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This is no longer supported

XS GEN (for random maps) made by rjs23

Details about this software:

A powerful RMS generator that lets you create RM maps for AoM and AoM:TT in a simplified way using graphic user interface without the need of understanding xs language knowledge. In another word, people no longer have to program a map using plain text only with their hand anymore.

This software allows you to make maps with triggers and various of tools.

There are various of tools that XS GEN have:

    Create cliffs
    Create forests
    Create terrains
    Create lakes
    Create units (with search feature so you can find it easily in a long list of objects)

These tools mentioned above are primary tools of map drawing. There are configurable settings for each tools by clicking on "Config" button that lets you adjust setting the way you want it to be.

XS GEN represents generated map by showing map using rows of boxes similarly to small minimap shown in Age of Mythology game.

If making an eyecandy map is not your interest, perhap you can make a map that works with trigger! XS GEN allows you to insert triggers into a generated map. Trigger System (a user interface for your triggers) shows you the list of triggers XS GEN has that you can embed onto your map.

You can save your map as a project (RXS files) or you can save your map as a Random Map (XS files) for a final output.

    If you wish to save your map for future work, you must save it as a RXS.

    If you are done with your map and wants to share it with people on AoM, save it as XS.

Installation and running

You must have Adobe Air already installed.

If not then go here

Download Site

Download 1.5 then Install it to your computer. Once you've installed to your computer, open XSGEN.air. XS GEN will come up and will ask you if you want to install XS GEN. Install it in order to be able to run XS GEN.

To start XS GEN, go to start>RJS Tools>XS GEN

Works with Window XP, Window Vista, Window 7, OS X.

Bugs and suggestions
If you have any questions or suggestion that you would like to share, post it at here:
XS GEN Online Help (The author of this program is no longer supporting this program)

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
icemclean For people who haven't seen this before, what does it do?
Khan And Steak The 'link' he posted says it all. And I quote:

"XS GEN is a random map generator/editor that provides graphic user interface which allow you to use graphical interface so that you do not have to type with plain text view. XS GEN is created as a web application. That way, it can works with Linux, Windows, and Mac as well other minor operating system that support browser function. I've tested it, it works for me."

Pretty much its like a RMS editor excpet its web based. It looks a bit dawnting at first but once you read the tutorial it isn't all that bad.

That web-app/prog/thing is awesome can't wait until you finish the final thing. There are a few spelling mistakes and things/sentances that don't quite make sense in the tutorial but I could see round them. Nice job ~ Khan

[Edited on 07/24/08 @ 07:14 AM]

File Author
XS GEN is a web program that allows you to make Random Map Scripts files via GUI or also known as graphic user interface. XS GEN will act like the one of editor feature in Age of Mythology that makes Scenarios but XS GEN makes them in RMS.
I hope this can shed some light to people who have not seen this before.

@ Khan And Steak
I am aware of my weak English mistakes, and thank you for pointing it out. In the mean time, I will correct them.
Alyssea I am a MAC user. I shall test it on MAC.


It works on Mac, but I didn't go to far with it considering I do my RM's the old fasioned way...By hand in a text editor.
MythicRuler Looks cool. But right now you can't save the maps so does that mean you can't play them?
File Author
No, you can actually play them. You have to do it in a hard way for now since there is no easier way yet.

Until the saving feature comes out, you just have to make files yourself and copy/paste the codes into the files. Look into tutorials if you wish to learn how to make a XS/XML yourself.

Sadly, i just realized that XS GEN does not fully work on MAC. That's something I have to work on...

[Edited on 08/13/08 @ 01:24 AM]

nottud It is a pity the program is limited to which computers and internet browsers it can run on.

It is one reason I have not been becoming an internet designer person. It is very unreliable.
File Author
Not really true. As it may looks true at this moment but as more as I made changes, thing improves therefore giving the computer to run XS GEN that was not able to run XS GEN before.

It's possible that (As far I as i know) XS GEN might function under IE 7 in .68. It may be slow but it gives the chance for the IE fan to use XS GEN.

College starts now so I won't be making big progress as I used to.

Edit: Btw nottud, hows your generator doing :P

[Edited on 08/20/08 @ 08:30 PM]

Green_Turtle This looks to be an awsome thing! Keep up all the great work you've done so far!!
File Author
Released a bug patch for .67.

Updated: Update to this version .67c if you are using Opera as a browser. This will fix a rare muilti-selection bug in Trigger Window.

Also, a feature has been unlocked since they

Whoever has .67 without this bug patch will experience their map fails to work properly when running with triggers.

Download this file again if you have .67 or .67b

As for .68... I'll let out few detail...

There will be many new features in .68
•Forest Editior
•Reads AOM Files (XML only)
•Hotkey Support
•New interface

thank you

[Edited on 08/25/08 @ 09:28 PM]

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