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Archer Defence

Author File Description
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# of Players: 4
Version: AoM: The Titans
I have been making scenarios for about a year now, and finally got the hang of it. This is not my first map, but it is my first submission as all the other maps I made pretty much suck =p. Please review it honestly, I want to know what to fix before moving on to different maps. There is basically no eye candy in here besides the different terrain I know, but I have never been really good at it.

The game is set like this:
First four are humans, all on the same team
The fifth and sixth are both computer
5th is the same team as the humans
6th is on the enemy team
Gods do not matter.

The basic outline:
In this game, you control archers to defeat round after round of enemies that attack your wall, last player with a wall standing wins. You have villagers that mine gold to buy more villagers/archers/upgrades and you also get gold for killing enemy units. This game requires some micro as in directing certain archers to attack certain types of units. There are three different types of archers:
Pierce archer (arcus): cheap, has long range and has the most attack. Many players tend to get these, but stats isn't everything
Hack archer (throwing axemen): cheap, medium range, and uses hack damage. These guys are really useful when the destroyers and portable rams come out.
Mage (priest): most costly, very low attack, but good vs. myth units. Also, the more you have of these guys, the more food you get to buy spells. These guys are really helpful for fending off the myth units that do massive damage, especially the beastly benemoth.

Spells are bought with food which are generated by priests.
Bolt: Simply kills any one enemy unit
Rain: Heals your wall
Water blasts (plauge of serpents): Causes multiple, powerful explosions at where you invoke this spell, usually killing all the enemies.
Prosperity: Increases gold gathering rate temporarily.

I tried to make the shop as fair as possible, and I believe I did quite a food job balancing it out. Remember, please review!

*This game isn't very "multiplayer" as basically the only part that involves the other people is because the game is set as "last man standing". But because of this, you may play it by youself in a playtest in editor to review it. ***Just be sure to quickly play it as there is an anti-edit trigger that automatically stops the game if the game is looked at in editor for over 5 seconds***. However, the computers won't buy any archers so they will lose quite easily, but the game will last at least 10 minutes which is enough time to review the game.

EDIT: I just updated this game to:
-fix a glitch, player 4 didn't get any gold from kills
-Add the transform trigger to make things alittle more fancy
-Increased the bolt cost
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dojo9999 Hey i remember playing this game online with you and it was really fun.Sure eyecandy is good in a scenario and adds a bit more to the experience but if it's fun it dosen't really matter. But when i played it i didn't know that priests give u food otherwise i might of not died so quickly..
But great job!
I won't review because i haven't read the guidlines so it would probably be removed and it probably wouldnt be that good of a review anyways XD.
File Author
I also just updated it, so please download the new version
sneaky_squirrel Not bad for a first map, keep up the good work.

Played your map online and it was quite a bit of fun :D .
DavidTheinsley Playability: 1
Its Pretty Fun, but has a few flaws.

Balance: 3
New units should be added to even out the attacker-defender balance.
Creativity: 4
Very Creative. Never would have thought of this idea.
Map Design: 1
Could DEFINENTYL use more eyecandy to improve gameplay.

Story/Instructions: 1
No Instructions I saw.

Additional Comments:
Overall, a good addition to your AoM archive.

[Edited on 06/27/08 @ 01:17 PM]

Forbiddian The review above sucks and will get deleted if you report it.

In the meantime, I'm playing it and I'll write a full review.
DavidTheinsley, your review has been deleted because it does not comply with the review guidelines. Please read them.


Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
This is a very solid map that uses good trigger-play, effects, and gameplay. I would definitely recommend playing this map, and it's the best I've downloaded in a while.

One problem that I noticed is that it uses 6 slots for four players and has a somewhat complex alliance system. It's a minor oversight, but it makes it much harder to host (I tend to have multiple scenarios and forget the alliance rules, and people online are idiots typically and it's hard to get them to join the right team). I think that the map could be played with just 4 players (each player controls his/her own wall and Gaia is the enemy).

Also, the popups to e-mail you are really annoying.

Alsox2, there's not a whole lot of options available to the players. 12 Villagers, constant prosperity, and 2 old men=everything you can do.

Balance: 4
The game seems well balanced. Although especially toward the late-game, having extra gold seems totally useless. An extra 1 damage when your Priests already do 25 isn't much. Even playing perfectly, there's little you can do to outlast the other players. The only thing that helps is casting Prosperity constantly, and even that doesn't seem to matter.

Creativity: 5
Brilliant idea, well executed. Maybe you could have slowed the game down a bit (more hp bad guys and fewer spawns) so we could appreciate the contrast between the unit types more. After like wave 10, all the units kinda blend together.

Map Design: 5
Elegant albeit plain. I normally reserve 5/5 for really WOW maps, but this map is error-free and does everything you'd want. A minor oversight you might want to improve is disabling all the buildings and upgrades and stuff. They can't be built, but the icons are still there.

Story/Instructions: 4
The intro camera jumps a bit before it shows the combat and the cinematic isn't skippable. Also, you don't mention how to get food in the game, which is probably the most important thing.

Additional Comments:
I definitely recommend that people play this one, as it is extremely fun. Unfortunately it has little replay value and it basically feels like no skill is involved.

Get/Cast Prosperity constantly and then get max villagers.
Get max Priests.
Get another Old Man to buy gold upgrades while the other one buys food upgrades.
Wait until you're dead.

Skill could play a more integral role if you got more gold for making kills (cycling enemy waves faster would thus get you more income and potentially a chance to create a better base) or if there were something practical to do with gold toward the end-game.

When you have 30 troops each hitting for 10+ dps, getting an extra 1 damage on 10 of them doesn't matter so much. It's a 3% increase in damage. Thus, even if you played much better than someone else and got an extra 1000 gold, you're not in any better shape than they are.
File Author
Wow, very nice review! Thanks so much Forbiddian. I think now I'll make it possible to skip the intro and somehow introduce alittle more "skill" into the game. However, there is quite a bit of micro in this game, as you MUST make sure priests attack the myth units and TA attack the rams, as the other archers barely damage them, and they do massive damage to the wall. Also, you already get 10 gold per kill (technically 100 gold per 10 kills), but do you think more should be given? For the food, it says that on the sign next to the priests that they generate food, and in the cinematic is says "READ the SIGNS for extra info" but I guess no one ever really reads signs =\. Once again, thanks for the review

[Edited on 06/27/08 @ 09:54 PM]

Map Design2.0
Playability: 4
This map is very playable but just like forbiddian said, there is no replay value. This is very easy if you just get full archers and use rain constantly. But if you dont know how to play this game can be very hard to play which makes it more fun. This map was very fun and playable, good job.

Balance: 5
The balance was fine because each player starts with the same resources, defenders, villagers, and old men. Everyone starts the same which means this category gets a 5. However you should make enemies get stronger over time to make it harder. I suggest difficulty choosers for beginners, veterans, and experts or whatever you feel.

Creativity: 4
This map was like a normal defense but it was different in some ways which is why I gave you a 4. I like how you made each player have to defend their own wall instead of all defending one wall because if you have noob allies it would be very hard to win! This map shows good creativity. I would have given you a 5 if you added special effects such as random events.

Map Design: 2
I did not like the map design in this. There was no eyecandy or creativity in the map design. You just made a pathway for each person. There was just a raised patch your archers sit on which was boring. You should have made something cool/interesting for archers to stand on. I didnt see an attempt to try to make eyecandy which is why you got a 2.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions were good but you left a few things out on how to play. If you are a beginner on this map it could be kind of hard to get into the game and play. It seemed like you spent more time showing your name in the cinematic then explaining how to play. You should have added more details.

Additional Comments: As Forbiddian said, there isn't much replay value. All you have to do is spam snakes and rain and you can win. There is more you could have added to make it even better. Good job on this map.
File Author
Thanks for the review, but please no one else review until I updated the map. I'll do it in a few days or so, feeling kinda sick atm
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