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Connect ~ Four

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# of Players: 4
Version: AoM: The Titans
This is a 1v1 game, but i added another 2 players for ppl that may want to observe and take turns. the extra two players are immediatlely defeated at the start of the game.

with that sed download this game and go play it u will love it.

im currently working on another version that will allow it to be 2v2, that will take some time and im not too sure i may do it so dont get ur hopes up :p

well i hope u guys like it. enjoy :)


* Made The lightning flashes alot less frequent

* Lessened the time it takes to wait for who goes 1st

* Fixed one of the dialogs in the cine

* tried to add screen shot links to this page but it doesnt let me :\ but i made a thread in the scenario/design forum if u wanna check it out.

Enjoy :P
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Terminator_Ace Interesting concept, I shall have to give this game a look.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Simply amazing

I just play-tested this map in editor and I was almost certain that the scenario would be another stupid "fake" connect-four that I have played before which was like:

Take turns getting one lure each. Place the lure, doesn't have to be at the bottom, and if the other opponent gets four in a row, please resign and don't cheat.

Obviously those maps failed, and I doubted that no one would actually make a map like this, because I, being familiar with triggers, knew that with aom triggers, it would be very hard to determine who wins, since you can only make a trigger for every single possible win there is. Yet, you did that! You also made it so players must go from the bottom up, just like in a real connect-four game.

This map must of took so much time, mostly copying and pasting the win triggers and the triggers to make sure people can't place lures where ever. I took a look at the triggers, and as expected, it was packed. I love connect four and I loved this map. It's an instant classic.

On the other hand though - maybe a bit too many flashes. The random lightning flashes seemed a bit irritating. You should probably make it only flash when a player has moved, to indicate that it is the other person's turn.

Balance: 5
What's there to say? Of course the balance is perfect. The starting player is also randomized, though I don't understand why it takes 15 seconds to do so? But yes, the game is perfectly balanced, its up to the player's wits to determine the winner.

Creativity: 4
Well of course you did take the idea from the very popular board game. However, making it into an aom scenario is not something everyone thinks of. Also, I liked how you thought of the invisible walls to stop players from placing lures anywhere. While I was downloading this map and starting aom to play it, I tried to think of a way to do what you did, and could not think of anything without making like so many more triggers. I also loved the gaia flowers to indicate a player's position.

Map Design: 5
The map was designed perfectly to serve its purpose. It had the right amount of squares and it was colorful, instead of just maybe like grass A and some greek cliff. There isn't much you can do about eye-candy in such a small board like that, but you still managed to sneak some in.

Story/Instructions: 4
The one thing you could have improved is the cinematic. It went kind of slow and also had those random flashes. It also said to win, you must get four, in a straight line (row). Some misinterpreted this as you can only win by getting four in a row, no columns or diagonals. I know it would be kind of their fault, but you must consider that lots of people are idiots. Instead you might say, "To win, get four in a row, in any direction." Or something like that. Also, when it becomes someone else's turn, it says: Greens/Reds Turn, when it should say: Green's/Red's Turn. Small, but I think it's important, though I'm not entirely sure if you can even make apostphres in overlay text.

Additional Comments:
This, being my first review would probably get deleted, but oh well, I should wanted to show my thoughts. I have been thinking about a game like this, claiming it impossible and leaving it alone. And then you come along with it, then I knew I just had to review it. This is defiantely worth a download, and it's fun to play with your friends on aom.
Terminator_Ace Very good review Pit King, I don't see anything in it that doesn't contradict the review guidelines. :)

You said everything I could've said there.
File Author
ty for the reviews :)
File Author
sorry for the lightning if it irritates u, i only added it to spice things up lol but believe it or not some ppl actually dont mind the lightning, they are probably too focused on the game to really notice it :P

im glad u still like it though :)

[Edited on 07/12/08 @ 12:22 PM]

PIT_KING Just alittle comment though that I thought of later. You should put a timer for how long a turn can take. Because in a game I just played, when the opponent was about to lose, he just stopped moving. It was quite annoying, and I can imagine that the timer can be done in as little as 2 additional triggers.
File Author
i guess i can add a few edits and update the submission

[Edited on 07/12/08 @ 05:35 PM]

File Author
ok i updated it :)
Just tested, and this scenario has been really well done. Liked the touch of real win conditions and using invisible walls to create the illusion of gravity. Very well done, review may follow.

*Goes online to play*
VaxtremeLegacy Niceness, lol. Extremely creative.

I noticed in the credits you spelled Mullert wrong.
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Map Design4.5
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