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# of Players: 8
Version: AoM: The Titans
Now beta type. I will update this as much as I can, if you fined a bug pleas e-mail me at, Trigger.Guy@hotmail.com

A whole new type of capture the flag! Move your Huskarl to the enemy base to capture there flag, and bring it back to your base to score!

Set up:
teams, 4v4 tvb
god, any but oranos, or odin.

-3 game types,
time: At the end of a chosen time(15,30, or 45 minuets) the team with the most points wins.
flag count: You win at a chosen flag count. (1,3, or 6)
Default Game: You can win by getting 6 flags or at the end or 30 minuets the team with the most points wins.
- god powers: In this game there are a lot of custom and normal god powers, to gain from kills.
- A opening cinematics on how to play.
- A pure action game. yet so much strategy.
- A lighthouse that converts to the losing


- You can't transform near the flag now.
- Now after you die it takes 30 secounds to respawn.
- After 15 seconds the game will start automaticly

This is my first file to submit to the download section, and I strugle with spelling and grammar so be nice on those part pleas.

I tried to put the screenshots but they were too big. look here, http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f345/zelkawa/screen35.jpg

That’s it, Good Luck, And Have Fun.
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Die_Mortal Yay, it's finally ready! This is gonna be a good one!
File Author
I feel i can add alot more to it. But it's a small project, and I feel silly if I keep people waiting for it.
Forbiddian GLHF. I'll a post a review of this later todayish (maybe tomorrow).

It really doesn't take that much time to fix all the spelling errors and such, though. I don't understand why people don't do that.
Die_Mortal Well hes not exactly good with spelling. If you want btw I can go through and fix it for you trigger.
File Author
I thoght I got all of it, :( but sure if you want to.
Forbiddian Since it's a beta, I won't write a formal review. It'd probably be in the range of lower 4.x. It's fun (and the best first map I’ve seen), but there are a few things that should probably be addressed before the final release: Also I cheated and didn’t play it online :-P. I wouldn’t feel good writing a review without playing it.

Technical Issues (I can help you fix these if you have any problems):
Actually, spelling wasn't that bad. One of the triggers says, "Flags will respawn at there base" and it should read "...their base."

I actually lied, I can’t help you with this one, but my computer lagged out twice at the same part of the intro cinematic (but it didn’t some other times, who knows). Maybe you douchebagged it up with an anti edit trigger or something. If that’s the case, you should at least tell people that it broke because they opened it via the editor, especially if it makes them close the game entirely. Probably 95% of the time that someone looks at your map under editor, it’s because they’re looking for ideas, not because they want to make your map easy win. I guess you think you’re cool for wasting my time. And anyway, I could just pause the editor and change w/e I wanted.

The game starts even if Player 1 doesn’t delete an Old Man. If P1 doesn’t select a method of play after 15 seconds or so, it should go to a default method (like 3 captures) and the Old Men should get deleted.

The lighthouse is killable. Takes like ~ 2-3 minutes, but you could easily make a trigger to give it at least an hour worth of HP.

I encountered a bug where I alt-tabbed out to type some stuff and then the flag repopped at my opponent's base (in single player testing). I don’t think anything could have killed me. After this, I couldn’t pick up the flag from White’s base. This might have been caused when I tried to transform myself into a tree over and over in my opponent’s base (which you wrote warnings against).

About that, since you took the time to write the warnings, you could just fix it. Write a condition under the Ragnarok Trigger: Army Distance to Point > 50 (or whatever you want the minimum range to be to avoid the bug). If that doesn’t work, lemme know, I have more complicated solutions.

Speaking of tree form: When I go tree-form, I should get line of sight of myself. It looks as though I disappear from the face of the map. You could invoke Spy or spawn a revealer at army location just before you transform me into a tree.

Suggestions (I keep saying do this, do that, “should,” but keep in mind that these are suggestions and I don’t want to keep prefacing my statements):
1) Make it so this map can be played 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, etc. Like one person controls 4 units or something. On ESO, it’s often hard to get a full team of 8 people together.
2) The map is quite large and 4 players to a side really leaves a lot of empty space. I haven’t played it online (so obviously it seems empty to me), but the map is 20,000 squares (80,000 square meters). Each Huskarl scouts like 64pi meters, which is like ~ 200 square meters. Thus only about 1% of the map is getting scouted at a time. I might have screwed up the math or Huskarls might have more vision, but it looks like < 5% of the open map is being covered at any one time. The lighthouse helps, but yeah, it’s quite an empty map. Maybe each player should get control of more units?
3) A kill should matter more. When you die, you pop up right in prime defensive position. It’s only in the turtle-turtle situation when both flags are unholstered where a kill might benefit you (short of killing the flag carrier). You should move the respawns away from the base, have respawning take more time than instantly, and/or give summoning sickness to the recently killed people (like they move 1.0 slower, and every 15 seconds for 1:00 they gain 0.25 speed). If they die again, they get slowed again, etc. It feels like killing an opponent, especially if you’re on offense, does nothing.
4) Tree form isn’t very useful because dying doesn’t matter. Also, speed is unbelievably important. It lets you pull away from an enemy Huskarl, even if you have the flag.

I guess CTF is like… the new thing.

Ugh, sorry for formatting. It didn't copy over from word very well.

[Edited on 08/05/08 @ 07:34 AM]

File Author
I want to keep it so you can kill the light house. It adds a lot of strategy to the game.
And for the bug you encountered, I didn’t really understand what you meant. But I think I know what your talking about. And for your information, the tree is every useful, you can use speed to pull away, but the boost is only like 8 seconds so you can't make it to your base, so once your out of their LOS you use ragnorock to hide. And pluses it's just cool.
Thanks for your ideas, I defiantly will add most of the.

[Edited on 08/05/08 @ 07:29 PM]

Khan And Steak "Speaking of tree form: When I go tree-form, I should get line of sight of myself. It looks as though I disappear from the face of the map. You could invoke Spy or spawn a revealer at army location just before you transform me into a tree."

@Trigger Gaia trees have line of sight, but to make it blend in you'd have to make them all gaia trees :(

Also I thought this was rather confusing (I had to read it twice): "I didn’t really understand what you meant. But I think I know what your talking about."

Anyway, it is quite a good map ~ Khan
File Author
Would it look good as gaia trees? But anyway, I will try to make it easier to understand. ;p
Forbiddian You could do Gaia trees... or you could keep your trees and invoke Vision at unit location (quite easy). You can modify the Vision Revealer LOS to whatever you want (I think I said Spy in the last post, I meant Vision).

You could also instead transform the unit into a Revealer to Player (the perfect disguise).

Hmm, I still don't see how tree form could be useful. It basically negates the advantage that speed renders for you by slowing you down (in the example you gave). This allows enemies to catch up to you. Coincidentally, it takes about 10 seconds for a Huskarl who was out of LOS to catch up to you.

I dunno, considering that you could have ANY godpower, ANY effect, it seems kinda weak. Just default GPs: Shockwave, Spy, Vision, Bronze, Flaming Weapons, Restoration, Frost all seem more interesting. With a simple transform trigger, you could summon any unit you want with Lure or a Nidhogg.

Tree transform is kinda cute, but I can't see ANY situation where I'd use it (especially in its current form where you can't see what's going on).

[Edited on 08/06/08 @ 07:51 AM]

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