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The Hanging Gardens Trailer Cinematic

Author File Description
eyecandy of doom
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Everyone who downloaded before 14.4.08 07:31 GMT+0 Please redownload!!!!

The hanging gardens of Babylon is my current project for a singleplayer map. I wish to present to you a full cinematic scenario in order to advertize and promote the scenario itself.

The cinematic features high quality camera tracks, No jumpy camera, Amazing Eyecandy and special hidden sounds.

No need to install any mod, Just simply download the file and extract it into my games/Age of mythology/scenario .

I hope you will enjoy it, And I would like you to please review it!

*side notes*
Play the map through singleplayer-->load scenario or it won't work!

Screenshot link
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Map Design3.0
Hello EoD,

Watchability: 4
The camera tracks did a nice job of giving the viewer a tour of the city. However, I'm not sure if they're as smooth as you described. They did seem a bit jumpy, especially in the very beginning. And I have to wonder if you playtested because it's impossible not to notice that you did not hide unit outlines.

Edit: EoD hid unit outlines. +1 to the score.

Balance: 4
Not applicable. Score equals the average score of the other categories as to not increase or reduce your final score.

Creativity: 4
The description and features of your scenario sound incredible. Of course, the trailer didn't show any of that or really anything else that stood out as really creative. I would suggest adding some nice special effects to enhance the cinematography. I'm giving you a 4 here because I know that it is hard to score points in this category for a cinematic.

Map Design: 3
I'm going to be honest here and tell you that I expected way better. I've seen your screenshots, man. You're fantastic at map design, but this scenario does not show your greatest strength. Your city, while not poorly designed, lacked creativity. It seemed like you just repeated the same buildings and objects over and over again rather than experimenting for new effects which you usually do in your screenshots. It just seemed very dull, especially with the endless rows of columns. The sphinxes and other building creations were a nice touch, but should be kept in moderation. All the flora was nicely organized into rows. But when I picture a beautiful garden, I imagine more of a lush overgrown garden with many different varieties of plants, trees, and flowers. The city streets are completely bare of any market stalls, crates, animals, signs, etc. I know you're capable of so much more detail and eye-candy. ;) And then... where are the people? It looks like it's mid-day so you have no excuse for having no people. Have some guys walking around and whatnot, like The Vandhaal did in his Babylon interactive scenario. I understand that this is just the trailer but trailers should be appealing so you should have more activity even if it is just a trailer. Vandhaal's site is currently down (vandhaal.elpea.net) but when it comes back, I would recommend looking through his gallery. There is a guy named Mace who has a screenshot portraying the Hanging Gardens of Babylon which has a much more realistic look than your map. The flora on your map did not really look like it was... hanging. Finally, I would suggest experimenting with lightings beside the default lighting.

Edit: EoD fixed his lighting triggers.

Story/Instructions: 3
The dialog was nice and pretty catchy. However, I have to dock one point off for a couple spelling and grammatical errors. And while having a cinematic play without the black cinematic bars works nicely for some scenarios, I did not feel that it worked with your scenario. As your city (its terrain and buildings) were primarily white in color, I had difficulty distinguishing the white text from the background and therefore, have to dock another point.

Additional Comments:
Sorry if that sounded harsh. Your scenario does have great potential but I think this trailer may have came out a bit too soon. I assume you have already, but I would really suggest taking another look at Vandhaal's Babylon scenario and take notes on both the units inhabiting the city as well as the creative effects used in his cinematography.

Anyways, good luck. :-)

[Edited on 04/14/08 @ 08:54 PM]

eyecandy of doom
File Author
I probably playtested with the editor function toggle obscured units set to "off". So I didn't notice it.

I also cut out parts from the real scenario, Which one of them included the obscured unit toggle.

fixed it, And found out it was due to a trigger that didn't fire. Due to the lightning and obscured units being changable in the editor, I was probably playing with them and didn't notice the trigger hasn't fired.

edit: updated cine up!


Could you please Correct the review now that the file is up?

[Edited on 04/14/08 @ 01:35 AM]

pEpsIdUDe_123 I usually don't change my reviews for resubmits but your reasons sound legit so I gave you one more point for watcability. The lightings were nice but didn't bump map design, however I bumped up the balance category so it wouldn't bring down your final score.

Nice job.

Also, two additional points not mentioned in the review but worthy of note:
1) You showed black map.
2) No music/sounds!
MatoR Hmmm..

It was ok, but there were minor details that could have been improved and the cinematic could have been too.

However, I give it a 9/10

It was very good :D
eyecandy of doom
File Author
Thare is actually wind and light weak music. I designed the wind so that the music won't be heard.

If you didn't hear the music, Than I could only assume it is the fact that your sound files for wind, ambient and scen 29 were located in a diffrent place than the one the game was ordered to upload them from.

also, please remember this is a trailer, or not the final thing. In the real map, Thare are over 80 movement and animation triggers for the units in the city, and that is before even talking about all of it.

I also took your tip about the monotonious use of objects Alex. The city really does look far better now :D

Thanks for the tips and the review fix!

[Edited on 04/15/08 @ 01:19 AM]

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Map Design3.0
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