "the record game is invalid" how can i watch the recording? Please and thank you.
Gods_Assassin When playing as any Norse God and attempting to rush, you must do the following to make it effective!!


Attack villagers before buildings, military and or TC.


Take out towers before any building or military, towers have far more attack than a small army.


Attack with cavalry, search for villagers and kill them off, as you continue to kill them their economy will struggle, if enemies approach you then run, then return, haunt your enemy to keep him distracted from his economy, force him to waste resources on military while you save to age.


Kill ALL hunt located near the enemy base, you gain favor and prevent your enemy from gathering free food near his base. It may seem like a waste of food but chances are, your opponent will gather that food before you get the chance to steal it..

Not many players use this strategy, in my opinion I created it! It's very effective at reducing the amount of free food located near your enemy base, and Norse gain favor when fighting, killing predators and hunt is classified as fighting and you're rewarded with favor.


If you want to risk the entire game on a rush, send all your villies into battle with you, at the start of a game villagers are pretty good fighters and have a great attack when in groups of 10 or more it's a small army and an enemy TC cannot defend against it when combined with 10-15 military units.

To perfect a classical rush 5-6 minutes into a game and force your opponent into resigning, send all of your villagers and oxe cart's into the enemy tc, you should have about 24 villagers and with all the units you have trained while in the aging process, attack the TC, use undermine on the TC, Loki heroes will spawn myth units, which will aid you in a fast victory.

I have been told many times that this is a noob strategy, and it will never work against online players but this strategy works to defeat a titan AI and any unexpected 17+ players only concentrating on economy early on will be easily defeated.

Don't believe me? Try it!!

Once you destroy the TC hunt down all villagers and kill them if they have not already resigned, assign your surviving villagers to immediately collect any resources in the area and continue to increase your economy, as soon as you have destroyed your enemy TC you have won, it is impossible for them to recover even if they build another tc and start to gain a strong economy.

It's simple as that. I used to have a large selection of recorded games (my games) where this strategy was successfully used on good players and on AI titan, unfortunately this was almost two years ago and I was unaware of this website and I only just started playing again, the game had been uninstalled and reinstalled several times so most of the valuable data was lost.


Add me


NOTE: My Titans cd is lost and I am currently only playing AOM :)

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