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Epic Heroes I

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# of Players: 6 first five same team last one is enemy
Version: AoM: The Titans
My first real rpg tell me if there are some bugs and i'll fix them i might need some help disabling those little bugs.
So anyway its a nice rpg with 5 heroes.
An Archer.
A Mighty Barbarian.
A Fighter from the Norse.
An Quick Avenger.
And finally a mad minotaur!
i might upload a screenshot later.
is just a small example of whats in the game there are far better looking areas and the destroyed cities/villages look good too.
I hope for a review soon!
ps. i know there is a problem with the ai its fine in editor but if you play online.... well its got a problem.If anyone can help me fix this problem please help! also please don't review on the ai problem just yet its still in beta.You can review but not on ai problem understood?
Edit: Fixed monster gate problem.
Edit: Some new cinematics will be arriving if i can make them!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 2
This map is alright. Tons of bugs and ridiculously easy. It has pretty good eyecandy, but it's not even a snooze cruise it's so easy, even with one player. I spent most of my time attacking walls with my 30 pierce damage. Also, no enemies actually succeed in attacking me. They all run passed me or stand there until I shoot them and watch their buddies die one by one. Since my character is strong enough to take every single enemy on the entire map at the same time, this one-at-a-time crap is very frustrating.

Balance: 1
0/5 if I could. If you're player 1, you have an archer that does I think 5x6 pierce damage at 33 range with over 2000 hps. You have a Caladria that heals at least 600 per second in combat, and you're fighting against stock badguys (e.g. War Elephants do 14 damage per second, requiring like 40 to damage you). Omg, there's this huge troll that does 12 damage per hit. Yeah, that's gonna get through my 600 hp/s healing rate. Good going, troll. Only the troll has 60,000 hps and I think I now have 15 arrows x 6 pierce/arrow.

Creativity: 3
You have the creative name Super Archer. Your sidekick Caladria has the creative name Caladria. The other players are Norse Warrior (Hero of Ragnarok), Minos (A minotaur hero I haven't seen before actually), Barbarian (Heracles), and Avenger (Jason). There's a Day/Night cycle which is kinda cool, but you fight against only stock opponents (occasionally with size changed). Earns a 3/5 for the size change and the day/night cycle, which are both kinda cool.

Map Design: 5
The map looks freaking boss. One minor annoyance is that there are these ridiculous walls everywhere that just slow you down. I guess it's realistic, but your opponent should defend the walls with Archers instead of melee troops with bad AI. I'm actually typing this review as I bash through walls. I'll wait until I'm done with the mission to finalize my review, but it's that annoying. 600 hps / 6 hps / shot = 100 shots.... Just a mere 40 shots to go.... 20... Ok. Moving on. It was designed for 5 players, some have hack or crush I assume, but it's just ridiculous if you're player 1.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
There's not really any story or instructions, but 1) it's pretty self explanatory, 2) there are destroyed buildings and such around the huge troll, even an idiot could figure out what happened and 3) I was way harsh on the other ratings to try to hammer home the point that the scenario sucks unless it's actually remotely challenging. It's slightly confusing to play if you hadn't read about this thread, and I can't imagine someone playing this map more than once.

Oops. I quit the map. The burning clearing was empty. I couldn't figure out what to do. Upon resigning, I found Polyphemus down below the water bridge and looking at the editor, he's supposed to be in the clearing.

Additional Comments:
Very good-looking map (one of the best I've seen). Different sized enemies (although it doesn't reflect their strength), good use of terrain... just really epic-looking scenario.

Unfortunately: lots of bugs (mostly no enemies attack you and you can kite the bosses sometimes by accident). It's also ridiculously easy, and at no point did I ever feel threatened (I wrote a lot of this review while alt+tabbed out during a boss fight).

I didn't finish the map, though, so maybe it turned around; however, a bug prevented me from completing the map, so I don't see how I should have been expected to finish. I'll just NOT mark you off for the critical game-ending bug and call it even.

EDIT: Upon ghost-playing the map (looking at triggers+the rest of the map) it's more of the previous stuff. Again, unbelievably good-looking map, but nobody does any damage to your character and you have a 600 hp/s healer.

[Edited on 07/02/08 @ 09:55 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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