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Panos's Journey (Demo): PART 1

Author File Description
Archos Medomai
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans

Panos's Journey

The Demo Version

Part 1: The Main

"Vengeance is the first thing he begins with"

Attention all RPG gamers on AOM.

- This is your time to feels the brand new RPG in front you -

Files Description Size
Scenarios Panos's Intro and Panos's Journey 781 kb
Lightnings Two Lightnings that will be used in this Demo Scenario 594 bytes
Others Some Proto Files, and .xml, and anim 84 kb

For more information, link to this Thread.

if there's any bugs, please, tell me.

any feedback would be appreciated.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
As I mentioned before, you captured great RPG elements in this neat little demo. How the camera followed you was a nice touch and the map was easiliy navigated through.

Balance: 4
I did have to restart a few times but once I'd figured out a good strategy of defeating my enemies I defeated them quite easily. Although I'd recommend having fewer potions to start with and finding them more rarely.

Creativity: 3
Not too much new creative ideas, but certainly the old RPG elements were portrayed very nicely in AoM. The ability to mount/dismount the horse was very clever.

Map Design: 4
The map design was very nice and detailed but at the same time not distracting or getting in the way.

Story/Instructions: 3
The intro was a little hard to understand storyline wise and some instructions were hard to read due to gramatical issues (I forgive you for this since you are foreign, but maybe for the full release you should get a playtester to go through the gramatical stuff.) Apart from that the objectives were clear, simple and easy to follow

Additional Comments:
I really enjoyed this scenario and look forward to the full release.

[Edited on 08/18/08 @ 06:48 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 2
The map could be extremely playable however it's just too busy. There's so much going on that it affects the players ability to get on with the game. There are also countless bugs and possible errors that can be encountered when playing which really undervalues the creative input into this scenario. The mount/dismount is extremely clever yet it causes the entire screen to turn red which is annoying to say the least and spoils the viewing of the excellent map design. You employed the use of fixed camera well it has to be said but it was far too hard to kill enemies and the potions took too long to use. Perhaps you could have used the command "-p" to speed it up.

Balance: 3
As said before, it was very difficult to play. I just kept on dying and it seemed ridiculous to save after every little battle. The camera angles in the cinematics were however very well implemented however I hated most of the lighting, it's a style that really doesn't appeal to me. I would recommend use of autosave in this scenario or a respawn system.

Creativity: 5
Jam-packed of creative RPG juice! this is what RPGs should be trying to achieve. Your creativity seems limitless here, I loved the opening of the treasure chests and whilst I said earlier that it was too busy, and indeed it was, the elements themselves were inspiring. One just couldn't take full appreciation of them as it was all firing at you at the same time. This being said, the creativity of this scenario was a breath of fresh air from a lot of modern scenario designs.

Map Design: 5
Couldn't fault you here, fantastic map design all round, great use of embellishments on the ground, realistic use of rocks, fantastic. I didn't quite understand the use of the spiraling arkantos god SFX but i suppose, this is fantasy after all. Excellent work.

Story/Instructions: 3
As stated earlier, the instructions were confusing and unclear. Things kept happening and just as i had finished reading it something else happened and something else and then i was attacked and it was so disorientating, in a strangely good way at first but it just became frustrating after a while. I would also suggest lengthening the time to user has to read the messages. Some of those messages could easily have been included in the objectives banner at the start telling you what each thing means, this would cut down on the countless chat messages. The story itself was good although a little lacking in the beginning-middle-end/cause & effect department. There were also grammatical and spelling errors, the demo is forgivable but if you release anything in the future i would recommend playtesting it through native english speakers.

Additional Comments:
This scenario has the potential to be a straight 5 if it were revamped, altered somewhat, cleaned up and resubmitted. It's a shame that you've canceled the project although I would advise against assuming a faultless rating, nothing is faultless and the egotism of saying that makes players even more critical, aim for a 5, expect a 4, anywhere above is a bonus.

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Map Design4.5
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