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This is no longer supported

XS GEN (for random maps) made by rjs23

Details about this software:

A powerful RMS generator that lets you create RM maps for AoM and AoM:TT in a simplified way using graphic user interface without the need of understanding xs language knowledge. In another word, people no longer have to program a map using plain text only with their hand anymore.

This software allows you to make maps with triggers and various of tools.

There are various of tools that XS GEN have:

    Create cliffs
    Create forests
    Create terrains
    Create lakes
    Create units (with search feature so you can find it easily in a long list of objects)

These tools mentioned above are primary tools of map drawing. There are configurable settings for each tools by clicking on "Config" button that lets you adjust setting the way you want it to be.

XS GEN represents generated map by showing map using rows of boxes similarly to small minimap shown in Age of Mythology game.

If making an eyecandy map is not your interest, perhap you can make a map that works with trigger! XS GEN allows you to insert triggers into a generated map. Trigger System (a user interface for your triggers) shows you the list of triggers XS GEN has that you can embed onto your map.

You can save your map as a project (RXS files) or you can save your map as a Random Map (XS files) for a final output.

    If you wish to save your map for future work, you must save it as a RXS.

    If you are done with your map and wants to share it with people on AoM, save it as XS.

Installation and running

You must have Adobe Air already installed.

If not then go here

Download Site

Download 1.5 then Install it to your computer. Once you've installed to your computer, open XSGEN.air. XS GEN will come up and will ask you if you want to install XS GEN. Install it in order to be able to run XS GEN.

To start XS GEN, go to start>RJS Tools>XS GEN

Works with Window XP, Window Vista, Window 7, OS X.

Bugs and suggestions
If you have any questions or suggestion that you would like to share, post it at here:
XS GEN Online Help (The author of this program is no longer supporting this program)

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Swift sword
Rating: 5
An excellent, must have utility for RM scripters imho. The drawing of the map allows for detailed eyecandy, triggers input is excellent, and the system is fairly easy to use. Thanks to rjs23 checking in the chat, people can easily post for help and expect swift aid. The only downfall is it's a little difficult for people with NO designing experiance (sorta like me, I can't code) However, the quality maps able to come off it is excellent.

Additional Comments:
A great file and well worth the download!
Rating: 3.5

This is a very useful program. it allows you to create Random Maps without knowing about XS.
But it has some things that can be improved.

Good things:
- You can create maps without knowing anything of XS
- Works in any OS, even in Linux (I use Linux :D)
- You support it well with the chatbox

Bad things:

-The user interface is confusing with all that stuff around. All the tools are messed around. I needed a while to get a map working.
You could improve this by cleaning out the interface and not showing useless things. You could make it like Microsoft Paint. You have a toolbar with all the available tools. When the user selects one, show him the options for that tool only in a side pane.
I think that a good interface should be self-explanatory. This one isn't, thats all.

- I think the generation is badly focused.
What i am going to say here may be confusing and not everybody may agree, but I think its worth putting it, because i think its important.
What you do here is tell the user to "paint" the areas, and then generate a bunch of functions and a bunch of calls to these functions that paint each tile with the wanted terrain. That has three inconvenients:
* "Randomness" of the Random Maps is Gone. I mean that the map will always have the same shape. with the objects placed at the same location. At the end, creating a Random Map with this is the same as creating a scenario with the editor...
* Generated XS's are big and slow. If you have to write a line and call a function for each square tile in the map, you will get a XS that generates slowly and is huge. Standard Random Map Scripts do not have this inconvenient.
* Maps may look weird due to tile painting. For example the Islands II map (http://aom.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=8763). The islands do not have shorelines. Their borders are just cut off, and there is no beach, like in normal islands. This is due to the tile painting function not knowing how close to the edge the tile is, so it paints the island the same height everywhere, including the edges. This would not happen if you created and built an area with the standard commands.

What I recommend you to do to solve all these three big problems is to change the idea of the program. I know this is hard work, but the results will we worth it. I would tell the user to tell the position and size of the area, and remember it. A map will be a list of areas with positions and sizes, so when you generate the XS you could just call rmCreateArea for each area, so you would get better edges.
For the objects, I would ask the user IN WHICH area to place the object, and place the object RANDOMLY in the area.

I think that this program is very good now. But it can be far far better. The only thing you have to do is to work it a little bit more, solving those problems.

Good work, indeed! Don't give up!

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