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Version: AoM: The Titans

(A 12 player mythodea just starting a game)

During a suggestion from a friend online one game - It might have been sneaky_squirrel or some other friend - I decided to challenge myself to make an mythodea random map. So I have gone ahead and done it! It was probably one of the most difficult maps to make due to the complex maths involving coordinates and directiosn and stuff, something I know little about. (Someone could kindly tell me how to do inverse tan which would allow me to add gates to the game - It will allow me to convert direction to roation with a forumular that I have made up :p)

Anyway, I better go through the features:

  • Support for any numbers of players
  • Five random themes: grassy, snowy, sandy, hades, and marshy.
  • Twelve levels of units from which to choose from with an average of about 7 different choices each overall.
  • A god power granted every level up
  • Defences are towers in passage and jormund elvers around wonder.
  • Nottud's normal transforms to add a few sfx making the game more interesting. :p
  • Central dryad tree which if captured allows the player to build dryads that give a small advantage early on.
  • 20 random events possible that activate every two minutes.

    Other notes:
    Beware! - Leveling up wipes out all your untis for that round inviting an opponent invasion if you are not careful.

    There also seems to be a wide range of strategies that can be used on this map during certain circumstances:

    (1)Gang up tactic - if a player is doing really well, get some anti building units and charge into their base before their uits re-apper. Failure could mean the defending player leveling up rapidly towards top level units.

    (2)Range run tactic - attack with ranged then when opponents charge retreat to towwers giving you bonus of defences attacking as well as your men.

    (3)The evil traitor tactic - if you manage to reach first level on heroes, you might want to keeptraitor untill another player gets really high level units and traitor one of those and use it to deal as much dammge as you can. Note the oppoent might know this and might purposefully choose units you can't traitor. Also you lose traitor when you start choosing "special" units which are the levels after heroes.

    (4)The blockade tactic - this should be used if you are winning and involves putting a few defending men in a line on your passage towards your wonder. This will prevent oppenents trrops charging in towards your wonder taking you by suprise which may be a tactic they use later on to try and eliminate you. Despite defences, it can be very easy to kill players at high level untis if you plan attacks well. One game 3 top level players were defeated in a single game! The player that won survived because he used this tactic to block enemy guardians coming into their base long enough to kill the owner of the guardians.


    Extract both files to your RM2 (Either one) folder:

    C:\Users\will\Documents\My Games\Age of Mythology\RM2 (Location of one of mine)

    Now version 23.
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    dojo9999 hey i tried it out online and for some reason the folstag bearers ere in the middle of the map and the jourond elvers were actually militia and then it Oos. I think it's just my comp though because stuff like that usually happens for me when i play custom made RMs, is there any way i can fix it?
    File Author
    That sounds like the triggers have completely failed for you! Check your typetest trigger file is not corrupt. The folstas start in the middle and instanly vortex to the first level unit when the game starts.

    (I only used the timer and the setidleprocessing triggers to insert the custom code for the entire map)

    It will have OOS for you because the triggers will have worked for everyone else.

    [Edited on 06/24/08 @ 05:20 PM]

    Raptors Wow Eyecandy's Amazing! Good work!

    But I kinda new and I don't know what a mythodea is so :P
    File Author
    Well - it quite simple. :) Move your folsta next to Gaia untis to spawn them. Get kills to be able to spawn better units. Kill enemy wonders to win.
    Raptors That was amazingly simple to understand =D
    File Author
    Updated to version 21 with improvements and 20 random events.
    Shadow_Relic I had two bugs, one made yellow's units spawn in my base, giving me free kills (jormunds). Second, when I got to level 2 it gave me a vortex allowing me to transport myself to level ##
    File Author
    First glitch is caused by a rare glitch when one of the invisible targets fails to deploy for one of the players. Simply rehost and the problem should be solved.

    The second glitch I am planning to get that one fixed - it seems one of the events is a little dodgy.
    ya_its_me_strike GG nottud, once again.
    Aflay Man! This Screen shot Alone Is Making Me Want The Titans Expansion, Just So That I Can Play These Kind Of Maps.

    Anyway, I Am Looking For The "Set Tech Status Multi" Trigger That I Found Out About. Do You Have It Or Know Where It Is?

    Sorry If I Went Off Topic, But Your Like, The Guru Of Triggers To Me **)
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