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The Adventure

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Version: AoM: The Titans
You venture into an ancient city where you can talk to many people, do many tasks and also fight the monsters at the Ranch (area where monsters are found) this is a great adventure scenario. I put a lot of time into this map, its my second map and can proudly say that its my best yet. I hope you guys download and share in the adventure experience.

Credits to Lord_Erik0173 for his The Morning Mist track i used in this scenario. Thanks heaps Lord_Erik0173!
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 2
Although the map design/layout is beautiful, the trigger use is really flawed, and it's apparent in the game. Almost everything is based on the "Unit Selected" with medium priority. The medium priority means a long delay between when you select an object and when it actually resolves the trigger. Many times I missed critical things because I walked my guy away. The second problem is that you can select objects from MILES away. I can pick up relics from ridiculous distances, talk to people in the other town, grab quests, etc.

You could easily script a condition that also has the stipulation, "Player 1 has a unit within radius 10"

Also, TONS of typos EVERYWHERE! Some of them are just annoying like, "No! Hes mine!" and "gotton" Some of them actually affect the game, like the king promised you "7 gold" (later) The king promised you "8 gold."

I don't know where to dock you for that, but I'm doing it here.

Balance: 2
The fights are unbelievably easy. This would be lower, but the map design is really cool. Kastor has a really interesting special (the massive knockback attack). You should have to use it by running away, then running back to attack, then running away. The fights really are just a right-click and sleep. More enemies spawn, but I was able to kill them all without stopping to heal.

Not sure if it's a bug, but the lightning statues seem to be hostile and kill me when I approach the temple.

Also, buying a single "+3 armor" increases my pierce armor to 100%. I don't think that's what you wanted.

Creativity: 3
There aren't a whole lot of quests (many are simply like buy this, buy that, go here), and for an RPG, it's really strange that none of the characters has a name. The Crab is named "Crabby" but clicking on him, his name is Carcinos. The king is named Agamemnon. Kai is named Kastor. It makes it harder to keep track of people, too. "Stawberry Salesman" or "Armor Salesman" or "Suspicious Villager" or something would help a LOT.

More under map design.

Map Design: 5
The map looks beautiful. There's really varied terrain and creative use of a lot of different objects to make the map more beautiful.

Story/Instructions: 1
What do I do with the relics? I have three, they're unnamed, they don't appear to do anything. I cbf'd going to every single villager with every single relic. The instructions are just really vague. I find myself clicking every single villager, hoping that they'll do something.

I basically have no idea where to go. I've played the map for over an hour, and have no idea what to do now. If I go near the temples, the lightning bolts attack me, and there doesn't seem to be anything left to do in town.

If you finish everything, it should at least say, "You win" because I've been wandering around for the last half hour, having accomplished nothing.

Additional Comments:
Beautiful map, awful triggers (you can do almost every quest without ever moving), uninteresting fights (the fights are really lame with the "dangerous monsters" not even damaging me 5% of my total health).... Download it, look at it, don't play it.

It could be greatly improved by 1) naming all the NPCs, especially the ones that are named in the message triggers (and the relics especially!), 2) adding more stuff to do, particularly dangerous fights or quests that require use of the special attack, 3) adding a simple condition that Kastor must be in range to talk to NPCs or "find gold" and such.

[Edited on 06/12/08 @ 02:48 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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