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Volcano Escape I

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# of Players: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans

Runners Kronos
Hunters Set

This is sort of a test verson #2 will be better.

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Map Design4.0
In a break from tradition, I'm not going to write a specific section about each category. If you want me to change it back, lmk, but that system really didn't make sense for this scenario, which is plagued more by a few critical errors than any wide generalizations about categories could recognize. If you read the entire review, you'll understand why I gave it the scores that I did.

The game, in its current form, is basically unplayable because the creator did not test his map. Many (most?) of the features that he implemented do not work in their current form, but have good ideas behind them.

This map is an escape. You're an Atlantean Villager, you build towers and Sky Passages and you run away from people who make hordes of myth units. It's sorta interesting because you can time shift your buildings everywhere to create new combinations. 99% of all escapes are impossible for the hunters to win because the runners can build infinite towers in a tiny area. The towers then kill anything that approaches. This map is interesting because it's very small, forcing players to battle in a confined space. The villagers can also physically run quite fast, making them difficult to catch. The hunters get mirror towers and some other cool tech to try to snipe the runners. Unfortunately, oversights plague this map and you shouldn't try to play this map until Volcano Escape 2.0

Playability and Balance:
YOU MADE DEATH OF THE TEMPLES A WIN CONDITION (AND THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE HUNTER UNITS) BUT YOU FORGOT TO TAKE AWAY DECONSTRUCT!!! Uhm... Oops? The runners can simply cast Deconstruct on all of the temples (two charges each) killing one hunter in the first few seconds of the game and killing the next one I think 3 minutes later.

Map Design + Story/Instructions:
The opening cinematic gives me a headache and is not skippable. It has a cool effect, but then the camera goes all jumpy and everything. It also gives out information about which major gods the players should have picked. Hint: When they see the cinematic, it's already too late. Why waste people's time? Also, you don't give any information that experienced escapers will need, and you don't give much information to help beginning escapers figure out what to do.


Set Player Defeated doesn't end the game. When you set a team as winning, you need to use the effect "End Game" after giving them victory. Otherwise they just sit there looking at the "You are Victorious!" screen until they resign. Losing after you win is for losers.

Playability + Creativity:
You don't auto-research the tower abilities, forcing runners to research everything. Not like it really matters, but why force runners to go through that? Just write a trigger to give them the research.

Also, you force the hunters to age up? WTF? You can easily just auto-age them. That saves tons of hassle as well as a lot of clunky stuff.

For Invoke God Power, you have to give the God Power to the player first, then invoke it. Also, the first Set Area is the only one that matters. The second Set Area is for the GPs that have two locations (like Underworld Passage, for instance). Using both doesn't invoke the GP twice. To do that, you'll need to grant it twice, then fire it twice.

Also looking at your triggers, I know you think Rob Zombie is cool, but first of all the song is Dragula and second nobody has it in their AoM/Sounds folder.

Map Design and Creativity:
I really like how the map looks. It gives a lot of nooks and crannies to drop towers without allowing many areas for players to build massive bases. The small area also forces players to build Sky Passages and dodge rather than hiding in corners (the problems that plague most Escapes). The small size is a really creative solution to the immense difficulty in balancing the Escapes. It's also cool that the hunters get mirror towers. Kinda nifty.

Balance and Playability:
Looking through your triggers, you don't modify any Hunter units or the towers that runners can build. Theoretically the balance COULD be perfect, but if you're trying to improve on the other escapes, you have to realize that unit balance is the number 1 most important thing. I didn't get this far because I was a runner and I told my pals to destroy all the hunter's buildings, giving us an easy win, but I'm sure that with the few nooks and crannies that the runners have, they could easily build up massive walls that are nearly impossible to penetrate, requiring carefully balanced seige and villager-killing units to combat.

Final Thoughts:
This map is terrible BECAUSE you never tested anything. Many features that you implemented don't work because you did them wrong, but you would have spotted that in an instant. These features would have made the map far more interesting.

You really need to test your maps before you release them (let alone before you beg for a review).

[Edited on 07/03/08 @ 01:14 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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