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Trigger Loader v2.0.2

Author File Description
.: Trigger Loader v2.0.2 :.

Installation Instructions:
Unpack and move the "typeLoader.xml" file to "program files\microsoft games\age of mythology\trigger" (Vanilla only);
Unpack and move the "typeLoaderX.xml" file to "program files\microsoft games\age of mythology\trigger2" (TT only);
Unpack and move the "Loader Reference" folder to "program files\microsoft games\age of mythology\docs" (Developers only);

What is this?
Basically all the useful functions we have made through the ages have been gathered in this single file. The basic idea was to provide an easier to use environment for trigger scripters, where they had new functions and variables at their disposal. However, with the latest release, we have decided to integrate invent00rs new trigger array system. Because of this, we decided to make a whole trigger framework around these new functions, ready to be used by scenario designers. This framework is still in early stages, and will be expanded with every new release. So, expect a variety of new triggers to become possible or at least easier to create.

How to use:

Use the documents in the Loader Reference folder to make yourself familiar with the new functions and variables. It's made with javadoc, so you might find some strange references in it, but it shouldn't be a big problem to understand what we're on about. In order to call them, the "Activate Trigger Loader" effect must be added first. Make sure that you add the trigger effect (in chronological order!) before any new triggers that require the new functions.

Scenario Designers:
You probably won't need the Loader Reference files, but make sure to add the "Activate Trigger Loader" effect (in chronological order!) before any triggers that require the new functions, such as the custom QVs. If you're not sure that you will need this trigger, remember that activating the effect does not change the gameplay or load speed. So it might be a good idea to put it as the first effect of every new map you start. It is designed to allow more effects in the same trigger to work, but preferably put it alone anyhow.

Can I help?

If you just made some awesome (or less awesome) new functionality for triggers, let us know and your tool might get a place in the next version of our trigger loader. You will obviously get full credit for your work. Remember to shoot... euhm report any bugs at sight! It's a huge work, so it's not unlikely you will find some.

Scenario Designers:
Since you probably don't know much about scripting, it's best to always ask your new trigger requests in the "Trigger Request Thread" by invent00r at AoMH. However, if you have a great idea that you think might be useful for our loader nonetheless, don't hesitate and let us know! We also rely on you to report us any problems and/or bugs you come across while playtesting.

This utility was brought to you by:
Mythic_Freak & invent00r

Mythic_Freak: mythic[dot]freak[at]gmail[dot]com
invent00r: invent00r[at]gmail[dot]com

P.S.: This time the vanilla version was fully checked by invent00r, so it should not cause trigger blocks or OoS any time soon anymore.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Looks interesting. What new effects would people be able to create with this (just some examples)?
File Author
It's not really a new set of triggers that can be created with these.

It will provide a new way of designing triggers and make the code alot easier to understand. It's not easy to explain, but trigger scripters should be happy with this.

Some really new things we have now is string manipulation. We might be able to pull of some tricks with them, but we're still doing research on that. ;)

* working on version 1.01x *

[Edited on 05/18/08 @ 07:52 AM]

TBK145 I don't really see the point of this...
File Author
Don't worry, you won't be the only 1...

Anyway, updated to version 1.01(x)
Ok - I am going to DL. Maybe I can find a way to help you find a use for it!
Rating: 5
This is really good! I can see tons of hard work has gone into this!

Additional Comments:
This must have taken you ages to make! I am learning some useful tricks from this. Hopefully I might be able to return so useful tips and tricks back to you. So no basically you have cracked how to select any unit of any player even if you are not that player. Sounds incredibly useful! The documentation is also pretty good and must have taken you hours of work.

As for uses - I see one! It provides a really good shortcut for those that want to put some custom code on their maps! So ok this is probably not the most useful to most people but for people like me it will be extremely useful. Well done! You should feel proud of your hard work!
File Author
Thanks! It sure took me a while to get everything working.

Update to 1.02(x).
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Although I think this will be found more useful for scripters and Oscar-type designers, still I recognize an incredible amount of work.
You have constants, and the cMyID, cMyCiv constants and string manipulation functions, all for "high programming" in scenarios.
I think that you're taking desinging to a new level, like nottud did with his triggers.
So for all the hard work and achievement, the rating is well deserved.

You guys keep surprising me, I thought that nothing new could be done with AoM/T.
File Author
Thanks for the great rating!

It might take a while till next update, uni exams are approaching.
I found a few bugs in it. :(

uiHeroizeUnit(string unitName,int playerID)

This command makes the player because the player of the unit and does not switch back!

Also I found this:

void uiResetCamera() { //Mythic_Freak


How come the first three commands are commented out? Also you have forgotten to switch to editor mode before toggling camera limit. (might advise toggling it rather than using two set commnds because it is on during a map you want it on it will be turned off)
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