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Whack A Soldier! By Die_Mortal

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# of Players: 4 (Free for all, and player 5 is a bot.)
Version: AoM: The Titans
Whack A Soldier!
By Die_Mortal

Very similar to whack a mole, this incredibly fun minigame is finally out and ready to play! I held off on announcing it to anyone except my testers, so that no one has to wait! Arent I nice! :p

Number of players: 4 Free for all, Player 5 a bot.

Basic description: In this game you are one of many gods that watches over a peaceful village deep in the forest. But rival villages have brought war upon your people. Now train your lightning skills on these dummies that your people have so kindly provided.

Special Effects: The targets start off slowly, and over time speed up. Eventually they spawn almost impossibly fast. But by that time you should be able to keep up. As night approaches so does the enemy! You will face off by the next morning so practice hard! (Note: You wont face the enemy until the sequel, sorry! But I'll work on that soon enough.) And on top of that a few other surprises await, but you will have to just wait and play to find out what they are.

Options: 3 game lengths to choose from. Based on the number of kills required to win. There is 25 50 and 75 kill modes. 25 kills is around 3-3.5 mins long. 50 kills is around 5-6 mins long. and 75 kills is around 8 minutes long.

Screenshots: Screeshot Album

Thanks to Killer_Dong, TriggerGuy, Nitro_Tractor and Sword_of_Valor for helping me test the game.

Thanks for downloading, and please review so I know what to change in the sequel. ( Yes I am definately making a sequel, and I already know what its gonna be.)
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TriggerGuy 5dl......but 1st comment woot!

Anyway, nice game. Cant wait for the sequel. :)
Killer_Dong "thanks to killer_dong" WOOT

anyway in ur next game are u gonna have like a city with enemy soldiers that you have to bolt? cuz that would be cool :P
File Author
Thats exactly how its gonna be lol. As you see in the story, you're preparing for an enemy attack. So you defend against the attack in the sequel.

Btw, to anyone that says that the story isnt actually in the game, its in the objectives (which you should read sometimes.) I didnt wanna bore you with the story every time you play the game, so I put it there.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
This was fun right when you play, but there isn't a lot of replay value. I normally dont like mini-games but this one was entertaining. It is fun with the special effects like changing to night and the lightning storm thing :P. With more people ingame it becomes competative and that adds to the fun :P.

Balance: 5
What can I say, this map has perfect balance. Every player starts the same, the same god powers and each player has an equal chance of winning. Not much more I can say for this section because everyone starts the same :P.

Creativity: 5
I have never seen a game like this on AOM, which is why I gave it a 5. A one-of-a-kind map :P. One thing you could have added, to make it even better, would have been random events, maybe to make the enemies spawn faster, or die faster, etc. I also liked how you can choose the number of kills to win. Great job on thinking of the idea for this map :P.

Map Design: 3
This is the part that I mainly didnt like. The map design was straight forward, with a few embellishments and nature objects. You made it simple and easy to see the board tho which is needed. You could have added more embellishments and eyecandy though. Maybe inbetween each of the boxes or something in the black area. :)

Story/Instructions: 5
There was a nice story to go along with this, even though you didnt put it in the cinematic (look in objectives). The gods of a town (you) have to practice using your lightning skills so you can defend the town from the enemy raiders that are coming the next morning ( in the sequel). Great story and that makes me want to play the next game :P. Also you tell people that they have to use their bolts to kill the dummies that pop up. Great job in this section

Additional Comments: This is a great map. Very creative with a nice story. Great job.
Map Design4.0
My first time to review a map. :P

Playability: 5 Un like dong, I could play this forever.>:)And molty casting is lmao. And when the speed goes up, the competition for kills gets fears. But the best part in the game is after you win, you cant stop Taunt:11 laugh.mp3.

Balance: 5 In the start its slow~ and easy to hit a dummy, but as the speed goes up the units have like 1 second life and the it get all willed.
Edit- I take that back its a 5

Creativity: 3 yea its ok.... its better than other whack a games I have played... but I have seen the idea before, but I have never seen bolts used before and the theme is new-ish, and that’s why I did not give it a 2.

Map Design: 4 It did it job and I guess its a action game so you really don’t want a lot of eyecandy to lag it up, so I guess its good for what it is, but it could be better, maybe different terrain and some grass, bushes, its still good though.

Story/Instructions: 5 Its crystal clear you really cant be more clear on what to do :P story is good too, and make a little sense, I mean like idk why you would you be hitting moles, but hitting dummys to prates for a war...ok…..:p

[Edited on 08/01/08 @ 05:46 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the reviews. Btw TriggerGuy, what whack a mole game have you played? I've never seen another one like it. I thought I had made something completely new.
Forbiddian Also, how would you do it without bolts?

Er, there are other ways, but bolt seems the easiest, because it won't cause weird sync issues like running around with a Roc or something as your "mallet" would.

[Edited on 08/05/08 @ 04:29 AM]

File Author
This seems like the best way. You could have it where u just click on them though. (thats how i originally was gonna do it)
Glen654 Wow those reviews seem very short, and tbh i wouldn't give a 5 and then state something you could have improved on, a 5 is where you did the absolute best in the category.

Might review it later.
aom expert
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Fun to play, but hard to play for someone on a laptop without a mouse, or a ball mouse. This is one of those games where you have to have good computer gear and the ability to move quickly with it. People don't generally go for these type of games, as it's not really fair/fun. Lag is also something to consider. Sometimes a soldier would pop up dead, and there was nothing you could do about it. But aside from this, I found it quite fun to play.

Balance: 4
Lag and gear are things that probably can't be helped, but bad lag and gear is something that can take away from the good experience of the game. I like how you allowed the host to select the number of kills. This allows more freedom in game length.

Creativity: 3
Well the concept that you used in whack a soldier has already been thought up of, ie. whack a mole, so I have to take off some points here. But nonetheless, I'm sure it took some tough thinking and triggering to make this all work. Also, this needs more dramatic music to add a suspensefull feeling.

Map Design: 5
I like how you did put some eyecandy in this even though the game is pretty straight-forward. I beileve that eyecandy is 70% the reason why people play the games they do. Good choice using the blues tiles too. Those are pleasing to the eye for some reason.

Story/Instructions: 5
Your intro cinematic was great, not too long, not too short, especially in your dialog lines. I also like how you again gave the host a choice here - to watch the cinematic or not. This type of game really doesn't need a story so I gave you a 5 for the clear instructions. If you can add a story, the creativity will go up by a point, because you'd be adding more of "yourself" in the game.

Additional Comments: Great work on this, I play this often.

[Edited on 01/17/12 @ 01:48 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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