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Defend Your Castle (Demo)

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# of Players: 3
Version: AoM: The Titans
Mankind has reached a new era in technology. Gigantic fortresses of stone are being built, but one stands taller then the rest. This lone fortress has been targeted to be destroyed. Legions upon legions of men have come together to take down this massive castle.
Based on the popular game by Xgen Studios, Defend Your Castle is a map made to please. Incorporating all the features that made the internet game great, this game will capture your attention and never let you leave. Covered in the highest quality eyecandy, this map has been in the works for many months, and I am extremely happy to be able to finally announce that it is nearly done!
This map has many features, including:
  • Single player or multiplayer, just pick your choice.
  • A very well made movie, and a great tutorial, both with the option to be skipped.
  • Wave upon wave upon wave of enemies, all ready to die for their cause.
  • A all new way to fight off the enemies!
  • 3 different powers, all deadly and extremely usefull!
  • 4 different difficulties, ranging from easy to insane!

    Enemy Camp
    The Path
    The Shop
    The king of the Castle

    Hope you like it and look forward to the full version.

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    JDmino Pretty good mate. The camera in the tutorial and movie was a bit dodgy. Other than that it was great.
    dread689 well i cant wait to play full version i was just playing the real defend your castle.

    i got a question how do u do make those towers shoot that purple stuff?
    braxus I'll try it out and then review/rate it later.
    JDmino @dread
    use the transform all projectiles trigger, it comes in a utility pack from reyk or nottud.(cant remember which one!)
    Forbiddian Transform is in Nottud's trigger pack. Might also be in Reyk's, but I can confirm that Nottud has it / always talks about it.

    It's a demo, but would you like a review anyway?
    File Author
    A review would be great, just if/when you critisize please give ways I can improve :)
    Forbiddian Hmm, I decided not to give a formal review until the released version. I feel that the 5 pt rating scale is really inflexible, especially to works in progress.

    Anyway, here's some stuff I noticed:

    1) Keep in mind where the camera is pointing during shots. You have a good wandering camera effect, but a few times you move the camera down for a low angle shot AND point it toward the center of the map.

    2) At the start of each day/night cycle, the camera does some cuts which change the zoom and cause weird effects on my computer. You should probably just not change the zoom during the night (maybe even not run a cut and just ping the buying area).

    3) The near-kill box isn't as big as the far kill box. I'm not sure why. Also the near kill area is bordered by a straight line of hammers whereas the far kill area is tapered.

    More seriously:

    4) Ajax spawns starting in like the third wave. He's immune to Shockwave, and there's no way te get enough money to buy a temple and get enough kills to buy mages, so there is literally no way to kill him. The day ends shortly after they start knocking at my gate, but third wave is way too early for Ajax to arrive.

    5) There's no kill zone by the gate. If you happen to miss any incoming troops, it's nearly impossible to get them away from your gate. It takes like five or six shockwaves, and you have to time them well. This might be "intended" but if you miss even like one unit during a wave, there will be hell to pay. Maybe have a small kill box right in front of the gate? Or maybe set up a wall in front of your gate so you can knock enemies behind it and then they're forced to run back by one of the kill zones so you can get another shot at them?

    6) I garrisoned my Flag Bearer in a Fortress and I couldn't get him out. That sorta ended my adventure (couldn't buy a temple). Change the garrison space in fortresses -10 (and probably in manors -10).

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that the map is freaking boss. Not only is it one of the best ideas, but it's well executed and in the flavor of the original.

    Knocking enemies into a kill zone with shockwave... I never would have thought of that, and it's absolutely perfect (orders of magnitude more fun and more true to the original than bolt, and I couldn't think of any other way to do it).

    I also practically fell on the floor laughing when the battering ram guys came. I knew you'd have them in here, but it just brought back so many memories. I have a prediction you'll also have low damage for the big guys, but I really have no idea.

    When you release the full version, I'll be stunned if this doesn't get at least a 4.8.

    DYC is a big pair of shoes to fill, and your map delivers.

    [Edited on 08/06/08 @ 07:10 PM]

    dread689 thanks now i can make a cool map
    File Author
    What do you mean?
    lloydgarnett2 when will the full version might be out
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