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Mythodea - Gunpowder Warfare

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# of Players: 4 human players, 1 computer
Version: AoM: The Titans
This time i made up a new Mythodea,
not a regular one.. We make use of gunpowder!
Every new kills level you will go further in time and at level 7 you researched gunpowder.
I made this on a request for a map that gives an atmosphere like WW1 or WW2.

If you want to know what kills are needed for the next level read the torches in the right top corner of the next level where you can pick the units.
After a long time of testplayings i aflonely finished the map :) Now Enjoy!!!
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hell_ruler_666 lol dm u beat me 2 it in a way....
i am working on a WWI campaign right now : /
if i get good reviews on tht, i probably will make a WWII campaign.....
anyway nice job
File Author
goodluck with that campaign ^^ if ya need help triggering just msg me on eso if ya want :)
btw i changed my name to xXGhengisXKhanXx at eso.

[Edited on 06/12/08 @ 10:03 AM]

hell_ruler_666 kk ty :P
Map Design2.0
Playability: 2

I'm sorry to bring a rating this low to the table, there are no bugs that I have yet seen, and the game is not awful to play, but it has one major flaw: You can't win. I have played a few games now, and none of them have ended in a victory without the opposing team resigning. Often it will be myself and a team mate double teaming the green player (for some uncanny reason teal resigns almost every time) and thanks to the culprit of the inability for anyone to end a game, namely the Hill Fort and Watch Towers, the player getting double teamed can just sit back and enjoy the ride as the towers and hill fort single handidly wipe out entire armies, massively increasing his kill rate.

I myself was penned in by the green player when my ally resigned, and my units kept getting killed off as soon as they spawned. However I was saved by the obvious heroes, who held off the army, slaying them as they came. Fed up of trying and failing for a long time, green resigned.

Balance: 4

The balance is perfect, yet sadly... For all the wrong reasons, which is why I deducted a point from an otherwise perfect balance. Even when a player is on the ropes from opposition who is much more advanced level wise, they're able to stay in the game, and with the aim of the towers and hill fort they can soon catch up to that level, unless they're way off the mark. Also, th ebalance with units is a little off, for example in the first round the Hades Shade is best against human soldiers, and so quickly becomes the unit of choice, easily beating the other selections.

Creativity: 4

I applaud the creativity shown in this map, it is better done than some half-baked mythodeas, with the emphasis focused on rising up through the ages to the gunpowder age, which reminds me of Rise of Nations. I also like how units arrows turn into bullets, giving a more realistic effect than simply labeling an archer a gun wielding unit, despite it still only firing a arrow. Another touch that I like is GPs coming in packages.

Map Design: 2

I do like the map design, and the effort putting into it looking nice, but it's the design on players bases that really lets this game down, the Hill Fort and Towers are simply too overpowered and wipe out entire armies by themselves. At least this map doesn't make it so that it's over once someone has hordes of Gargarensis, or has the winning tactic of spamming Flaming Weapons, of which the effects are permanent.

But even if there were hordes of Gargarensis units, they wouldn't fit into the base! Time and time again, the gate of base, once destroyed becomes just too easily blocked up by the attackers own units, making double teaming efforts simply too hard to co-ordinate. Allied archery units clog up the gates, making melee units sitting ducks, melee units and aforementioned archery units make it too hard for melee units to get in position, so they go around the sides only to get picked off by the hill fort. The towers actually aren't as bad as the overpowered fort, they can be killed, by the hill fort is far reached and fires strong arrows. It just makes attacking a base impossible.

Story/Instructions: 3

Play as a normal Mythodea is all the instructions say to anyone who doesn't read the objectives, and said objectives offer little new except that Kronos players will be booted. This does leave things a little lacking to newbies, who have not played a mythodea before, and also it leaves players who haven't yet played it looking to try and find where everything is. That said it is quite descriptive and does not leave players scratching their heads as to how many kills they need to level up, or what package they might be buying.

Additional Comments:

While this is a good mythodea, it is with regret that I say the map design on the bases ruins the ability to win, which ends the point of playing the game, thus the amount of resignations I get from players who in any other mythodea would have won the game, yet in this one they end up littering the enemies base with skeletons. But the solution is quite simple, a weaker Hill Fort and a larger base would obviously fix the biggest problem. It's fun, untill someone deserves to win.
File Author
Thx for the review, im gonna change the battle area, and it is possible to win.. but not in the start because of the lack in strength in the units. Thats why at the end there comes the gunpowder to finish it off what the enemy couldn't do.. anyway i forgot to add some stuff to objectives yes, because at each corner in the level areas you can read what kills are needed for it: the torches.
It is possible to win without resigning, but the game cant be won in a quarter of gameplay, i mostly played more than one and a half hour.

[Edited on 04/21/09 @ 11:14 AM]

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Map Design2.0
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