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AoMH Boss Battle Competition 2008: Baske

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Version: AoM: The Titans

By Baske


This scenario brings you right into the action. You play as Necalli, an Aztec Jaguar Warrior whose task is to defend his town from the outside evil. He has fought countless evils, he wouldn't be a Jaguar Warrior if he hadn't. But something is not like before, and it's not the fact that the Aztecs are heavily outnumbered...


Calm nature deceives...
A killer wave is at hand...

Perhaps divine aid is imminent?

I shall say no more. Necalli awaits your guidance...

A production of:

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Other Baske Productions work: Baske's Great Adventures Part Uno, The Great Questions Of Life and Vegetative State

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Originality: (x/30 Points)
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Balance: (x/20 Points)
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Eyecandy: (x/15 points)
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Humour / Extras: (x/10 Points)
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Divide final scores by 5 to give the rating out of 5. Also adhere to the Review Guidelines.
Map Design5.0
Playability: (19/25 Points)
I immensely enjoyed playing this scenario, the tasks were well chosen, challenging yet accomplishable. However, I had three negative comments in this regard.

Firstly, the fixed camera was, at times, frustrating. It was much better when I zoomed out, however, for the player to have to do this must be taken into account. I would have suggested having the ability to turn the lock on and off. The camera lock is a great feature, however, it seems unnecessary in a map in which you can view its entirety anyway.

Secondly, Whilst the opening was cinematographically sound, I felt slightly confused upon starting to play. The instructions where somewhat vague and I felt the player needed to be eased in slower to what was required. You did, however, rectify this after a few minutes by your use of signals and the much slower step-by-step instructions (the list), that initial confusion unfortunately lost you a point or so.

Lastly, I felt the two sections of the scenario, the temple defense and the magic fight, were somewhat disconnected. I saw little continuity between the two. Perhaps this was down to the time constraint but the two sections could easily have come from two separate scenarios. A greater concentration of plotline and transition between the two would have corrected this.

Originality: (25/30 Points)
As stated in the above section, it felt as though the two sections were disconnected. This ran true for it's originality aswell. The second section was extremely well delivered, interesting and different. I loved the use of 'safe areas', and the Latin was a nice touch, although I'm not sure any Aztec or Mesoamerican tribes actually spoke it. The first area was somewhat generic in terms of gameplay and features, preparation for an attack is something that has been used countless times.

This being said, there were still some nice features included. I really liked the use of Ajax, Avengers and Heracles as the jaguar warriors and the panic created by them all rushing around was effective and gave the scenario its 'life' factor. Likewise, the returning of villagers to their houses. More could of been made of this in my opinion, perhaps the villagers were less willing to return to their homes and the task was to find a way to coerce them into returning home, or something else that was a bit more of a mental challenge.

You also get a few bonus points here simply for using the Aztec setting as it is something that is not often done, so well done for experimenting outside the AOM zone of comfort here, it were exceedingly well delivered.

Balance: (16/20 Points)
Unfortunately, this scenario was on the easy side. I was able to play it through once without dying. Whilst dying isn't always a sign of good balance, the areas which didn't require combat were, as discussed early, a little short of the mental challenge I would have hoped to see. What may have been nice would have to have had the Aztec temple and perhaps being required to enter it to seek out the High Priest at the beginning, then you could have provided some challenges that the player had to complete in order to pass through the doors of each chamber.

I would have also liked to have seen a bigger climax at the end which brought that final boss fight to a new level of difficulty. Perhaps the sun god could have embodied the protagonist and there could have been a magic stand off in which it was simply a test of magical skill. This could have brought an element of chance and another challenge to the scenario.

Eyecandy: (14/15 points)
Excellent eyecandy as usual from this author. There many elements that I had to look at closely and ask myself: "how has that been done?", answering myself with a feeling of impressed satisfaction at the creativity. My sole critcism, however, the one that last you that final point, was that there was nothing that WOW!ed me. I have seen you produce outstanding pieces of eyecandy, however, I was a little disappointed that I didn't really get anything on that level here. Needless to say, this was still a very well designed map.

Humour / Extras: (8/10 Points)
I loved the use of special effects in the magic battle, it was beautifully orchestrated and exciting to watch. Each 'devastating magic spell' was different visually which was a great touch. As I said easily, I liked the use of Latin, it brought a professional edge although perhaps not historically accurate. The movement of the jaguar warriors also gave you extra points.
File Author
I thank you for the time you took to write that. Seriously, thanks :)
pharoh_elite No problem, it was worth it :)
CoS_Infurn4tr1x you let loose pharoah :)
ryanisc00l thanks
andres12345 Lol, the aztecs dont have horses yet i saw some people on horses in the invasion...

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