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fort defense

Author File Description
god of mythology
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
this is my first scenario!

it's about a village town thing attacked by bandits. you have to build up defenses because they keep on attacking.

I didn't find any bugs but if you fins some please tell me and please comment/rate.

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Forbiddian Hmm, I played it and it was really easy.

Would you like a detailed review?
god of mythology
File Author
sure, i know it's pretty easy i just made this pretty fast.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
I generally rate this in terms of bugs and such. There weren't really errors except the mass of enemies in the top corner that never moved out. I guess the bottom corner group was protecting the bandit king, but who knows? One weird thing was that all the enemies spawned inside my base in a super-dense little ball (like 30+ units at exactly the same location), but the game was pretty straightforward.

You could improve it by giving notices about when enemies will spawn. Send Chat, "Your scouts report enemies closing in!" or something.

Also, you could make it more challenging. After about 4 minutes, I had a massive army that was obliterating the incoming armies.

Balance: 2
The game was too easy. There's not much that can be said about that, but I'm only a 1650-1700 player and I almost fell asleep (and had I fallen asleep, I probably would have won anyway). I would simply remove the ability to produce villagers (and maybe have the player start with 3 or 4). This way the resource income could be more stable and it would be easier to design a map that would require a little micro and solid macro to beat.

Creativity: 2
It's a defend your X. Everyone starts with uncreative maps, and I really don't like this category of rating. I liked how after beating back the assaults, you got to go out and kill the bandit king (although he died almost before I noticed he was named "bandit king."

Map Design: 3
It's really not important, especially for your first map, but when you create a really long term project, you'll want it to be prettier. The walls only guard invasions from the north, but the enemies spawn in your base. The walls don't have the mini fort/towers on them that even the default game walls do. In general, the map is pretty bare, but I like the lakes and the compact feeling of the base.

Story/Instructions: 3
There really weren't many. It wasn't too confusing, because it was a defend your X, but I wish it had told me to go outside my base and go kill the enemies. I spent a few minutes with a 190 army sitting there, wondering if I should move out.

Additional Comments:
Just in case the enemies were supposed to attack my base, there are some errors with a number of triggers that work in playtest scenario but not in Play Scenario or Online. Check the forums or ask in the question thread for work arounds.

Also, just make the map harder. Make it so you can't age up to Heroic (e.g. ban building an armory). Make it so you can't build more villagers. Make resources more scarce. Honestly, if the map had been more challenging, you would get higher marks in probably all the categories. With all the downtime between waves, I noticed the emptiness of the map, I was a little confused about what to do, and I didn't have as much fun.

But then again, these rating systems are totally arbitrary, and changing your design game plan to get better marks is actually counterproductive.

You can also add Send Chat triggers to give players information about what's happening. "Time until rescue" countdowns or "Time until next wave" help guide player decisions, although they give up the sometimes fun unknown factor.

[Edited on 06/06/08 @ 08:55 PM]

god of mythology
File Author
thanks for that, if you could recommend something for the next that would be nice cuz my campaign isn't working.
god of mythology
File Author
Forbidden i just looked at your review, is there a trigger that starts off a countdown, if there is I woudln't know, and also no those bandits in the northeast weren't supposed to come i just wanted another group of bandits away so it isn't just surrounding the bandit king and everyone.
sneaky_squirrel The effect your looking for is:
Counter Add Timer

It works as fire event, ignore the start timer and at the end timer put the time you want until the other trigger (Enemies) activate.

And of of course you select trigger you want to activate.

And last thing is put message you want cause I doubt the Default text pleases your need (The End is near in), ADVISE YOU PUT IN AT THE END SINCE IT WOULD SAY.

Enemies will attack in: 30
Intead of this
Enemies will attack: 30
god of mythology
File Author
thanks very much for that sneaky squirrel.

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Map Design3.0
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