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300 Modpack 2.1

Author File Description
Leto II
File Details
Version: AoM
As a way of thank the more than 2000 downloaders of the last 300 Modpack, I have create this new version.


  • All units have been remade with new more acurated models, and carefully hand drawed textures.
  • Two units have been added: Persian Immortal Standard Bearer and Sha´an´Sha Xerxes, both with new textures and made from scratch models.
  • The Units are now in-game trainable, except for Xerxes. Spartan Hoplites replace the Myrmidons, Hero Leonidas replace Heracles, and the Persian Immortals can be train in the Egyptian Midgol Stronghold, with any egyptian god.
  • This new version is provided with a new exe, that load a new set of files, instead of the normal ones.
  • This Version dont affect your online gaming.

    Do yoy want to know more?, check the Thread

    UPDATE 09/10/2008:
  • Fix Leonidas Texture Problem.
  • Fix Xerxes missing Bodyguards.
  • Fix Immortals sounds.
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    Rating: 4.5
    This is an excellent little mod for AOM vanilla. What's great is that it does not effect online play at all by including it's own .exe separate from the AOM.exe.

    Some cool things are the Spartan animations and sounds. They look and sound just like the Spartans from the movie "300" because the mod uses actual sounds and fighting moves found in the motion picture!

    I would give it a 4.5, but that's not possible, so I went with a 5 because overall it is a very very neat little mod. The reason I would knock off 0.5 off the score (if I could) is because there are a few little quality control issues.

    - Immortals and Xerxes walking animations are pretty stiff and not realistic looking. Also, when the Immortals walk their swords disappear. You need to fix that - it's a biggie.

    - Immortals don't have a training sound. A sound needs to happen when they pop out of the Stronghold.

    - The Immortals "hiss" sound gets repetitive. Should have used sounds from the movie.

    - Some of the Spartan command sounds from the movie seemed clipped a little too short. Also, I think "THIS IS SPARTA!" was very funny (I lol'd), but repetitive, and perhaps could have been Leo's training sound instead, and used a few different dialog pieces from the movie for his selection sound(s).

    But these, except for the disappearing Immortal swords, are nitpicks. If you fixed them, though, this would definitely be a 4.9!

    Additional Comments:
    Everyone has suggestions, so here are mine:

    - If you make a 3.0, make the Egyptian Pharaoh into Xerxes so he can be trained. Give him the same powers as a pharaoh and everything the same as a Pharaoh (empowers buildings, kills MUs, etcetera). Take away those two immortals following him around, it looks goofy.

    - Make Gollum, er, Ephialtes into another trainable Egyptian hero.

    - Add the "Uber Immortal" tall dude with sharp teeth that gets his head chopped off by Leonidas.

    - I haven't played a game yet where Leonidas dies, so I don't know what sound he uses, but perhaps his death scream could be "My queen! My wife..."

    - Replace the Egyptian Camelry unit with the armoured Rhino from the movie. (you can use a modded rhino already in the game)

    - Replace the Egyptian Chariot Archer with the bomb throwing Mystics. Sweetness galore.

    - Change the Greek Hoplite into an Arkadian Hoplite, like in the movie. :)

    - Add Queen Gorgo. She gives an attack boost to units around her, but she does not attack.

    Anyway!!! Great great mod! I suggest everyone download it and try it out! It's a hoot!
    Rating: 5
    (Insert Rating analysis here)

    Additional Comments: Love the mod! You should make mods from other movies too, they would turn out great with your skills. Suggestion: Troy :)
    Rating: 5
    (Insert Rating analysis here)

    Additional Comments:
    Leto II, I can surelly say that you are one of bests modders I have ever seen. Well I think that you and Dan_Swordsman are the best in here(I don't want to offense other modders).
    Rating: 7
    (Perfect work,however,it would have been better if it would be for AOM:TT)

    Additional Comments:
    Congratulations but I am curious to know,how did you do that.The new exe file to run like the game.
    never mind about teh comment about
    all i did was downloaded it to my desktop
    and then just draged it back into the folder
    but yeah again
    i click on ancient warriors and a error comes up

    heres a Link on what it looks like



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