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Adventurers 3 RPG

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# of Players: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans

After Adventurers Rpg 1 and Adventurers Rpg 2 here is the closing sequel where Adventurers' story definitively ends.


-players 1,2,3,4,5,6 have to be human;
-players 7,8,9 have to be computers;

-players 1,2,3,4,5,6 have to be team 1;
-player 7 has to be team 7;
-player 8 has to be team 8;
-player 9 has to be team 9.

All players can be any god, the god choice is almost insignificant (look at the notes to find more info).

(the players setup it is also written in the scenario filename, so you can check it anytime when you are hosting this map)


-extract "++Adventurers3++_123456t1_7t7_8t8_9t9.scx" file from the archive;
-place "++Adventurers3++_123456t1_7t7_8t8_9t9.scx" file in scenario folder.


-The mission in which you and your mates have to entrap Kronos could be very very hard, it needs in fact good micro, good timing and cool head. However don’t forget you have always at your disposal the shade skill so if something goes wrong you can survive and try again. Of course don’t waste the prosperity god power!
-Since I playtested this map in public games before release it you could find in ESO some old playtesting versions of this scenario that couldn't work till the end or that could be too hard/easy. Please do not play these old versions of the map. The old versions of this scenario have the following filename: "+Adventurers3+_123456t1_7t7_8t8_9t9.scx", the ultimate one instead: "++Adventurers3++_123456t1_7t7_8t8_9t9.scx". Play only this one please and if you notice a player that is hosting an old version (so with the + + instaed of ++ ++) inform him that an updated version as been realased. Thanks!
-As you already may know after having played some maps from me my map design style isn't "light" so it could be a problem on some old computers. Concerning pc performance keep in mind that, besides players with slow computers or connections, the host plays the majoir role in lag issues, even if the map works very very smoothly if you play it in singleplayer mode. So if you want to play this map with some friends of yours only the player with the most powerful computer and with the fastest insternet connection should host this map. If you are going to host this map with unknown people I strongly advise you to turn off high details in graphic options if your pc has just a 1.7 GHz processor (or less) and 256 MB RAM (or less).
-This map could be very hard, good teamwork and heavy micromanagment is strongly required. The first times you and your mates play it you unlikely will succeed reaching the end of the map. Players have first to master the gameplay before even hoping of finish the game.
-As your human mates die during the game the remaining players will become stronger so survivors can anyhow reach the end; with less players alive the game could become harder, though.
-AI players in human players slots will be expelled at the beginning of the game.
-This map can be played also in single player mode without problems.
-To play this map in singleplayer mode use only the load scenario feature in the main menu of the game, please do not play the scenario playtesting it from the editor otherwise a weird thing could happen ;) .
-Read the objectives and the hints (if necessary pause the game).
-Watching the tutorial after the intro movie is strongly recommended!
-Concerning the God choice some Gods grant you some bonuses for your unit. Be Oranos for extra speed or be Odin for a bit faster life regeneratin.
-Most of the map is walkable, just make little movements to move your unit in the most "enclosed" areas.

**known bugs**

-unfortunately your unit could remain stuck in some areas, especially when the minotaurs hurl your unit on the citadel wall or inside the furnace. However these bugs happened just once during the several tests I made so hopefully they will occur rarely.
-if player 9 god is Gaia during the 3th mission Gaia special terrain will start covering an area inside the jail.


If you have suggestions to improve this map or if you want to report some bugs contact me at the following email address: quoelet(at)katamail(dot)com.

Map created by Oscar Baldessari, special thanks to all people have provided me with help and support (credits are in the ending cinematic).

Have fun and good luck!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
At long last :D!

If anyone doe snot give this a 5 for map design...
TBK145 Wow! Din't expect this!

When I looked at the Newest Files, I saw Adventurers 3 RPG, and I thought: NO WAY!

Great job Oscar!
File Author
Dammit I forgot to write in the ending credits the last playtesters (Yeebaagooon, Mephiles and Nottud).
I'll add them when I make an update :)
Khan And Steak This looks really good! I couldn't help but notice the "3th" in the known bugs - you might want to fix that. Anyway nice job, this looks bloddy awesome ~ Khan
Baseballkid14 Whoa, I thought you'd already made like 6. I played online once and it said 123456789_Adventures 6 RPG(somehting like that). Its the one with a sleaping guardian. Did you not make #6?
xEXOLARx sleeping guardian one is the first 1....
Map Design5.0
Yay, I completed it on my second try :).

Playability: 5
I thoroughly enjoyed playing this scenario. I was already in awe by the first camera cut alone. Brilliant cinematics flow smoothly to let everyone know what they are doing.

There were no bugs on the finished version, but the lack of music can turn a few people off in intense lag. But lag is not a problem very often on this map, and I will never know how you pulled that off ;).

The music issue is not really a problem, as I just open media player in the background.

Balance: 4.5 (Rounds up)
I personally think this map was too easy so this should really get a 4. But the other players really can mess things up for you, so taking all things into consideration the balance on this map is excellent.

The missions are quite easy and the Kronos one is definitely the hardest. But I grant that it is hard to get a good balance between easy and hard, so it would be unfair to mark this map down for my little whims.

Creativity: 5
After Adventurers 1 and 2 I was expecting some Atlantean or Norse citadels, but you completely amazed me with your inventiveness in this scenario. A little thing like death will never stop the great Oscar ;).

I loved how you made each mission unique, with a clever variety of strategies combined with the use of god powers. They were all very creative and must have taken a great deal of planning.

The end cinematic used an extremely clever illusion to make it appear that the battle trainer was flying down through the air. I didn't know how you did that, and that is quite uncommon as I can usually picture the triggers for most things in my head.

Map Design: 5
This map is the very definition of eyecandy. The monolithic buildings made hell look like quite a nice place to go, I might even consider booking a holiday :p. The Death Cathedral and Krono's Citadel had to be the eyecandy highlights for me though. They were just incredible feats and it's great to know you are still going well :).

Story/Instructions: 5
Perfectly clear. At no moment did I ask myself 'What do I do?'. The objectives answered all my questions and it had the added advantage of wiping out the n00bs that don't read the objectives. A wonderful little touch :D.

Additional Comments:
You should really be proud of this map, and the entire trilogy. You have done AOM a great service and have hopefully inspired people to start designing. You are many people's role model in design (including mine) and I hope you make some more maps ;)!
Baseballkid14 ah so that's why the map froze... that's why it didn't pass the Anit-Edit system...
nottud I might do a review on this. I don't review maps very often but I always try to make them detailed.

Definately a good map showing a good variety of skills.
sneaky_squirrel This map amazed me so much, I don't feel worthy to review it :p .

Good job Oscar, I do hope you design some more maps (Obviously not Adventurers, sicne your tired of the series and this one closes it :p, I never really actually saw another series).
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Map Design5.0
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