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In Jungle

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Big Muh
File Details
Version: AoM
Arkantos and Ajax are in Jungle, and searching for Kemsyt.
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Khan And Steak
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
I do like B&D scenarios, and this map was quite fun in my opinion. They where no trigger bugs that I could see, no lag, I wasn't confused at all and I didn't encounter any objective bugs. I did however find a Victory Condition bug. Kemsyt is able to be killed at anytime, this isn't a bad thing if you have to kill Kemsyt and his army - but you only have to kill him. This bug is more easily exploited due to the fact that the player is Ra and a single Roc Drop is the end of the game. It would have been nice to see some stranded villagers that could have been helped or something else to mix up the monotony.

Also I found that the Pirate Ship guards didn't actually attack, so the player could just go straight past and, obviously that is bad... (I won't say bad because it contains spoilers :p).

Balance: 3
Starting off with 1 villager really has it's downsides. The fact that it takes around 10 minutes to get 400 gold with one completely un-upgraded villager and then around 90 seconds to build a TC (with the one villager again) means that it takes forever to build up a base...

Normally this should be game over, but you are not attacked at all throughout the entirety of the scenario. The enemy just sits there, so that's the first -1 towards Balance score. The game goes from hard to hard and tedious. The enemy also doesn't recover from attacks, meaning that the game gets easier and easier with every army you send in, and that's where you lost the other score point.

Supplying/implementing an AI into your scenario would have made the map a lot better. Perhaps try to include AI's in future maps :)

Creativity: 2
Unfortunatley there wasn't a whole lot of creativity found within the map. A B&D type scenario is normally hounded for being unoriginal - and I hate to say it, but this is one of those maps. There just wasn't anything to do other than find a location, build up and destroy the enemy. Most of the creativity shown was found at the start of the scenario: the villager warning not to go a certain way, fighting small packs of bandits, sneaking past pirates and finding a suitable place to settle down. It stopped abruptly however :s The map wasn't utilised as efficiently as it probably could have been. This put a quick end to what could have provided various other forms creativity (like other towns, another enemy, some captured jungle natives, a pirates treasure stash etc.)

Map Design: 3
The map contained some things that a standard Random Map couldn't have created, like the pass through the trees on the first island, the port at the back of the enemies base and the sanctuary. However there really was no eyecandy at all. Nothing to catch the eye, or look at and think "Ooo, that looks nice". It was kind of a shame. Scouting proved almost completely fruitless, the only thing of interest found was the dock/back entrance to the enemy base - which was heavily guarded.

I would like to commend your resource placements. They are not anything special in they way that they are "placed" per se, but more the way that they are spaced. I like how you placed more at the start of the map - it allows you to gather some resources before you actually build a base. It also improved on your map design score becuase you use the same area more than once in a linear-ish type map, as you travel back to the start of the map once all of the resources in the immediate area have been depleted.

Some extra random spots to visit on the map would be nice, however I have already gone over this in the creativity section. A good job though - as there was not any horrible sections with bad elevation or unsuitable terrains. :)

Story/Instructions: 2
Minimal story +1, minimal instructions +1. At least you had a story, even though it was very cliché and not followed though the scenario at all. You're instructions where slightly better, although you didn't use the objectives banner at all - you gave in-game objectives and hints through the use of send chat triggers/effects. That is a good start, however using the objectives banner would have boosted your score a little as it is more permanent (this is especially the case if you are sending a lot of chats). But at least you had some of each, which many designers do not have.

Additional Comments:
Congratulations ~ Khan

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Map Design3.0
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