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Zeus vs. Oranos on Alfheim

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File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Alfheim
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Total Game Time: 24:45
Player 1's Name: Spodic
Player 2's Name: Fp_Wisekid
In this game, i played against an Oranos player and i won, but i made some mistakes like: I used bronze for almost no reason at all, I didn't raid until the last minutes and I didn't use my Catapults to attack hes palace.
I did keep on scouting hes units so i could have the counter constantly. When i found hes gold miners, I send some units to kill them and they did. Soon after, he resigned.

I would like you to come with any advice or criticize.

Thank you :D.
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mixmaztrmunkee1 ok here we go:

1. Go to hunting as soon as you have scouted it, you left your vills gathering from chickens until they were finished. Not only is this slower, but an Oranos will typically advance at 4-4:30 and rush you with units, pushing you off hunting so it goes to waste. You're best off hunting as long as possible early game to make the most of the fastest food source.

2. Your build order was a little strange. Get your temple up faster, as soon as you get 100 w/g (after getting hd and a house). Also you were way too late. Your opponent was noob and so didn't rush you, but against 1650+ oranoses you need to be classical 5 mins or so. Research hand axe, pick axe and husbandry whilst you are teching to classical. Finally, you got housed as soon as you hit age 2, avoid this by building 1-2 extra houses during age advancement.

3. You need to be generally quicker. 2TC is a fine strat against non-rush civs, but try to get it quicker by sending a few more vills to contruct the second TC. Whilst you are doing this, also build 4~ military buildings (barracks and archery ranges are usually best for Zeus), and begin aq-ing units immediately. You had loads of res building up in the bank where it does no good. A stronger opponent would be flooding units into your base by now. Sure he may have less res on the resource panel but it does no good sitting there.

4. You started with a single aq of toxotes, not only is this nowhere near enough, but archers suck horribly vs atl turmas (which there will normally by many of). You need hoplites and or hippikons in there much faster.

5. Your outstanding problem is not spending res, which is a very common problem in low/sub 1600 players. You need to constantly be spending res. You had only hunting dogs at 10 mins, why? You need to spam units, buildings and upgrades as much as you can to get an advantage over your opponent. The ability for you to get better at this game is just sitting there in the resource bank, waiting to be spent. Dont satisfy yourself with just 2 mil buildings, pump them until the whole map is your colour! Get 2nd and 3rd tier eco ups AS SOON AS POSSIBLE in a boom war like this one, and you will outstrip your opponent immeasurably. Only save res for specific reasons like wanting to age up.

5. repit your wood to reduce walking time (minor)

6. So I'm watching the game now, its about 15mins and he has not attacked you at all. You have 1.2k gold and 1.3k wood. Why? Why arent you getting medium archers, copper shields, upping towers and spamming buildings with this wood. Why do you not even have hand axe or pick axe? You have so so much res but it is doing nothing, quite frustrating to watch I must say!

If this was me in this game, I would probably have hit mythic with all upgrades by 18mins, the way this oranos player is hanging back doing NOTHING.

7. Eco ups is a HUGE concern for you, you dont seem to even know there are ones for wood and gold. Perhaps you dont think they are necessary seeing as you have 1.5k all res. But this is only because you are facing a noob who does nothing, and you are not spending anything yourself. If you want to beat better people who attack and raid you and spend their res, you damn well better get all those eco ups ASAP.

Anyone has the competence to get 1700, and if you just do what I said above you should get there easily enough. My eso account is VD_KISS, message me if you want a training game or something.

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