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Norse_Wrath's River Civilization

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# of Players: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans
I know its not creative, but I loved the original river civilization, and the new 2008 version is just really bad. SO I hope this one is better!

River Civiliation:
Basically it is just a supremacy game. It is very much like "Nomad" but with lots of rivers and mountains, etc.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Apparently, river civ is like world map, only you start out paddling up a river with three villagers in a transport ship. I would have rated it much lower, but you get what you sign up for. I have a good comp, and so did everybody else at the LAN, and it was lagging noticeably with 4 people surviving until the end game (we started with 6, but two died inside of 15:00 game time. When we started all pushing over 200-250 pop armies, the lag became pretty ridiculous. Still, lag wasn't too horrible (expect a 20-50% slowdown on *LAN* with good comps all around if you run.

I mean, everyone wants to make the map with HUGE armies (like 5 TCs a person), massive battles with fully upgraded units everywhere smashing into each other where all 8 players at the end of it go: Wow, that was epic.

Unfortunately, there's lag.

The map's still really fun, but it's really too big for 6 players and the lag would be massive with 8. You could have done much more to mitigate the lag, though. Even just smoothing out the oceans goes a long way.

Balance: 3
This is where the game takes the biggest hit. Your map's just a straight up Supremacy, so I expect it to be perfectly balanced. For a number of reasons, the balance suffers:

1) Knowledge of the map is critical to winning and/or gives you a huge advantage. This should be true for most maps, but right from the start, you can get destroyed by pirate ships. Also, there's only one exit up the river and no way of knowing where that exit is.

2) There aren't many good landing sights in the first lake, so most people will have to move up river (especially in big games). With 1000 food to start, players who get to the landing sights first can have military units out within three minutes of arriving on the island. If you know where you're going before you start, you can get a huge advantage.

3) The green area to the right of the main is totally overpowered. It features lots of hunt right on the TC (so you don't even have to build a drop sight or extra ox cart). It packs three relics that you and only you have access to, and it has tons of fishing. It also cannot be attacked from the south via land (since generally southern civs will be more powerful because they would have landed first), but it still has a very long land route for trade.

4) The biggest problem is that many of the gold mining sites, because you stacked the gold mines on top of each other, cause pathing issues for miners. This is very distracting for every civ except Atlanteans.

Creativity: 5
Not much to say about creativity. It's basically a cool looking supremacy. You said yourself it's basically like River Civ (although I didn't play that). I thought of it more like a copy of World Map. Still, each of the different town centers looks good and each of the landing sites is different (albeit not necessarily balanced).

Map Design: 5
It looks beautiful. There's the slight lag problem, so you should flatten all the terrain you possibly can, like all the terrain in forests and underwater. There's also a lot of plain grass you might want to throw in some grass b.

Story/Instructions: 5
I wasn't confused at all. Maybe there should be more guidance like where the river mouth is or perhaps players should spawn in different locations? I know when I got on the boat, I went to the right in my first game and got totally screwed cause there are no landing sites at all. When I finally got my TC up, someone was already in the heroic.

Additional Comments:
Awesome map with a bit of lag.

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Map Design5.0
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