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Tower Spam Defense version 9837a (Greek Survival)

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# of Players: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans
And it shall begin with this! Welcome to Greek Survival.

-The Story-

After Remnia declared it's independence from Melagia's tyrancy, a war broke out. Melagia wanted Remnia's holy land for it's own, and the splitting caused commotion with the townspeople, making him even less popular than he was before. You are the 4 sole survivors from the last great battle. You will have to build bases to protect yourself (and Remnia) from the Melagian warriors. Use the environment to your advantage, you just might have the high ground in this one... Can you survive until the reinforcements arrive?

Put both of the files in C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Mythology/Scenario.

To play put the last 2 slots as computers on the same team. The first 4 are humans on the same team as eachother.


-Great map design and eyecandy (Eyecandy made by BrOthEr_oF_USA)
-17 different spawns.
-Random Spawns every time you play!
-Boosts dependant on what civilisation you are.
-You can be any god. (Obviously)
-Over 30 different random events to keep the game fun and interesting.
-3 different levels of difficulty, making it suitable for evryone from a noob to an expert.
-Much more that I cant remember off the top of my head!

- You need to build walls and towers to protect yourself like in any other survival.

- You objective is to survive until the time runs out or be the last man standing.

- Use the Hydra statues to buy unit upgrades.

- Enemies spawn at first only from the cliffs, but will later spawn at the city and in Hell. All houses will turn to priests for a price, of course.

-Units- (Dont read if you want a surprise!)*
-Beginning unit-

-Hoplite. Your average beginning survival unit, will become inadequate later in the game.


-Hunters. The super unit vs buildings, terrible vs all other units.

-Elven SpearThrower. The all around good unit, decent vs everything.

-Ranger. Unit thats great vs normal units. Not so great vs buildings, but can still hold its own against towers.

-Traitors. Great vs. everything. Terrible armor will make this unit fall quickly.

-Harder City Units-

-Berserkers. 1 hit kos builders. Good vs everything except your hero.

-Knights. High crush damage. Great vs. buildings, terrible vs your hero.

-Nudonian Calvalry. This unit is a fast unit. Its quickness will make up for its weaker stats, because theyll have an army of them in no time.

-Hell's first units-

-Lesser Demons. Good vs builders and buildings. Decent vs your hero.

-The Plague a.k.a. Death. Decent vs. Buildings. Great vs. your hero. As they are a disease.

-Axe Ghouls. Great vs. Buildings. It's leadership makes them the mightiest unit of all. Terrible vs. your hero.

-Hell's Second Units-

-Fire Demons. Good vs. everything except your hero. 1 hit ko's builders.

-Pit Demons. It has a jump ability to get inside your walls and go after you. Better watch out. Good vs. all units.

-Horned Demons. Great vs. Buildings, Terrible vs hero units. Also has a jump ability to get to your builders.

-Final Units (Normal and Hard only)-

-Undead. The much stronger equivalent of the plague. Great vs. Buildings. Insanely powerful vs your hero, and its special turns your builders into a powerful unit to fight on it's side.

-Hades Giants. Insanely powerful vs. Buildings, it's high armor lets it stand easily in the midst of millions of arrows. Great vs. Your hero.

-Lamia. 1 hit KO move that knocks down builders in one hit. VERY high crush damage. Decent vs. your hero. Its short range makes it not so great of a unit, but its high crush makes up for it's terrible range.

-One Time Units (Hard only)-

-Battle Boars. VERY high crush, VERY high armor, VERY high hp. Will spawn once every 5 minutes on hard mode. Good Luck!

-Fire Dragons. VERY VERY high crush. Can destroy more than one tower at a time. It flies, so you cant stop its pathing in any way. Good vs. your hero. Insanely Powerful vs all buildings. Can easily take out a base in one foul swoop. Good Luck!

-Please tell me of any bugs that you can find in this map. Yes the units do occasionally get stuck at the city, but i've never had a problem with them not spawning. Please, tell me if the Fire Dragons spawn. I've had a little trouble with them lately.

This map was made by me, Westbrook_Owns_U. City Eycandy (the better eyecandy) by BrOthEr_oF_USA and had an anti-editting system put in by LoRd_DoJo.

Update: Added a v2 and left the old version (with some extra terraining and eyecandy). The 2nd version hasnt been playtested much becuase i cant get anyone for help. In v2 the only real difference is gradual resources. You get 1 of each every second and 1 of each per kill. Also, I found that 20 of the random events weren't firing and fixed those. Also, the priests got a buff, hopefully this will balance out the game a little more. In v1 the units got an hp upgrade to make it harder since you have unl resources. Still trying to balance out the resources a little in v2. Good luck!
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Map Design3.0
Playability: This game is extremely boring. Basically you run to a corner and build 10,000 towers as fast as possible, and then all the enemies instantly die to your tower spam. More on general playability in all the other comments.

Balance: The definition of balance according to the guide ensures that all players start out on equal footing, hence the 5. I strongly disagree with that method of rating. A map where everyone starts out with 1 villager in a corner and then they all fight is not balanced, it's stupid. This map, everyone started out with the same stuff (although some Gods are probably better, like one guy picked Poseidon and used his thousands of militia to create a pretty large army). But in general, the enemies were way too weak to create an interesting map. I'd give this a 2 or 3 if I had the choice.

Creativity: It's slightly interesting (the large number of available enemies was cool), but the general premise is pretty tired. You have some guys, you build towers, enemies come and get killed by your towers. Zzz. The fact that enemies had crush attacks, variable armor and such earns this a 3.

Map Design: The part you play on is like... a 1/5. It's pretty terrible with only two textures (grass and cliffs). The map is very uninteresting while playing. There are no really nice ambush points or anything useful, and the texture is so bland. However, in the areas that players never see, there are some pretty cool pieces of eyecandy. There's a fountain, some stacked buildings, etc. It plays like a 1/5, but when you look at it in the editor, it's more like a 4/5.

Story/Instructions: It hits you with a wall of text every 10 seconds. I'm not the world's fastest reader, but I'm extremely proficient, college educated, read a Tom Clancy novel in 6 hours, etc. and I couldn't get through the instructions before they disappeared. Also, it's rife with grammatical errors.

"Hard make 2 extra units and stronger normal units."

"Normal has 6 spawns. All units at stats I originally made them at."

Bottom Line: This map is Tower Spam Defense version 9837a. It succumbs to the same problem that all the other tower defense spam maps do: The only challenge is keeping your builders active for the first 5 minutes, then you can afk.

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Map Design3.0
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