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Small Map

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# of Players: 4
Version: AoM: The Titans
It's just your basic random map, but I don't know how to make it into a random map, if some one could do this for me that would be nice. 1v1v1v1 or 2v2
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Forbiddian This map is terrible. I would post a review and give it a 1.0/5 on everything, but it's really not worth my time. Everything about it is worse than every random map ever.

It's grass A + Trees. Light blue doesn't have ANY gold. Blue starts with tons of food sources (and it's hard even to get enough food to age up anywhere). Green starts with an Ulfsark and three villagers for free where other civs don't start with anything.

It's saved as a .SCN file, but you said it was for The Titans. Hmm.

[Edited on 06/15/08 @ 09:05 PM]

File Author
That hurts, if your going to say something bad about my map, at least give me some tips on how to improve it. It's my first map I've map and I'm not very good at eyecandy. Plus I'm 13 and my Parnets Don't give me enough time to make a fully Eyeandied map with triggers and cinmatics. Plus, I have no clue how to make a cinimatic or program in triggers for scinarios. Staff, I know my map sucks, but at least please make it so you can only post constructive criticism. If I were to rate this map, yes, I would think it sucks. but I would tell them like this:

"Lucaz172, this is a great start to making Scinarios, but please work a litttle harder. It would be nice to have some trigger or more eyecandy, but as your first map, we souldn't expect much. Good luck on your next map!"

That tells the person that they need to work harder on there design and layout. So listen, yoou's being mean reviewing like that. Yes, I will admit it sucks, but, you don't have to be a jerk and stab me. so you can kiss my #@$ if you think I won't tell the staff about your mean review. I search this site every day, and I mean EVERY day I can, and I have never seen someone this mean in there review! JERK!
ChickenWrap Lucaz172, this is a great start to making Scenarios, but please work a little harder. It would be nice to have some trigger or more eyecandy, but as your first map, we souldn't expect much. Good luck on your next map!

=D Anyway I'm 13 too and you've seen what I can do? The very first thing I do whenever I get a new game like AoM is go into the editor and mess around so My first mapp was a raised platform in 500x500 space with random units and buildings, heres some tips: 1. If it's Grass, mix Grass A and Grass B, maybe some Grass/Dirt 25 and maybe 50, some marsh looks nice in there as well, try to make the resources even if you are doing this and maybe add some mountains and a river with some fish as well. If you put papyrus, water decorations, and water lillies in the water then go over it with a certain type of desert terrain it looks really good. Also you could space out the forests a tad and maybe add some rocks and stumps too! Good Luck with your next map
File Author
CHICKEN WRAP! I made a new map, check it out. I used a lot of Eyecandy!
spitfreak Hey there Lucaz172 (and CHickenwrap, its me Crystal_Skull_) For a first time map that good. My first map was a river with 2 trees and 2 villagers. lol if I can help you in any way just say, I am ok at triggers and can make cinas. I can also help with eyecady if you want. :)
Forbiddian "I search this site every day, and I mean EVERY day I can, and I have never seen someone this mean in there review!"

Sorry you spent 5 minutes on a map and I didn't like it.

It's not being mean, it's being truthful. Most maps posted here have been loved. Their creators have thought about them for days finding ways to improve them, ways that players could try to lame their way to victory, and ways to fix all of the potential lamers.

The creators love creating maps, and love their maps. Hundreds of hours go into these maps.

They post their maps here to receive ideas about how to improve their maps, not for public acceptance, but because they find something beautiful in their creation and want it to be better.

You then post a map that you didn't love. It's unloved by you and despised by everyone else. It's unplayable. Had you played it once, you would have noticed the massive critical errors like some players starting out with zero gold. But you didn't play it. You didn't think about it. Even when you were working on it, you didn't think about it.

But even if you fixed the gold, it's an imbalanced map with no central gold or places to expand. Even if you fixed that, it's uglier than a random map (without relics, etc.). Even if you fixed the eyecandy, it's just a random map without the random (making it unfair).

You have to do something different with your maps. But not just something different because I told you to do something different, you have to do something different and that *HAS* to be the reason you were making the map.

[Edited on 07/03/08 @ 04:37 AM]

File Author
And once again, cruel, Have you ever friccken seen my eyecady map?

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