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Tower Defence Map-Pack

Author File Description
Khan And Steak
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
The goal of Tower Defence is to try to stop enemies destroying your castle by building towers which shoot at them as they pass. Enemies will grow in numbers, get bigger and become harder to kill. When an enemy is defeated the you earns favor, which is used to upgrade towers or trade for resources or awesome powers.

  • Over 30 waves of creeps to slaughter, all for the money.
  • 2 Bosses and 2 Mini-Bosses to give you something to look forward to.
  • Trade favor to upgrade the range, attack, projectiles, technology and build limit of your towers.
  • Save your favor, and you could spend it on something that doubles all attack for 60 seconds.
  • An added minigame keeps you interested whilst waiting for the creeps to come/pass. The minigame helps you in a variety of ways.
  • The eyecandy in this map has been spruced up dramatically since the last version to provide something good to look at.
  • If the game is too easy, then change it game. There is two different game difficulties, easy or normal are still quite hard, whilst titan or hard are just insane.

    More details found here.

    Although this project is as good as finished I would like some feedback so that I can further my abilities. Please comment, but only review Tower Defence 2.0.1. Also Have fun ~ Khan
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    NagaMyrmidon Seems like a very intresting map. Not so many tower defenses around in AOMH. I shall review this map immediatly after I play it ;)
    NagaMyrmidon Playability: 3
    Well, it got boring really fast. And also most of the maps where techincly the same.

    Balance: 3
    Some of the creeps seemed with too much health in some maps, and in other maps with too much low health. Also when you stop getting gold from each level (in some maps), it gets a little more difficult, but not too much.

    Creativity: 3
    There wasn't so much creativity. The minigame was good, but it wasn't good enough. Also in some parts there weren't so much creativity.

    Map Design: 3
    In some parts one could have used some space for better mazing, or having more towers. However, one couldn't get to those areas sadly, because there wheren't any Underworld.

    Story/Instructions: 3
    The instructions where clear enoguh, but these maps are missing a better story.

    Additional Comments:
    What could have been a good idea for AoM wasn't such a good idea. All the maps where the same, nothing was fun, and one got boring. On some of the maps it I got to level 27 without any problem. Sorry by this review, but this is what I say of this map. Also the villager could have got some more speed.

    [Edited on 08/08/08 @ 09:21 AM]

    Khan And Steak
    File Author
    Thanks for the review NagaMyrmidon, however I did ask that you only review the lastest map. Also I wish you could explain things a little better as I am lost on some of explainations. Still, thanks for the review ~ Khan
    bonehead4 well I liked it =D
    NagaMyrmidon, I will have to retract that review because it does not have 3 lines per category and K&S requested for this not to be reviewed.

    [Edited on 08/08/08 @ 09:21 AM]

    NagaMyrmidon @Yeebaagooon:
    Well thanks for the advice, for that I didn't knew so much the rules of reviewing. Oh, and also I didn't read the bottom part, so it was my mistake. Sorry.
    @ Khan:
    I mostly was refering to the last map (but also I got a try to the other maps), however I didn't read the last bit, so that was my bad. Also I tried to get it as clear as possible, because I live in a place in which hardly anyone speak english, only they speak spanish.

    EDIT: I play a lot of Tower Defense maps, but in other games. However, it was a good try to get a Tower Defense map into AOMH, but still it could be better.

    [Edited on 08/08/08 @ 04:40 PM]

    skyrocket45 Playability: 4
    Good and addicting at first, but gets boring.

    Balance: 3
    Good job.

    Creativity: 4
    Very original idea.

    Map Design: 2
    It seems pretty good, but they are mainly the same.

    Story/Instructions: 4
    It is well explained, unlike some scenarios when you don't know what you're supposed to be doing.

    Additional Comments:
    Overall it was pretty fun.

    [Edited on 08/13/08 @ 07:54 AM]

    I Love Bananas skyrocket45, your review has been deleted because it doesn't comply with AoMH's review guidelines. You may read them here:

    skyrocket45 Sorry.
    I realized i made a mistake when i saw what Yeebaagooon said.
    Chaos Mage What we need is a Elemental TD

    Anyway anything TD ill give a 5
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